Your Free Weekly Astrology Forecast For All Signs July 9-15.


9th – Jupiter and Venus conjunct in 3rd trine Mars in 7th

13th – Uranus Retrograde in 1st

15th – Mercury Retrograde in 5th trine Uranus in 1st

15th – Moon, Jupiter and Venus conjunct in 3rd sextile Mercury in 5th sextile

Uranus in 1st

  • Inspiration strikes out of the blue
  • You tread carefully when it comes to relationships
  • Your hidden depths are revealed

With Mars your ruler in your 7th house of partnerships this week and making a fabulous aspect to the Jupiter/Venus conjunction in your communication sector, people are going to see a gentler, softer approach in your dealings with others this week.

On the 13th Uranus turns retrograde in your 1st house. Uranus often brings surprises, thrills and upheavals but also frees us from blockages that halt our progress. When Uranus is retrograde (until December 13) he’s at his most powerful. His message for you is to become aware of the choices you make and their impact on how others see you.

Mercury turns retrograde in your 5th and trines backward-moving Uranus on the 15th. On the same day the Moon, Jupiter and Venus form a conjunction in your 3rd while aligning positively with these two planets. If you’ve never considered yourself intuitive expect to be rocked by insights that prove to be spot-on especially when it comes to those around you.


9th – Jupiter and Venus conjunct in 2nd trine Mars in 6th

13th – Uranus Retrograde in 12th

15th – Mercury Retrograde in 4th trine Uranus in 12th

15th – Moon, Jupiter and Venus conjunct in 2nd sextile Mercury in 4th sextile

Uranus in 12th

  • Opportunities to build for the future
  • Your opinion of someone close to you could be shaken
  • Don’t jump to conclusions

Venus your ruler makes some seriously beneficent moves this week meeting Jupiter in your 2nd house of assets on the 2nd while making a trine to Mars in your career sector. Expect positive feedback at the very least or a major foretaste of a career coup to follow.

Uranus turns retrograde in your 12th house of mystery and spirituality on the 13th to be followed by Mercury in your 4th house of security on the 15th. Expect some foundation-rattling revelations that could involve family members.

The Moon joins Jupiter and Venus in your 2nd on the 15th as well. It’s worth remembering there is a hidden opportunity behind the events of this week designed to help you build something worthwhile for the future. Fortunately for you, Uranus retrograde gives you time to think things through and see things for what they are.


9th – Jupiter and Venus conjunct in 1st trine Mars in 5th

13th – Uranus Retrograde in 11th

15th – Mercury Retrograde in 3rd trine Uranus in 11th

15th – Moon, Jupiter and Venus conjunct in 1st sextile Mercury in 3rd sextile

Uranus in 11th

  • Overspending is a distinct possibility
  • Rethink or revise what you have to say
  • Do you want friends just like you?

The action this week is mainly centered on your 1st house, Gemini. On the 9th, Jupiter and Venus will be conjunct and will trine Mars in your 5th zone of creativity and love affairs. It’s all about following your heart this week whether it’s urging you to tell someone how you feel or express your creativity in some way. A word of warning however, if expressing your creativity involves indulging yourself you may find it difficult to say no – especially to that helpful sales assistant who is so kindly pointing out exactly the right accessories for that outfit you’ve chosen.

On the 13th Uranus turns retrograde in your sector of friendships and when Mercury your ruler also turns retrograde on the 15th, he’ll make a fabulous aspect to the planet of revolutions and surprises. Expect interesting people to cross your path in the next six months. They could be from very different backgrounds or have vastly different outlooks on life to you. Life is asking you if you’re ready to broaden your soul network. These new contacts could well usher in opportunities to expand not just your social life but your life experience.

When the Moon joins the Venus/Jupiter conjunction on the 15th – the same day as Mercury moves backward, you’ll find yourself more aware than usual of what you have to say. For once your internal editor may hit the ‘Delete’ button before the words can escape. Saying less and communicating more is what the retrogrades are all about for you.


9th – Jupiter and Venus conjunct in 12th trine Mars in 4th

13th – Uranus Retrograde in 10th

15th – Mercury Retrograde in 2nd trine Uranus in 10th

15th – Moon, Jupiter and Venus conjunct in 12th sextile Mercury in 2nd sextile

Uranus in 10th

  • People from your past feature
  • Career and work change cycle begins
  • Take a lifestyle audit

With much of this week’s action centred on your sector of secrets, spirituality and mystery you could be spending a great deal of time trying to work out other people’s motives this week. Someone blowing hot and cold or sending mixed signals could be making you feel unsettled. It’s time to play the waiting game as Uranus planet of revelations turns retrograde in your 10th house on the 13th while making a positive aspect to a Jupiter/Venus conjunction in your 12th which is augmented by the Moon your ruler on the 15th. Let Uranus whip open the curtains and you’ll get to see what’s really going on behind the scenes.

The Uranus retrograde will usher in the start of big changes on the work and career front and as Mercury also turns retrograde on the 15th in your house of assets and values, this could lead to you re-evaluating not only your career path but what truly holds meaning for you now.

There’s a feeling of fate behind all of this. You could encounter people from your past this week – not just your past in this lifetime but other lifetimes. You may even get the feeling you know what’s going to happen next with them. Perhaps because you’ve both been here before? Those thoughts you’re having about your slave driving boss could be right on the mark karmically. Ask yourself if you want the old karma or to make some new this week.


9th – Jupiter and Venus conjunct in 11th trine Mars in 3rd

13th – Uranus Retrograde in 9th

15th – Mercury Retrograde in 1st trine Uranus in 9th

15th – Moon, Jupiter and Venus conjunct in 11th sextile Mercury in 1st sextile

Uranus in 9th

  • Crowd source anything you want
  • You may have to repeat yourself
  • Female friends offer resources and advice

I hate to tell you this Leo but this week isn’t about you per se but how you fit into the bigger picture. Serious planetary action in your 11th house of friendships, groups and the collective puts you in a position where others just seem to want to include you in their plans or in typical Leo fashion you can end up the hub around which a fabulous circle revolves. It’s all down to Jupiter and Venus conjunct in the 11th and making a fabulous trine to action-oriented Mars in your 3rd house of communication. Whatever you need this week, turn to your larger network to find it. The upside of this is you’re going to find people especially women, unusually helpful whether you’re after a new job, last minute hotel room or even a new mate.

That hotel room could be top of your list however as Uranus turns retrograde in your house of travel and adventure on the 13th. You could be leaving on short notice especially when Mercury planet of transport and communication turns retrograde on the 15th. Mercury is the comedian of the zodiac and Uranus just loves surprises with a few thrills thrown in. Allow plenty of time to arrive at wherever you’re going and if that hotel room you sourced turns out to be in a hotel that’s yet to be built, ask around.

You may find things go awry only to lead you to something better.


9th – Jupiter and Venus conjunct in 10th trine Mars in 2nd

13th – Uranus Retrograde in 8th

15th – Mercury Retrograde in 12th trine Uranus in 8th

15th – Moon, Jupiter and Venus conjunct in 10th sextile Mercury in 12th sextile

Uranus in 8th

  • Career shifts in line with your soul path
  • Read the fine print carefully in contracts
  • What’s the right fit for you?

Mars may have left your sign Virgo but you’re still benefiting from this energy this week as he’s sitting in your 2nd house of assets and making a fabulous aspect to the Jupiter/Venus conjunction in your 10th house of career and status. Whatever began back in November 2011 enters a new phase now so think back to what you took steps towards achieving.

On the 13th Uranus turns retrograde in your 8th house of shared resources and transformations. Uranus is at its most powerful when retrograde (think of it as the planet that just prefers to do things backwards!). On the 15th, Mercury planet of transport and communication turns retrograde in your 12th house of mysteries and spirituality. If you’re presented with papers to sign this week concerning joint assets, work contracts or finalising a sale, try to delay signing until after Mercury turns direct next month.

On the same day as Mercury turns retro, the Moon joins Venus and Jupiter for s dazzling line-up that promises to align any career moves now with your soul purpose. If you’re feeling restless perhaps this is because despite appearances you’re actually the square peg in the round hole? When the Moon joins Venus and Jupiter on the 15th and the three make a positive aspect to Mercury and Uranus, expect insights into exactly where you fit.


9th – Jupiter and Venus conjunct in 9th trine Mars in 1st

13th – Uranus Retrograde in 7th

15th – Mercury Retrograde in 11th trine Uranus in 7th

15th – Moon, Jupiter and Venus conjunct in 9th sextile Mercury in 11th sextile

Uranus in 7th

  • Frustrations lead to breakthroughs
  • Your social circle may shift
  • Adapt to whatever happens this week

With your ruler Venus cosying up to Jupiter planet of luck, adventure and expansion in your 9th house and beaming across at Mars presently in your sign, expect your love life to hot up this week. Single Librans could find themselves spoiled for choice. If you’re coupled-up however, the Uranus retrograde in your house of partnerships may initially have you feeling frustrated. If you’re examining partnerships and close relationships this week that’s fine but if you’re feeling being with this person clips your wings then you need to look closely at why you are feeling restricted. Chances are it’s not them that’s causing this.

Adaptation not reaction is the key to navigating the celestial tides this week. On the 15th, Mercury turns retrograde in your friendship sector. You may have old friends reappearing – especially around the 15th, or you may find others leaving your circle for good. If so ask yourself if you’ve really been feeling the same connection of late? If it’s time to move on don’t worry. With this week’s superb line up you won’t be lonely long.


9th – Jupiter and Venus conjunct in 8th trine Mars in 12th

13th – Uranus Retrograde in 6th

15th – Mercury Retrograde in 10th trine Uranus in 6th

15th – Moon, Jupiter and Venus conjunct in 8th sextile Mercury in 10th sextile

Uranus in 6th

  • Healing and transformations on a soul level
  • You use your resources to your best advantage
  • Take extra time to get to meetings where you need to impress

Many astrologers could get caught up with the fabulous aspects that are going on in your status and career sectors this week, Scorpio. I’ll get to that in a minute. As you like to delve into the deeper meaning of things I’m going to start by talking about the transformation that’s occurring on a soul level for you this week. It’s all down to Uranus planet of innovation and free-thinking turning retrograde in your sector of wellbeing. Uranus is at his most potent when he’s retrograde and he’s also making some seriously soul-boosting aspects to the Moon/Jupiter/Venus conjunction that takes place in your 8th house of transformations on the 15th.

This is all about breaking you free from any restrictions in your life simply by sweeping away any illusions that have been keeping you from your true path. You’ll experience a huge sense of lightness and relief as suddenly confusion is replaced by clarity.

This brings in a new appreciation for what you do have already as opposed to striving for what you don’t. However, Jupiter and Venus in your 8th may send many of you a long awaited cash break this week but expect it to be one you’ve earned as opposed to a windfall.

On the 15th Mercury turns retrograde in your status sector. If you’re setting out anywhere to impress – be it a prospective employer, client or lover, allow extra time to arrive. Remember – you never get a second chance to make a first entrance.


9th – Jupiter and Venus conjunct in 7th trine Mars in 11th

13th – Uranus Retrograde in 5th

15th – Mercury Retrograde in 9th trine Uranus in 5th

15th – Moon, Jupiter and Venus conjunct in 7th sextile Mercury in 9th sextile

Uranus in 5th

  • Stand by for unusual attractions
  • You re-visit the past – people, places, passions
  • Travel and partnership opportunities predominate

It’s all about re-discovering your passion for you this week, Sagittarius. This could be your passion for life, travel, adventure or even a certain person. With your ruler Jupiter conjunct with Venus in your 7th house of partnerships and beaming across to Mars in your social sector it’s all about getting out there and enjoying yourself and above all being yourself.

Travel beckons – always good news for Sag but if it does it’s likely you’ll return to somewhere you’ve visited before thanks to Mercury planet of transport turning retrograde in your travel sector.

This week is in fact all about re-connecting to whatever you’ve loved in the past – this could be a past lover but it’s also likely to be something you love doing – a hobby pastime or sport for example. Single Sagittarians could be pleasantly surprised that taking up an old passion leads to a new one. You dust off your old cosplay outfit and head for the Star Wars convention to meet someone from a galaxy far, far away. With Uranus planet of surprises retrograde in your 5th house of love affairs until December stand by for instant attractions with unusual individuals. You could discover they really are from a galaxy far, far away or just the boy next door from your childhood. Resurrect what you loved from your past now for magical results in the future.


9th – Jupiter and Venus conjunct in 6th trine Mars in 10th

13th – Uranus Retrograde in 4th

15th – Mercury Retrograde in 8th trine Uranus in 4th

15th – Moon, Jupiter and Venus conjunct in 6th sextile Mercury in 8th sextile

Uranus in 4th

  • You release whatever’s been holding you back
  • Don’t be tempted to mix business and pleasure
  • Home issues come under scrutiny

With some major action taking place in your work and career sector this week Capricorn, you’d better get ready to see the reap results of your actions over the past few months. Jupiter and Venus form a conjunction while trineing Mars in your 10th house – you should be poised and ready for action when opportunity appears.

Uranus turns retrograde in your 4th house of home, family and security on the 13th. Two days later he’ll be followed by a backwards-moving Mercury in your sector of shared resources. If you share anything in common with family or anyone with whom you have strong emotional ties expect additional expenses to be incurred – or alternatively they may want you to buy out their share.

Home issues will be under the microscope especially around the 15th when the Moon joins Jupiter and Venus in your 6th. Something has been building and you now see it needs to be released – be this a job, emotional tie or living space.

Single Capricorns should be cautious about mixing business with pleasure. Don’t hand power over your reputation to someone without first considering all the possible consequences. You of all signs know the importance of playing by the rules.


9th – Jupiter and Venus conjunct in 5th trine Mars in 9th

13th – Uranus Retrograde in 3rd

15th – Mercury Retrograde in 7th trine Uranus in 3rd

15th – Moon, Jupiter and Venus conjunct in 5th sextile Mercury in 7th sextile

Uranus in 3rd

  • Journeys may not go to plan
  • Expect U-turns in relationships
  • The delight is in the details

There’s a lot of planetary focus on your 5th house of love affairs and your 7th sector of partners this week, Aquarius. Venus and Jupiter are conjunct in your 5th and trineing Mars planet of action in your adventure sector. Single Aquarians who meet someone new this week could see a chance encounter quickly blossom into something long term – a reversal if you’ve been single for some time. Other water bearers could well see partners making a u-turn on a relationship issue especially when Mercury planet of communication and transport turns retrograde in your 7th on the 15th.

With Mars in your 9th house of long distance journeys and Uranus and Mercury both retrograde take extra time and also extra care when travelling especially if you are going somewhere new or unfamiliar.

Although travel is well-aspected for you this week, if you’re staying home you’re going to be looking at your everyday routine or your immediate environment with a fresh perspective. New discoveries can be made right on your doorstep leading to a fresh appreciation of what you see everyday. When the Moon joins Venus and Jupiter in your 5th on the 15th and the three make stunning aspects to the two retrograde planets, you’ll understand what’s familiar can actually bring as much if not more pleasure than something new. It’s your worldview that’s had the update and you don’t need to leave home to do that.


9th – Jupiter and Venus conjunct in 4th trine Mars in 8th

13th – Uranus Retrograde in 2nd

15th – Mercury Retrograde in 6th trine Uranus in 2nd

15th – Moon, Jupiter and Venus conjunct in 4th sextile Mercury in 6th sextile

Uranus in 2nd

  • You feel a need to nurture or be nurtured
  • New strategies are called for
  • What is it you desire?

With Jupiter and Venus conjunct in your 4th house of home and security and joined there on the 15th by the Moon, you may find yourself in need to extra emotional support this week or else in a position of having to provide it for others. Just make sure if it’s the latter you are not being manipulated emotionally.

Uranus turns retrograde in your 2nd house of assets and self-worth on the 13th. It’s time to look at what you think you’re worthy of. Is there something you want but you don’t think you can have it? It could be anything from a raise to dating that special someone to just being treated with respect by others. What are you doing to get whatever it is you desire? Mercury retrograde in your 6th house of wellbeing and work will have you looking closely at your methods while Uranus the innovator (at his most powerful when going backwards) may provide some inspiration for brand new strategies for getting what you want.

It’s time to become the champion, the maverick thinker in your life unafraid to implement the novel, the untried and the innovative to get whatever you want. Look at your tactics so far. If they’ve not worked its time to be willing to embrace other methods. Use your natural intuition and allow Uranus to boost it and open the door to new outcomes and results.




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