Your Free Astrology Overview May 28 – June 3

28th – Mercury conjunct the Sun in Gemini


31st – Moon in Libra trine Mercury and Venus in Gemini


2nd – Mercury conjunct Venus in Gemini


There’s a theme running through the sky this week and it is all about communication no matter what your Sun sign, with the planetary action continuing to be focussed on Gemini. This will all come to a climax next week when Venus will make a once-in-a-lifetime transit of the Sun in that sign. This will last for six hours so grab your viewing glasses and enjoy the show as it will be visible from Earth! In the interim, the planets are working to prepare us for a shift in our way of communicating on both a personal and a collective level.


On the 28th, Mercury planet of communication, transportation and commerce presently in its home sign of Gemini will move to conjunct the Sun. We’ll all be looking at how we can express ourselves more clearly and possibly in more ways than we have done before. Communications may be charged with energy as a result but on a soul level we’re being asked not only to say what we need to say but listen closely to what others have to say as well.


This need to be receptive to the messages from others is echoed on the 31st when the Moon in Libra, sign of partnerships makes a superb aspect to both Mercury and Libra’s ruling planet – Venus also in Gemini. It’s all about getting in touch with your feelings and how you communicate those to others – especially partners.


When Mercury moves to conjunct Venus on the 2nd, messages of love could flow. If you’ve been waiting to say or hear the words ‘I love you’ then this is the day they have been waiting for to be said. Mercury also opens the doors to appreciating other levels of reality now and working hand-in-hand with Venus could bring about a beautiful revelation in scientific research especially in the area of theoretical physics. By the time Venus has made her transit of the Sun on the 4th, we could well be looking at the world or indeed, the universe with fresh eyes or just appreciating the beauty of the cosmos we live in. Putting these feelings into words is what this week is all about.

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