Your Free weekly Astrology Forecast For All Signs June 11-18


11th – Cardinal T-square (exact) – Uranus in 1st, Pluto in 10th, Mercury in 4th

11th – Mutable T-square (exact) – Sun in 3rd, Moon in 12th, Mars in 6th

12th – Jupiter enters 3rd

  • What transformation have you been resisting?
  • New avenues of communication open
  • Transport issues dominate

As a Cardinal sign you are going to really feel the influence of the T-square which involves Uranus in your 1st house and a Pluto/Mercury opposition which happens in your 10th and 4th houses. Squares and oppositions were long thought to be negative or challenging aspects. But without them we would stop growing. There’s two T-squares going on at the same time. The second has your ruler Mars in your 6th house opposing today’s Moon in your 12th and squaring the Sun in your 3rd house of communication. This is a mutable T-square and as it involves the Sun and Moon it won’t last past today – unlike the Cardinal T-square which will take a few days before dissolving.

The Cardinal T-square has a gift for you which is you could suddenly find the energy you need to push through a much-needed change. However, if there’s an issue you’ve been avoiding, especially with regards to your career and wellbeing you could find yourself in a situation where things come to a head anyway, forcing you to marshal your resources and tackle the issue once and for all.

On the 12th, Jupiter planet of luck, long distance travel and expansion moves into your 3rd house for a 12 month stay. You could find yourself in the grip of a self-improvement cycle especially if you start the week by ordering more than usual off of Amazon! Travel and transport will also dominate – you may find changes to timetables benefit you in some way or getting to where you need to be easier than usual. But it’s all about new avenues of communication opening up and the means to open them. Don’t be surprised if you end up scurrying into a store for a new phone/tablet/computer. How you talk to people this week could open hailing frequencies for the next 12 months.


11th – Cardinal T-square (exact) – Uranus in 12th, Pluto in 9th, Mercury in 3rd

11th – Mutable T-square (exact) – Sun in 2nd, Moon in 11th, Mars in 5th

12th – Jupiter enters 2nd

  • Don’t resist change
  • Your value systems come under the microscope
  • Look in your cosmic rear-view mirror

The week’s T-squares are providing you with some cosmic nudges this week, Taurus. Yes, I know you would rather ignore them or pretend they simply don’t apply to you. Monday’s Cardinal T-square whose influence will last all week, is all about giving you that much needed push out into the world. The reason? Do I have to spell it out? It’s your totally loveable modesty and ability to always be exactly where everybody expects you to be.

Is this a fault? Absolutely not! But if it makes you uncomfortable to think about mixing it up a little then re-frame it as a growth opportunity for others. After all, if they couldn’t rely on you they might have to work out how to do it for themselves. Play hard to get once in a while or let them have the shock of a lifetime when they discover you’re not actually at your desk but sitting on a beach in Bali. Uranus in your 12th promises to deliver some surprises. Look over your shoulder and you may see them approaching – but why not pull a few surprises yourself?

On the 12th, Jupiter the planet of big adventures, big news, big dreams and above all, big ideas, enters your 2nd house of assets, values and self worth where he’ll take up a 12 month stay. You may well find this week marks the start of you taking a very good look at what it is you value. Think back 12 years. What was going on then especially in terms of your finances and ability to accept prosperity? If you want more abundance in your life you have to believe you deserve it before it can appear.


11th – Cardinal T-square (exact) – Uranus in 11th, Pluto in 8th, Mercury in 2nd

11th – Mutable T-square (exact) – Sun in 1st, Moon in 10th, Mars in 4th

12th – Jupiter enters 1st

  • Make sure it’s your horizons that expand – not your waistline!
  • Not everyone is supportive
  • Get ready for the long haul

Monday’s T-squares will have a big impact on your, Gemini as one involves your ruler Mercury in your 2nd opposing Pluto in your 8th house of transformation while squaring off Uranus in your 11th of friends and groups while the other has the Sun in your 1st with the Moon and Mars opposed in the 4th and 10th. There’s going to be a lot going on around issues to do with career, status and security this week and I do hope you’re not going to ignore them as these aspects really are bringing in opportunities on the work/career/assets front. If you’ve been stuck in a dead-end job this week may give you the courage to break free and set in motion events to better yourself.

You’re going to receive BIG help in this Gemini because on the 12th, Jupiter planet of expansion, adventure and luck enters your 1st house. You’re going to be looking at yourself in the mirror as if you’ve not seen yourself clearly for the past 12 months. Expect some radical changes as a result. You may suddenly launch into a new diet or exercise regimen or else think about something more radical such as a cosmetic procedure.

Long term projects are initiated this week and your image could be one of them. Just don’t be upset if not everyone likes or agrees with what you are becoming. Remember, critics tell their stories – not yours.


11th – Cardinal T-square (exact) – Uranus in 10th, Pluto in 7th, Mercury in 1st

11th – Mutable T-square (exact) – Sun in 12th, Moon in 9th, Mars in 3rd

12th – Jupiter enters 12th

  • Nothing will stop you saying what you need to
  • A good week for communication
  • You explore whatever the Final Frontier is for you

You’ve got something to say this week Cancer and lucky for you, the Cardinal T-square is going to help you say it. As usual you may be wondering if your words will cause repercussions. Your innate sensitivity sometimes stops you speaking your truth. However, with Mercury in your 1st house opposing Pluto in your 7th and Uranus in your 10th you’re going to be saying what needs to be said especially with regards to partners. The Mutable T-square also backs you up and for once you’re going to be less concerned with the possible consequences and more with just speaking your truth – as you see it.

On the 12th Jupiter enters your 12th house for a 12 month stay. This period is not just about inspiration – the 12th house rules our essential spiritual natures and also anything to do with the realm of the spirit – but being ‘big spirited’ – whatever that means to you. This week could well place in your path people or events which expand your capacity to act in a spiritual fashion. You could read an uplifting book or else come across a story that makes you put aside any self-interest in favour of someone or something else. Some Cancerians could even find themselves on a plane to take a gap year at that orphanage in Nepal or animal sanctuary in South America leaving everything they considered essential to their security far behind. Conscious daydreaming brings tangible results for you now.


11th – Cardinal T-square (exact) – Uranus in 9th, Pluto in 6th, Mercury in 12th

11th – Mutable T-square (exact) – Sun in 11th, Moon in 8th, Mars in 2nd

12th – Jupiter enters 11th

  • Friends will influence your future
  • You handle old problems with innovation
  • Unexpected news may result in a change of direction

The effects of the Cardinal T-square will hang around all week Leo while the Mutable one which occurs on the same day will be more short-lived. So, which will have the most impact on you? Surprisingly enough, it’s likely to be the Mutable effects which you will see first. With the Sun in your 11th and the Moon and Mars opposing each other in your 8th and 2nd houses, you are going to be showing unprecedented flexibility and adaptability when it comes to transforming issues around friends, groups and organisations and your assets and wellbeing. It’s as if you’ve stepped aside from doing things your usual way and entered an entire new modality of approach.

On the 12th Jupiter planet of expansion, enters your 11th house of your social structure and more importantly, your place within in where he’ll remain for a year. Expect to benefit from the generosity of friends during this time – opportunities will come through them and it could be the actions of others determine the direction of your career or personal life for some years to come.

The Cardinal T-square does have revolutionary Uranus and transformative Pluto caught up in it along with Mercury planet of communication in your 12th house of secrets. You could well be shaken up by a piece of news concerning your career of wellbeing that calls for another adjustment. But whatever comes to light now is for your ultimate benefit.


11th – Cardinal T-square (exact) – Uranus in 8th, Pluto in 5th, Mercury in 11th

11th – Mutable T-square (exact) – Sun in 10th, Moon in 7th, Mars in 1st

12th – Jupiter enters 10th

  • Maintain the right power balance
  • Claim what’s yours
  • The start of a career-boosting cycle

Lots of 10th house focus for you this week Virgo with a Mutable T-Square which involves the Sun in that house along with Mars in your 1st and then Jupiter planet of luck, adventure and expansion enters your 10th a day later. For you the mutable T-Square is probably nothing more than an amusing challenge – much like Rubix cubes were back in the 80’s. You’re seeing how all the pieces of your life are lining up especially with regards to partnerships and how they affect other areas of your life.

The Cardinal T-square which occurs on the same day is going to get you looking at who owns what. Hopefully you’re not feeling put-upon or throwing your weight around because this T-square is all about power and what you are doing with it. If you’re dis-empowered now is the time to take back control. However, if you’re the one with the power issue expect the tables to be turned in no short order now.

It’s all about having the confidence to claim what is rightfully yours – whether it’s a raise, kudos or just acknowledgement.

On the 12th, Jupiter enters your 10th house of status, career issues and ambitions. He’s all set for a 12 month stay there and during that time you can expect to encounter themes to do with study and education, long distance travel, foreigners, mass media, the law and publishing or even someone who embodies those themes. For Virgos working in any of those areas – expect a significant opportunity that may drop right into your lap. For Virgos looking for a career change – you could have more than one job offer to consider if you were to go out and look for it. What’s stopping you?


11th – Cardinal T-square (exact) – Uranus in 7th, Pluto in 4th, Mercury in 10th

11th – Mutable T-square (exact) – Sun in 9th, Moon in 6th, Mars in 12th

12th – Jupiter enters 9th

  • Eye-opening experiences
  • Unexpected developments in partnerships and home
  • Travel broadens more than just your mind

Hope you have packed an overnight bag at the very least, Libra as an adventurous planetary line-up tells me travel is going to be a theme for you very soon. It’s being heralded by the Mutable T-Square on the 11th which occurs in your 9th house of adventure, your 6th house of career and wellbeing and your 12th of spiritual calling. Those Librans who travel for their work may see their schedules expand now. Others may find themselves applying for and then jetting off to that overseas job especially after Jupiter ruler of long distance journeys enters your 9th house for a 12 month stay on the 12th. No matter where you are or what your circumstances, expect to be given the opportunity to move out of your current location – even if it’s just to the beach or the countryside for the day. What I can tell you is even a short trip to any location is likely to bring about mind-expanding experiences that resonate on a soul level.

The Cardinal T-Square which also occurs on the 11th occurs in your sectors of partnerships and close friends, home and security and status. You could be faced with unexpected news which impacts on any or all of these areas. It may not necessarily be negative but if it’s not to your liking, so what? With all this 9th house action all you have to do is grab your passport and jet off to the nearest beach. By the time you get back things will have sorted themselves out one way or another. If you decide to come back that is. If you’ve ever thought about moving overseas events could be set in motion this week that see you packing your bags for good.


11th – Cardinal T-square (exact) – Uranus in 6th, Pluto in 3rd, Mercury in 9th

11th – Mutable T-square (exact) – Sun in 8th, Moon in 5th, Mars in 11th

12th – Jupiter enters 8th

  • Big events and big news dominate
  • Situations literally transform overnight
  • Somebody could make a mistake to your benefit

No small measures for you this week, Scorpio.  For some of you it may seem as if your sign has been hijacked by your neighbour, Sagittarius. Whatever news or events are heading your way expect them to be larger-than-life ones and to arrive without warning, thanks to the Cardinal T-square that occurs in your 3rd, 6th and 9th houses on the 11th.

There’s another T-Square on the same day – this one a Mutable one with the Sun in your 8th house of shared resources, sex and power along with the Moon in your 5th and Mars (your co-ruler) in your 11th. Somebody, perhaps even an institution, could make a mistake to your benefit. If it’s financial I’m not going to speculate on whether or not you let them know or board a plane to a non-extradition proceedings country. You’re the master at keeping your motivations hidden.

On the 12th Jupiter enters your 8th house for a 12 month stay. If someone offers you support in any form this week this is a sure sign this cycle is off to a flying start. It’s also going to be all about re-assessing your attitude to money and sex. Both involve transformation for better or worse. In the Bible we’ve been taught money is evil. What it actually says is the love of money is evil. Money is currency and currency is energy. But when it comes to sex you should be on home territory. You know it’s an act of transformation. Think of it all just as energy now.


11th – Cardinal T-square (exact) – Uranus in 5th, Pluto in 2nd, Mercury in 8th

11th – Mutable T-square (exact) – Sun in 7th, Moon in 4th, Mars in 10th

12th – Jupiter enters 7th

  • What is it you wish to avoid?
  • Restrictions may surface
  • Partnerships or lack of them become paramount

No other sign is as good as you at avoidance, Sag. If only it were an Olympic event you’d do your country proud – if you turned up that is. This week’s T-Squares are all about getting you to look at what it is you are avoiding. Or is that a who? Whatever it is your are trying to wriggle out of or wriggle around you’re about to hit a couple of cosmic barriers designed to make you realise there is no way around it – only through it.

If you’re facing restrictions this week it’s all part of this. Strangely enough, the restrictions are actually there to free you even if they don’t look like they are. The term ‘restriction’ is usually an anathema to free-spirited Sag. If your feelings of restriction revolve around partners, bosses, the corporation you work for, lovers or anyone you share your ‘space’ with, ask what it is you feel they are restricting.

When Jupiter your ruler moves into your partnership sector on the 12th it’s the start of a year of exploring just what the power of two can do. If you’ve been saying you either don’t want a partner or you doubt if the person who won’t try to restrict you exists, expect the next 12 months to bring someone through to confound your theories.

As a seeker of truth you are in a unique position to realise that being you and being two is the only thing that truly frees you.


11th – Cardinal T-square (exact) – Pluto in 1st, Uranus in 4th, Mercury in 7th

11th – Mutable T-square (exact) – Sun in 6th, Moon in 3rd, Mars in 9th

12th – Jupiter enters 6th

  • You accept the inevitable
  • How you look and feel is important
  • Positive events in work and career ahead

I expect you to be feeling the power of the Cardinal T-square more than most Capricorn due to Pluto in your 1st house. There’s a feeling of inevitability about whatever this powerful aspect brings is – and Pluto is all about power after all. If a situation has now gone past the point of no return you’re going to stop resisting and just accept it.

The other T-square focuses on issues to do with your career and wellbeing. It’s just a taste of what’s to come when Jupiter planet of expansion, enters your sector of career and wellbeing on the 12th and moves in for a 12 month stay. If you’ve turned into a couch potato expect Jupiter to knock on your door asking you to come out to play and keep knocking until you do. Looking and feeling your best comes into focus and it’s all being set up in order for you to be at your best to take advantage of what may not just be one but several, career opportunities coming your way. You could get a taste of what’s to come this week. Better condition, happier company and a new you are just some of the perks that are waiting. Grabbing that yoga mat or hitting the gym could be the first step to manifesting them.


11th – Cardinal T-square (exact) – Uranus in 3rd, Pluto in 12th, Mercury in 6th

11th – Mutable T-square (exact) – Sun in 5th, Moon in 2nd, Mars in 8th

12th – Jupiter enters 5th

  • Realignments possible in work and career
  • Look at who or what your attract closely
  • Find your voice

Your ruler Uranus is a prime factor in the Cardinal T-square which starts the week and hangs around for most of it. Aspecting Pluto in your house of mystery and Mercury in your sector of career, you could be facing unexpected changes on the work front but end up uncertain of how you got there! If you’re feeling that the planets have elbowed you out of the driver’s seat don’t worry. The Mutable T-square which also occurs at the same time in your area of creativity, assets and power is pushing you to realise that what happens is all about self-expression. All you’ve got to do is yell ‘Stop!’ if you don’t like it and it will. You just have to mean it.

On the 12th, Jupiter enters your 5th house of creativity, children and hot, hot love. He’s all set for a years stay. Jupiter usually delivers lucky breaks. Children will feature prominently and if you are a parent expect children to become a more enjoyable part of your life. But it’s now time to look closely at what it is you are attracting as this house is also about just that. It could be that gorgeous new lover, inspiration for a creative project or a new family member. Understand whoever or whatever it is, is merely a mirror of you now. Want to attract more? Alter your reflection. Simple as that.


11th – Cardinal T-square (exact) – Uranus in 2nd, Pluto in 11th, Mercury in 5th

11th – Mutable T-square (exact) – Sun in 4th, Moon in 1st, Mars in 7th

12th – Jupiter enters 4th

  • Don’t skip over the details
  • Your relationships define how confident you feel
  • Make the most of what you have

You’re not usually an acquisitive sign, Pisces and what’s happening in the sky this week reflects this. While part of the Cardinal T-square on the 11th sits in your house of assets it’s more about the people in your life and how you communicate your ideas than money in the bank. Of course, ideas can lead to money in the bank – which is why if you have any you need to stop being shy and showcase them this week. Above all, make sure people understand clearly your unique proposition. You’re not mumbling again are you?

This week you’ll find how confident you feel is linked to the people you have around you and this is reinforced by the second T-square – a mutable one, in your security and partnership sectors. The support you need is close at hand and when Jupiter enters your 4th house on the 12th you’re going to have a year of realising this. What you have now is everything you need to get everything you want. It’s all about using your resources – and asking for help if and when you need it. Of course, Jupiter expands. Just because you’ve realised that you and everyone else are enough doesn’t mean to say more isn’t coming. Gratitude is the most expansive substance in the universe. The Big Bang ingredient of manifestation. Your living space could well get bigger as a result – expand your ideas as it does.


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