Your Free Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs May 28 – June 3


28th – Mercury conjunct Sun in 3rd

31st – Moon in 7th trine Mercury and Venus in 3rd

2nd – Mercury conjunct Venus in 3rd

3rd – Moon in 8th opposition Jupiter in 2nd

Think before voicing partnership concerns

  • Things could move fast – too quickly for even you!
  • Don’t fall for hard-luck stories this week

This week you could well feel as if your life has been jump-started in some way, Aries. There’s an immersive quality to the conversations and communications around you – you’re not only having your say but seeing the effects of your words ripple out. Just take care when communicating with those closest to you. If you’re not saying it with love, now might be the best time to say nothing.

With all the action centered on your third house, travel can also feature. Allow yourself plenty of time to get where you are going. This week could pass in a blur leading to mishaps and mistakes if you try to be in two places at once. When the Moon enters your 8th house on the 3rd, opposing Jupiter in your 2nd house of assets, take care not to fall for any hard-luck stories. You’re generous to a fault and that’s just the problem. If you feel unable to say no, be prepared to write off any financial aid you offer.


28th – Mercury conjunct Sun in 2nd

31st – Moon in 6th trine Mercury and Venus in 2nd

2nd – Mercury conjunct Venus in 2nd

3rd – Moon in 7th opposition Jupiter in 1st

  • What is it you value?
  • Who are you criticising?
  • Express don’t repress your feelings

With the main cosmic action playing out in your 2nd house of values and assets this week, Taureans will be looking closely at what it is they value most. This doesn’t necessarily add up to money and material goods. Your personal values will be examined now along with the qualities you value in others. Or you could be looking at intangibles you value such as spiritual wellbeing and a happy home life.

The Moon in your 6th house on the 31st aspecting Venus your ruler and Mercury both in your 2nd, might make you look at certain people with a more critical eye than usual. We are all one, so who are you really criticising?

When the Moon moves into your partnership sector on the 3rd, making an opposition to Jupiter in your 1st, time to get a move on and say what’s on your mind to the people closest to you – especially if your soul searching revealed these relationships are what you value the most.


28th – Mercury conjunct Sun in 1st

31st – Moon in 5th trine Mercury and Venus in 1st

2nd – Mercury conjunct Venus in 1st

3rd – Moon in 6th opposition Jupiter in 12th

  • Don’t try to hide your feelings
  • You look for the compromise in every situation
  • Don’t send yourself on a guilt trip

With this week’s action centered on your 1st house of YOU, you’re being nudged by the planets to let people know what you’re feeling. Venus still retrograde in your sign is giving you the ability to do this in a way that not only supports your own soul growth but having said your piece, allows you to seek out a perfect compromise with others whether your negotiations are personal or professional.

If you feel you’re being readied for something big – you are – but this will happen next week. In the meantime, the Moon moves into your 6th house of career and wellbeing on the 3rd, opposing Jupiter in your 12th house of secrets and spirituality. You have a sudden revelation about the way you’ve handled something in the past. Of course you’d do things differently today. Acknowledge you did the best you could at the time and move on.  Remember, hindsight is 20/20.


28th – Mercury conjunct Sun in 12th

31st – Moon in 4th trine Mercury and Venus in 12th

2nd – Mercury conjunct Venus in 12th

3rd – Moon in 5th opposition Jupiter in 11th

  • Take stock of the past years events
  • Don’t be possessive
  • Walk your talk this week

This week is all about your subconscious, Cancer and that includes your subconscious desires. With the planets focussed on your 12th house of spirituality and secrets this is a good time to review the past 12 months. With the Moon your ruler in your sector of emotional security, take care not to become too possessive with the ones you love especially when she moves to oppose Jupiter in your 11th house of friendships on the 3rd.

When Mercury planet of movement and communication moves to conjunct Venus in your 12th house on the 2nd, you may find yourself looking at how you go about getting what you want. Do you say you want something but in fact act contrary to your desire? This transit is all about making your talk fit your walk. It’s also about having the courage to go for your most secret dreams and goals now. Your secret loves no secret anymore.


28th – Mercury conjunct Sun in 11th

31st – Moon in 3rd trine Mercury and Venus in 11th

2nd – Mercury conjunct Venus in 11th

3rd – Moon in 4th opposition Jupiter in 10th

  • You explore boundaries
  • Career changes put you backstage
  • Friends bring benefits

With Mercury planet of communication as well as Venus planet of love active in your 11th house of friends, groups and organisations you’ll not only find your social life expanding this week, but will be asked if you know where your boundaries are? There’s a need to maintain them and most importantly, to know when you may have taken on someone’s thoughts, opinions or even ambitions that actually aren’t your own. If that’s the case then time to stand up for what you believe in – which is what is right for you.

With all this action in your friendship sector, friends can bring benefits or may turn out to be more than friends. Some Leos may be hit by the revelation that they feel more than friendship for someone. But take care that both of you understand what the deal is with any ‘friends with benefits’ situation.

Leo’s looking to change career direction get a boost from the Moon in your security sector and Jupiter in your 10th house. Unusually for you, any job change may put you in a behind-the-scenes position. You may not receive the recognition you’ve been used to but the job satisfaction will more than compensate.


28th – Mercury conjunct Sun in 10th

31st – Moon in 2nd trine Mercury and Venus in 10th

2nd – Mercury conjunct Venus in 10th

3rd – Moon in 3rd opposition Jupiter in 9th

  • You are not your beliefs
  • Business and profession areas continue to bloom
  • Check your facts

News concerning your status, business and professional reputation continue to dominate this week with the focus in the sky on your houses of assets, self-worth, professional standing and career. It’s all thanks to a fabulous line-up involving the Sun, Mercury and Venus. However, there’s a flip-side to all this. It’s important you know the value of what you bring to the table in professional negotiations but also equally important to understand that what we believe we are worth is different to our beliefs. If your beliefs are challenged this week you are likely to feel you are under attack. If this happens try to step back and understand none of us are our beliefs and don’t take it personally.

I never thought I’d say this to you Virgo, but this week you need to check your facts. In fact – double check them. The Moon in your 3rd house of communication facing off Jupiter in your 9th house may cloud your thinking. If you make a mistake it’s going to be a big one. Yes, I know that’s not like you but hey – nobody can be right all the time, not even a perfectionist like you.


28th – Mercury conjunct Sun in 9th

31st – Moon in 1st trine Mercury and Venus in 9th

2nd – Mercury conjunct Venus in 9th

3rd – Moon in 2nd opposition Jupiter in 8th

  • Venus may manifest in your life in person
  • Where and to whom do you belong?
  • It really IS the light at the end of the tunnel – not the locomotive

You’re all about looking at the big picture and moving to higher ground in terms of your soul path, this week Libra. You have a wonderful universal outlook on life that is making you open and receptive to new ideas, people and experiences. You’re seeing the ‘bigger picture’ thanks to a massive line-up of planets in your 9th house of higher learning. Don’t be surprised if you discard your usual romance novel for a book on quantum physics as a result.

The Moon in your 1st house on the 31st making a superb aspect to your ruler Venus and Mercury is not only bringing about a sense of belonging, but may see Venus manifest in your life in person – either in the form of a potential lover or else as an experience of something beautiful.

For a long time you’ve been feeling blocked and now that starts to lift. You’re emerging out of the tunnel and into the light. As to what you’ll find there – tune in next week.


28th – Mercury conjunct Sun in 8th

31st – Moon in 12th trine Mercury and Venus in 8th

2nd – Mercury conjunct Venus in 8th

3rd – Moon in 1st opposition Jupiter in 7th

  • You question the integrity of business partners
  • People look to you for understanding and support
  • Truths are revealed

There’s a great deal of focus on your 8th house of shared assets this week, Scorpio with a big line up of planets including the Sun, Mercury and Venus. When the Moon moves into your 12th house of secrets on the 31st, you may find yourself looking closely at the actions of anyone with whom you share a financial responsibility be it a business partner or a more personal relationship. Let us hope their actions survive your scrutiny as you are unlikely to forgive any deception. The up-side of this transit is that any ventures involving partners that require capital or finance are likely to get the go-ahead now.

The Moon in your 1st house on the 3rd will oppose Jupiter in your partnership sector. You are more empathic than usual – if that is even possible, seeing clearly what lies beneath actions and hurts. Those close to you may seek you out this week as a source of empathy and understanding. Consider this a compliment and a testament to your own emotional growth. Channel the archetypal image of Chiron, the wounded healer. You of all people know exactly what they are going through having been there yourself.


28th – Mercury conjunct Sun in 7th

31st – Moon in 11th trine Mercury and Venus in 7th

2nd – Mercury conjunct Venus in 7th

3rd – Moon in 12th opposition Jupiter in 6th

  • Friends touch you on a soul level
  • Work brings opportunities for personal fulfilment
  • Don’t go it alone this week

The Moon in your 11th house of friends and your social circle on the 31st making a celestially stunning aspect to Mercury and Venus in your sector of close relationships means that there will be no such thing as a superficial social encounter for you this week, Sag. What the people around you say and do will touch you on a soul level this week bringing deep feelings to the surface. You’re showing people your sensitive side – yes, you do have one as you are only too well aware. You just keep it well hidden under that veneer of foot-in-mouth disease.

Jupiter currently in your 6th house of career and wellbeing is touched by a sympathetic Moon which moves into your 12th house of spirituality on the 3rd ushering in work opportunities that feed the soul and not just the body. Fulfilment for you lies in anything altruistic now especially if it involves higher learning, the law, medicine, travel or yes, your other favourite – animals.

Whatever you want to achieve now, don’t go it alone. We all love your independent streak but why not make others a part of your vision? Don’t be afraid to ask for help to launch that grand plan of yours. And when it comes to romance remember this – sometimes all a free spirit needs is another one.


28th – Mercury conjunct Sun in 6th

31st – Moon in 10th trine Mercury and Venus in 6th

2nd – Mercury conjunct Venus in 6th

3rd – Moon in 11th opposition Jupiter in 5th

  • You manifest what you need through sheer hard work
  • Make sure partners understand what you need
  • Your blessings have your name on them

You know what it is you want this week, Capricorn and what is more, you are directing your considerable intelligence, resources and staying power towards obtaining it. Thanks to Mercury, the Sun and Venus all in your 6th house of career and wellbeing you have a green light to go for whatever it is you want to achieve with a feel-good factor built in!

Do however make sure that partners understand what it is you need from them now. Is it emotional support or is it space? Be frank but communicate this in a way that makes them know how much they are valued – even if what you need is to retire to your Fortress of Solitude to contemplate your next move. You’ll need to know they are waiting to give you a hug when you emerge – not have packed their bags in the interim.

The Moon in your 11th house of friendships on the 3rd opposes Jupiter in your fun, love and creativity sector. Is that a green eyed sea-goat I see lurking, Capricorn? If you think someone isn’t paying enough attention to you or prefers someone else remember – your blessings have your name on them and nobody can take what is meant for you. And if the object of your affections is that fickle, ask yourself whether someone who can so easily discard you is worthy of you in the first place. You know the answer.


28th – Mercury conjunct Sun in 5th

31st – Moon in 9th trine Mercury and Venus in 5th

2nd – Mercury conjunct Venus in 5th

3rd – Moon in 10th opposition Jupiter in 4th

  • Good times roll
  • Restlessness can sabotage self-discipline
  • The jokes on you

I seriously doubt if you can make time from your busy social life this week to read what I have to say, Aquarius. With the planets lined up in your 5th house of love, creativity, children and good times, if you don’t have children to give you the excuse – you’re going to be acting like a kid anyway. Needless to say – this week will bring the opportunity for flirtation and romance the way of many Aquarians. And with the Moon in your 9th house aspecting Mercury and Venus you just won’t feel like doing anything serious this week. That’s fine but this line-up can sometimes take the desire to have fun a little too far. If it extends to practical jokes watch out, Aquarius. They could back-fire and the jokes on you.

There’s business and professional opportunities around you this week but your thoughts really aren’t on your long-term security or plans right now. Or you may find that you really can’t take these things seriously. My advice – if you can, take time out to play. But make sure it’s legitimate. Deception is unlikely to remain hidden now. You tell your boss you’ve caught the flu and they read your Twitter feed from the airport.  As I said – the joke’s on you.


28th – Mercury conjunct Sun in 4th

31st – Moon in 8th trine Mercury and Venus in 4th

2nd – Mercury conjunct Venus in 4th

3rd – Moon in 9th opposition Jupiter in 3rd

  • What are you hoarding?
  • Don’t dwell on the past
  • Let the right one in

Most of the action this week centres around your home, Pisces and also your sense of personal security. There’s a wonderful line-up in your 4th house emphasising this. You’ll be happy to spend time at home or in a familiar environment. And when it comes to feeling secure, just what does it take to make you feel at home? Do you surround yourself with belongings, people or even memories to achieve that? Take a good look and open up a window to your true home – your soul and let the fresh air in. You may then discover under all that dust a host of things you no longer need.

The lunar activity in your 8th and 9th houses is also asking you to take a good look at what or who you have allowed into your life – or may let in. What is keeping you where you are? Are you being controlled or manipulated in some way? Don’t open the door to unhealthy habits, thoughts or people for that matter. Remember – just like vampires you have to invite them to enter in the first place. You are at liberty to tell them they aren’t welcome and shut the door in their face.

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