Your Free Monthly Astrology Overview for July

1st – Mercury greatest eastern elongation in Leo

3rd – Full Moon in Capricorn

13th – Uranus Retrograde in Aries

15th – Mercury Retrograde in Leo

19th – New Moon in Cancer

23rd – Sun enters Leo

28th – Mercury Inferior Conjunction in Leo

28th – 29th – Delta Aquarids Meteor Shower in Aquarius

  • What’s Your Passion?
  • Let your ideas take you on a journey
  • Is your cup half empty or half full?

July is all about messages and enlightenment. For all of us the question is going to be: what fires you up? and finding the answer.

We start the month with fast-moving Mercury at its greatest eastern elongation (farthest from the Sun), in Leo. Don’t forget that in mythology Mercury was the messenger of the Gods, the quicksilver Fed Ex courier of the solar system that brings us news and also delivers inspiration. The full Moon in Capricorn which follows two days later could well see us ready to communicate our ideas or realise that the flashes of insight we’ve been having are more than just hunches – they are ideas we can utilise to progress us on our soul path. The fact these transits occur in Leo – sign of creativity and ‘strutting our stuff’ and Capricorn – sign of status and career, means that we can create something to sustain us that not only enhances our status but also builds something for the future.

Take action on your ideas up until the middle of the month because on the 13th, free-thinking and unpredictable Uranus turns retrograde in action-oriented Aries followed by Mercury in Leo two days later. These two planets will actually form a powerful trine as part of their retrograde progress in the 3rd week of this month. As Mercury rules transport and communication and Uranus is often thought of as Mercury’s ‘higher octave’ expect anything un-workable or out-dated to be over-thrown in these areas. That clunker you’ve been driving could well break down for the last time before being towed off to the great scrap pile in the sky. On a collective level we may well see upheavals in the travel, transport and communication fields. But before you go ‘Uh-oh, another terrible retrograde where everything breaks down or malfunctions’, think again because this retrograde holds a unique opportunity.

On a personal level we’re all going to be given the opportunity to look at where we improve our ability to communicate our thoughts and ideas. Because this month really is about communicating to others what your soul path is actually all about. We’re all going to be looking closely at what excites us and how we can integrate passion into our path in our own unique way. If you’ve got an idea but aren’t progressing it because you feel others have had similar ones stand by for insight into how to make it uniquely yours after the Mercury inferior conjunction occurs in Leo on the 28th at the same time we get treated to the Delta Aquarids Meteor Shower in Aquarius.

A Mercury inferior conjunction is when the Sun, Mercury and the Earth are all aligned with Mercury standing between the Earth and the Sun. This always occurs in the middle of a Mercury retrograde period. For what of a better word this is an ‘eclipse’ of sorts and one with a powerful gift as it allows us to re-fine and re-clarify our ideas but within a framework of bringing them out of the ‘light’ (the Sun) and into the physical realm (the Earth). This transit has been linked mythologically to the story of Prometheus who stole fire from the Gods and gave it to humankind.

At the same time the Delta Aqaurids Meteor Shower occurs in Aquarius, Uranus’s ruling sign. This is a southern shower and at its peak can produce up to 20 meteors an hour. These meteors are linked to Ganymede, the cup bearer of the Gods and who rules both pleasure and the mind. Is your cup half empty, half full or overflowing? The genius of Ganymede combined with the Mercury and Uranus retrograde is all about making you see it’s all down to your own perception. So let your ideas take you on a journey that’s all about soul path and purpose this month and shower yourself with inspiration from this wonderful planetary line-up.

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