Your Free Weekly Astrology Forecast For All Signs June 18-24


19th – New Moon in 4th

21st – Sun enters 4th

21st – Moon in 4th opp Pluto in 10th square Saturn in 7th square Uranus in 1st

24th – Mystic Rectangle – Sun in 4th sextile Moon in 5th trine Pluto in 10th sextile Chiron and Neptune conjunct in 12th opp Moon in 5th and trine Sun in 4th opp Pluto in 10th

  • Who is not giving you the assurance you need?
  • Raise your expectations
  • Look at yourself with new eyes

The summer solstice marks the Sun entering your house of home, family and emotional security, Aries along with the new Moon on the 19th. But don’t expect this week to be all about picnics and sunshine. On the 21st the Moon also in the same sector makes some tense aspects to Pluto, Saturn and Uranus. Expect something connected to partnerships or your security and status to undergo some kind of upheaval before the week is out.

Before you ask ‘Is this really necessary?’ consider the fact that you can’t fulfil your potential if you’re being handicapped by dragging something that no longer works into the future with you. The Mystic Rectangle which occurs on the 24th and which involves planets in your houses of security, creativity and love, status and spirituality is going to ask you to look closely at all these areas. Have you been soldiering on but feeling underappreciated or overlooked? Is there someone close to you who just isn’t giving you the reassurance you’re seeking? Expect any feelings of insecurity to surface and if they do – don’t run from them. Meet them head on like the Warrior for Love you are and defend your expectations. If others are falling short of them understand that their laissez faire attitude could be a reflection of you taking yourself for granted. Or it could be a sign the relationship needs a radical upgrade. Have the confidence to know the difference and act accordingly.


19th – New Moon in 3rd

21st – Sun enters 3rd

21st – Moon in 3rd opp Pluto in 9th square Saturn in 6th square Uranus in 12th

24th – Mystic Rectangle – Sun in 3rd sextile Moon in 4th trine Pluto in 9th sextile Chiron and Neptune conjunct in 11th opp Moon in 4th and trine Sun in 3rd opp Pluto in 9th

  • Avoid jumping to the obvious conclusions
  • Take time out to enjoy your achievements
  • Realise you are more popular than what you think!

The summer solstice for you is all about how you communicate with others around you as the Sun enters your 3rd house of communication and transport on the 21st. On the same day the Moon also in your 3rd makes some serious growth aspects to Pluto in your 9th, Saturn the builder and time-keeper in your 6th house of career and wellbeing and Uranus the innovator in your 12th of what is hidden. You could be surprised when something comes out of the woodwork with regards to your work and career. This could even be the recognition of how ambitious you really are. Taurus is after all, the sign of earthly delight and that includes enjoying the rewards of hard work.

What is it you think you have to offer to the world, Taurus? This week you’re being asked to consider your place within it. Your innate modesty prevents you from seeing exactly what you have to offer but this week offers a chance to alter a key perspective – the one you hold about yourself.  It’s all down to the Mystic Rectangle that occurs this week across the sectors of your chart covering communication, expansion, friends and the collective and home and security. There’s big things afoot for you Taurus and you’re being asked to establish a secure base from which you can make some serious incursions into a bigger world of experience than you ever thought was possible for you. Being a fixed sign you don’t necessarily welcome change but provided you feel secure you’re willing to try anything – once.

If it’s expansion of your social circle that you’re seeking you could connect to a new group which welcomes you with open arms. This week is all about trying something new – and that includes a new attitude, on for size.


19th – New Moon in 2nd

21st – Sun enters 2nd

21st – Moon in 2nd opp Pluto in 8th square Saturn in 5th square Uranus in 11th

24th – Mystic Rectangle – Sun in 2nd sextile Moon in 3rd trine Pluto in 8th sextile Chiron and Neptune conjunct in 10th opp Moon in 3rd and trine Sun in 2nd opp Pluto in 8th

  • Time for an audit of your assets
  • What is it you value?
  • Know what you have to offer

What do you think you’re really worth, Gemini? Do you know? I’m not talking about how much you’re being paid for the job you’re doing. Or the respect or esteem with which others treat you. Or the money in your bank account or your share or property portfolio (or lack thereof). On the 21st the Sun ushers in the Sumner solstice by entering your 2nd house of assets and values. On the same day the Moon also in your 2nd house makes some interesting moves on Pluto in your 8th house of shared assets and resources, foundation building Saturn in your house of creativity and foundation-rattling Uranus in your 11th house of friends, groups and the bigger picture.

All this is preparing you for the Mystic Rectangle which occurs a few days later on the 24th but this time pulls in planets in your houses of communication and status. This pattern in the sky presents all of us with a rare opportunity to transcend our limitations by appreciating fully whatever talents or abilities we were given.

This week is time for a stock-take for you, Gemini. What is your net worth? If your bank account isn’t reflecting that then take a lot at what you value about yourself. Are you expressing those values to others in a way that utilises your unique talents? If you want to increase your material assets leverage your abilities. And if you’ve made to feel you or they are not good enough, this wonderful alignment will bring you healing and a new appreciation for what you have to offer.


19th – New Moon in 1st

21st – Sun enters 1st

21st – Moon in 1st opp Pluto in 7th square Saturn in 4th square Uranus in 10th

24th – Mystic Rectangle – Sun in 1st sextile Moon in 2nd trine Pluto in 7th sextile Chiron and Neptune conjunct in 9th opp Moon in 2nd and trine Sun in 1st opp Pluto in 7th

  • Time to open the doors in your life marked ‘Do Not Enter’
  • Partners and stability go hand-in-hand
  • Endings and new beginnings

The new Moon occurs in your sign on the 19th, ushering in the shoots of new beginnings which may take a year to fully bloom. What will they be? The Sun enters your sign on the 21st, joining the Moon your ruler making some heavy aspects to Pluto in your house of partnerships, Saturn your partnership ruler presently in your sector of home and security and Uranus in your status sector. If you are involved in contract or legal negotiations take nothing for granted and that includes outcomes.

When it comes to partners events this week highlight just how important choosing the right people to be close to you is.

Where have you been told you can’t go? Or shouldn’t do? Or can’t achieve? Who told you this? Do you honestly believe this or have you taken on somebody else’s self-limiting beliefs? Maybe they meant well but when we limit our life experiences we limit our potential. Or perhaps you have been using their beliefs as an excuse for not trying. The amazing Mystic rectangle on the 24th will have you looking at this. But if there’s a door you’re avoiding opening in your personal life for fear of what lurks behind it this alignment may give you the courage to face those fears. Remember the story of Bluebeard? It was only by opening the forbidden door that his wife freed herself. Or perhaps the door that requires opening is the one to your soul? Say ‘Open sesame’ and find out what’s hiding inside.


19th – New Moon in 12th

21st – Sun enters 12th

21st – Moon in 12th opp Pluto in 6th square Saturn in 3rd square Uranus in 9th

24th – Mystic Rectangle – Sun in 12th sextile Moon in 1st trine Pluto in 6th sextile Chiron and Neptune conjunct in 8th opp Moon in 1st and trine Sun in 12th opp Pluto in 6th

  • What is blocking your success?
  • What’s ours becomes more important that what’s yours or mine
  • Take a spiritual approach to problems

People may think you’re all about show, Leo but this week proves they couldn’t be more wrong about you. The new Moon occurs in your 12th house of spirituality on the 19th and the Sun moves in there on the 21st making some serious aspects to Pluto, Saturn and Uranus occupying prime locations in your areas of career, communication and status, you’re going to be showing you’re no lightweight when it comes to examining the deeper meaning behind events now.

On the 24th an aspect in the sky called a Mystic Rectangle occurs. It’s a rare combination of tense and beneficial aspects that allows us to transcend limitations in specific areas. For you, this is mostly going to be focussed on career, wellbeing, shared resources and your spiritual path. Perhaps you believe you can’t have a career that feeds your soul and your bank account. Or perhaps partners aren’t living up to their part of the bargain.

Whatever conclusions you come to now expect to implement some innovative solutions to get whatever it is you want. You understand you don’t need to go over or through what’s blocking you but around it. Call it the path of least resistance that leads to you blazing a trail.


19th – New Moon in 11th

21st – Sun enters 11th

21st – Moon in 11th opp Pluto in 5th square Saturn in 2nd square Uranus in 8th

24th – Mystic Rectangle – Sun in 11th sextile Moon in 12th trine Pluto in 5th sextile Chiron and Neptune conjunct in 7th opp Moon in 12th and trine Sun in 11th opp Pluto in 5th

  • You burst with ideas and fresh approaches
  • Launch your projects
  • Heal any lingering hurts around partners

Life’s a launch pad and you’re a rocket this week, Virgo as the first the new Moon and then the Sun moves into your 11th house of friends, groups, society getting you to look at where you fit into the bigger picture. With the Moon also in your 11th opposing Pluto in your 5th house of creativity and squaring off Saturn master builder in your 2nd of assets and Uranus in your 8th of transformations you could be faced with a couple of interesting scenarios. Firstly you could be awash with creative ideas that benefit not only you but others or secondly, you may meet someone via your wider social network and kick-start a relationship that could be there for the long-haul.

On the 24th a Mystic Rectangle forms taking in your 11th and 5th houses and also your sector of partnerships. You’re being presented with an opportunity to heal any lingering hurts around partnerships. Perhaps you’ve failed to attract a partner or maybe the ones you have attracted at the end of the day turned out not to be partnership material at all. You’re going to be looking at where all long-term relationships have not lived up to expectations and drawing a line under them once and for all.

Think of this as part of your fresh, creative approach, leave the past behind you and reach for the stars.


19th – New Moon in 10th

21st – Sun enters 10th

21st – Moon in 10th opp Pluto in 4th square Saturn in 1st square Uranus in 7th

24th – Mystic Rectangle – Sun in 10th sextile Moon in 11th trine Pluto in 4th sextile Chiron and Neptune conjunct in 6th opp Moon in 11th and trine Sun in 10th opp Pluto in 4th

  • Where are you heading now, Libra?
  • Past career issues come into focus
  • Chart a new course – to the stars if you want!

The new Moon and some serious planetary alignments focussing on your 10th house of accolades, status and achievements are ushering in a huge opportunity for you this week, Libra. It’s all about where you want to go now as opposed to where you have been – especially in regards to your work and career. The New Moon and the Sun in your 10th house opposing Pluto in your security zone and squaring off Saturn and revolutionary Uranus are all urging you to take a leap of faith now. Hopefully you now have a profound sense of belonging – of knowing your place in the world and you will use this now to manage some truly transformational and life-changing moves.

On the 24th an aspect called a Mystic Rectangle forms in the sky. Again, this will bring in planets in your career sector but it also brings in an opportunity to heal any feelings of under-achievement and frustration with your career once and for all. Whatever it is you want to do now, you could find serious support for your plans within your larger social network so make sure others are aware of what it is you want to do now. You may come to realise this week that the only limitations we have to deal with are often merely the ones we impose upon ourselves. Don’t look back. Set your course firmly on the future.


19th – New Moon in 9th

21st – Sun enters 9th

21st – Moon in 9th opp Pluto in 3rd square Saturn in 12th square Uranus in 6th

24th – Mystic Rectangle – Sun in 9th sextile Moon in 10th trine Pluto in 3rd sextile Chiron and Neptune conjunct in 5th opp Moon in 10th and trine Sun in 9th opp Pluto in 3rd

  • Be open to everything now – experiences, people, places, opportunities
  • Turn off any inner ‘propaganda’ tapes
  • Who or what is making you feel small?

With the new Moon on the 19th occurring in your 9th house of expansion and big ideas and joined there by the Sun on the 21st which then makes an opposition to your ruler Pluto in your 3rd house of communication while squaring Saturn in your 12th of secrets and spiritual calling and revolutionary Uranus in your 6th house of career and wellbeing. There’s a tension here between what you want to be in the world and what you don’t want the world to see and Pluto your ruler appears determined to drag it out of you somehow.

If someone or something is making you feel small time to think about just why it or they exert so much power over you. This may require you to think a long way back – to childhood in fact to get the answers.

On the 24th a Mystic Rectangle occurs. Once again it involves planets in your 9th house and is asking you to be open now to anything and everything that crosses your path. As this is your house of luck you could literally find yourself with a lucky career break or a windfall. Ask yourself what you would do in such a situation? Accepting it would require that you change your life in some way. The challenge of change for better or worse, is your task to master this week.


19th – New Moon in 8th

21st – Sun enters 8th

21st – Moon in 8th opp Pluto in 2nd square Saturn in 11th square Uranus in 5th

24th – Mystic Rectangle – Sun in 8th sextile Moon in 9th trine Pluto in 2nd sextile Chiron and Neptune conjunct in 4th opp Moon in 9th and trine Sun in 8th opp Pluto in 2nd

  • Be as above board as possible in dealings with others
  • Get ready for a transformation
  • Ask for help if you need it

Lots of 8th house action for you this week, Sagittarius starting with the new Moon on the 19th. On the solstice the Sun also enters and on the same day the Moon will oppose Pluto in your 2nd house of assets and values while squaring Saturn in your 11th of friends and groups and Uranus in your 5th house of love, children and creativity

The 8th house is all about power, shared resources and transformations. Expect something that has long been the status quo to go through a radical shift. If you are dealing with either shared assets – and that includes power in relationships – or someone else’s assets for that matter – make sure everything you are doing is out in the open this week otherwise your motivations could be misinterpreted.

On the 24th a Mystic rectangle forms in the sky. It will take in a large portion of your chart including the houses already mentioned as well as your 4th house of security and home and your 9th of travel, luck, adventure and expansion. With Chiron and Neptune conjunct in your 4th you could be faced with a situation where you have to ask for help. Does this make you feel powerless? Remember, all of us no matter how capable and independent need assistance from time to time. It’s no reflection on you and asking for help does not mean you are giving up control. It’s sometimes not easy for independent and successful people to ask for help but for you right now it’s an act of both expansion and wellbeing. Let the healing begin.


19th – New Moon in 7th

21st – Sun enters 7th

21st – Moon in 7th opp Pluto in 1st square Saturn in 10th square Uranus in 4th

24th – Mystic Rectangle – Sun in 7th sextile Moon in 8th trine Pluto in 1st sextile Chiron and Neptune conjunct in 3rd opp Moon in 8th and trine Sun in 7th opp Pluto in 1st

  • Prospective partners waft in like the breeze
  • Watch out for things that need fixing on the home front
  • Study Quest physics this week

The New Moon on the 19th heralds a week-long focus on your partnership sector, Capricorn. For those of you who are single or looking around for a partner for a creative or business venture, this week could bring in a likely candidate but oh-so-softly you may at first fail to notice them. On the 21st the Sun joins the Moon in your 7th and lights up the sky for you in terms of transformational opportunities on the home, partnership and status front. However, property problems may need attending to.

On the 24th, a special pattern called a Mystic Rectangle forms in the sky. As well as focussing on the houses already highlighted this will also impact on your 3rd house of communication and your 8th of transformation. There’s something about this which is almost a call to action for you although it is happening on a very subtle spiritual level. It’s going to make you aware of the fact that everyone that crosses your path this week is there to have an impact on your personal growth. Look up Quest Physics to understand this concept better and look at everyone as a teacher in some way now. Yes, they may shove in front of you in the supermarket line but there’s a lesson here. We’re all heading in the same direction and just because you queue jump doesn’t mean you’ll get there any quicker. Hold on to this thought, smile and say: ‘After you.’


19th – New Moon in 6th

21st – Sun enters 6th

21st – Moon in 6th opp Pluto in 12th square Saturn in 9th square Uranus in 3rd

24th – Mystic Rectangle – Sun in 6th sextile Moon in 7th trine Pluto in 12th sextile Chiron and Neptune conjunct in 2nd opp Moon in 7th and trine Sun in 6th opp Pluto in 12th

  • Are you knocking but can’t get in?
  • Icebergs and opportunities head your way
  • What’s looking like hard work this week?

If doors are staying closed for you still Aquarius take heart. You’ve just not knocked on the right one yet. On the 19th the new Moon heralds a week of activity centred on your 6th house of career and wellbeing. However, as part of this you are being asked to once again examine what may be restricting you thanks to Saturn still retrograde in your 9th house of expansion. You won’t have too much longer to wait until he moves forward again but that doesn’t mean to say that you’re stuck with the status quo this week.

On the 24th an unusual alignment called a Mystic Rectangle occurs. Much of the focus will still be on your 6th house but also at this point your areas of partnerships, assets and self worth and secrets and the subconscious are highlighted. There could be significant opportunities headed your way under this but make sure that they are all they appear to be and also that you are ready to accept them.

There’s a deeper meaning to all this. You’re being asked to look at who or what is just plain hard work in your life now. Anything that requires maximum effort when it should be effortless doesn’t serve your growth but keeps you stuck. Time to take your nose off the grindstone.


19th – New Moon in 5th

21st – Sun enters 5th

21st – Moon in 5th opp Pluto in 11th square Saturn in 8th square Uranus in 2nd

24th – Mystic Rectangle – Sun in 5th sextile Moon in 6th trine Pluto in 11th sextile Chiron and Neptune conjunct in 1st opp Moon in 6th and trine Sun in 5th opp Pluto in 11th

  • Use your creativity for impact
  • Art for arts sake – love for loves sake
  • Venture into unexplored territory

Time to make an impression, Pisces and to do that you don’t actually have to exert yourself this week. Just being you should be sufficient thanks to a planetary line-up in your 5th house of creativity, children and love. Just as we have children for their own sake, we create something for its own sake or love purely because someone inspires us to deeper levels of emotional being than we ever thought possible. When perfectly expressed none of these acts of creation are done with any thought of reward. The new Moon in your 5th house on the 19th followed by the Sun on the 21st and some cosmic line-ups pulling in your houses of transformative experiences, soul groups and self-worth mean that however you choose to express this transit, provided you do so with little thought of reward you may find yourself making a bigger impact on the lives of those around you than you ever thought possible.

On the 24th there’s an even bigger line-up in the sky called a Mystic Rectangle. It not only impacts on all the houses I’ve already mentioned but also your 6th of career and wellbeing and your 1st where a healing conjunction between Chiron and Neptune your ruler takes place. It’s not only promising to heal any dents to your ego that may have taken place in the past but it has the ability to propel you out into a world of new people and experience that can change your life around. Be the explorer of your own life now.



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