Your Free Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs August 6


8th – Mercury Direct in 5th

8th – Venus enters 4th

11th – Perseids Meteor Shower

12th – T-square – Venus in 4th opp Pluto in 10th square Uranus in 1st square Venus in 4th

  • Put preparations into practice
  • Inspiration enlightens and enhances home and career
  • Watch for an ego boosting validation

What have you been getting ready for, Aries? You’re the sign that is usually ready for action but the past few weeks might have felt like you were spinning your wheels. Now with Mercury direct in your 5th house of love and creativity this week it’s time to stop planning and push forward whether it’s a new romance or project. Venus also enters your 4th house of emotional security and home on the 8th.

On the 12th a T-square forms not only across your home sector but also your houses of career, parents and self-image. You may find your relationship with your parents undergoing a transformation at this point or else may just re-evaluate your upbringing in a more mature fashion as you see your parents with stories of their own.

The Perseids meteor shower which takes place on the 11th – 14th is all about opening up unseen paths for us no matter what our sign. Yours may be in the form of a validation for the work you’ve been doing on direction you’ve chosen. Keep an eye on the skies and an eye open for a sign you’re on the right path this week.


8th – Mercury Direct in 4th

8th – Venus enters 3rd

11th – Perseids Meteor Shower

12th – T-square – Venus in 3rd opp Pluto in 9th square Uranus in 12th square Venus in 3rd

  • Writing, speaking or siblings may feature
  • Friends hold the key to transformation
  • Something illuminates a secret

Any delays you’ve been experiencing around the home will be lifted now thanks to Mercury finally moving direct in your 4th house. It’s all about long term planning and security for you now and creating a harmonious environment both at home and at work.

On the same day Mercury turns direct Venus enters your 3rd house. Writing, speaking or communications dominate as do siblings. If you’re travelling this week expect your journey to go smoothly and to enjoy yourself at your destination. If travelling somewhere new the place may feel familiar as if you’ve been there before.

The T-square which occurs on the 12th sits across your sectors of communication, expansion and spirituality. T-squares are always urging us to find ways around restrictions in our lives and this one is no exception. Your key to freedom this week lies with your friends and social circle.

The Perseids meteor shower also brings an insight which throws light on a problem you may have kept to yourself. Take note of your dreams or a sign that comes out of the blue.


8th – Mercury Direct in 3rd

8th – Venus enters 2nd

11th – Perseids Meteor Shower

12th – T-square – Venus in 2nd opp Pluto in 8th square Uranus in 11th square Venus in 2nd

  • Travel opportunities beckon
  • Your worth expands
  • You move in a new direction

Your ruler Mercury turns direct in its own house on the 8th bringing communications flooding in. Travel is also highlighted and even if you weren’t planning any this week, the opportunity could arrive – if so, take it.

Venus enters your 2nd house this week. The second house is an area where Venus is very comfortable so expect opportunities to build your net worth as well as your self worth during her stay. Venus also forms part of the T-square which takes place on the 12th and also takes in your sector of shared assets and resources and social groups. You could find yourself interacting or communicating with large groups of people and if you have any money making ideas that involve the internet or unique ways of involving people then now is the time to do something with them.

The Perseids meteors on the 11th -14th have a soul message for you around the direction you want your life to head in. You may literally see a spiritual signpost pointing the way symbolically towards your future. It may be gone in a flash but the direction you’re meant to take is now abundantly clear.


8th – Mercury Direct in 2nd

8th – Venus enters 1st

11th – Perseids Meteor Shower

12th – T-square – Venus in 1st opp Pluto in 7th square Uranus in 10th square Venus in 1st

  • Your ideas are assets worth investing
  • Do you want to kick back or create this week?
  • Personal relationships bring intense transformation

Mercury direct in your 2nd house of assets and self-worth is asking you to take a look at not just what you value in terms of possessions, but also your values and self-worth. The two are often intrinsically linked and with Venus entering your sign on the same day, it’s not just what you think you’re worth but your ability to receive that comes into focus. If you invest in yourself – your ideas and what you can bring to any situation, you will reap the rewards at a later date.

Don’t be tempted to put off taking action however. Venus in the 1st either conveys great creativity or else the urge to just sit back and go with the flow.

The T-square of the 12th heralds intense experiences around partners and your career or status. Whatever needs to change must now so don’t stand in its way. Fortunately for you, the Perseids meteor shower which starts on the 11th and lasts until around the 14th may literally bring you a flash of inspiration or sign where things are headed. Don’t ignore it. Follow your star.


8th – Mercury Direct in 1st

8th – Venus enters 12th

11th – Perseids Meteor Shower

12th – T-square – Venus in 12th opp Pluto in 6th square Uranus in 9th square Venus in 12th

  • Stop, look and listen when it comes to personal relationships
  • Big ideas may feature
  • Life speeds up

This week is all about expansion for you Leo as Mercury finally moves direct on your sign on the 8th. Expect to be ‘on the go’ now in more ways than one in both your business and personal life as messages and invitations arrive. Travel is indicated and there’s a feeling of the world expanding again. For those of you waiting for a job offer it may now arrive and any opportunity on the work or career front which turns up this week should be looked at seriously as it could pave the way for some status-enhancing success.

The Perseids meteor shower on the 11th may literally bring you inspiration for achieving something you previously thought beyond your reach. There’s also a T-square happening on the 12th across your areas of spirituality, luck and adventure and career and wellbeing. If you’ve done the ground work an opportunity could come out of the blue.

While there’s nothing but green lights on your career, take things slowly when it comes to relationships. Venus is now in your 12th house making you intensely sensitive and compassionate but it can also affect your judgement. Make sure you aren’t being taken advantage of. Also – I do hope you’re not engaged in anything clandestine Leo. Keep everything above board or else be prepared to accept the consequences when your actions are exposed later!


8th – Mercury Direct in 12th

8th – Venus enters 11th

11th – Perseids Meteor Shower

12th – T-square – Venus in 11th opp Pluto in 5th square Uranus in 8th square Venus in 11th

  • Friends can help or hinder
  • Romance or creative endeavours enter a new phase
  • Check your facts

Now, I never thought I would say this Virgo, but check your facts this week. Mercury turns direct in your 12th house and while it’s been retrograde there is a real possibility you could have overlooked something or else have accepted someone else’s opinion and taken it as gospel. If you don’t double-check the facts you could find your reputation as the zodiac’s analyst sullied and your face red as a result.

Venus moves into your house of friendships and associates on the 8th asking you to take a good look at who is helping and who is hindering you. You may find your social life humming this week.

The Perseids meteor shower and the T-square which occurs on the 12th not only continues to focus on friendships but on romance and creative endeavours as well. Expect some kind of transformation to occur. If you’re single romance beckons unexpectedly. If you’re already involved it enters a new phase. If you’re involved with a creative project a transformation around it could lead to success. Stuck? Inspiration strikes from an unusual source right when you least expect it.


8th – Mercury Direct in 11th

8th – Venus enters 10th

11th – Perseids Meteor Shower

12th – T-square – Venus in 10th opp Pluto in 4th square Uranus in 7th square Venus in 10th

  • Benefits may come via partners
  • Broaden your mind
  • Be daring and unconventional!

You should be bursting with ideas now, Libra and ready to share them with Mercury direct in your house of friends and associations. Whether it’s an idea for a get-together or a new business venture, let others know what’s on your mind as you’re going to find people ready and willing to help you thanks to Venus your ruler moving into your status sector on the 8th.

Partners and close personal relationships also feature and you could benefit from the generosity of someone close to you. The Perseids meteor shower on the 11th – 14th is asking you to take advantage of any opportunities to expand your horizons now. There’s a T-square happening around the same time which again pulls in Venus your ruler, Pluto in your security sector and free-wheeling Uranus in your partnership zone. This line up isn’t about tradition or playing it safe. Time to be a little more daring than usual. If you’re looking for a partner then someone unconventional may dazzle. If so, they’re just a reflection of a hidden side of you that’s dying for self-expression. This week is all about being uniquely you.


8th – Mercury Direct in 10th

8th – Venus enters 9th

11th – Perseids Meteor Shower

12th – T-square – Venus in 9th opp Pluto in 3rd square Uranus in 6th square Venus in 9th

  • You get the chance to present your ideas
  • Higher education and travel opportunities could feature
  • You receive new insights into career or wellbeing issues

It’s all about advancement for you this week, Scorpio thanks to Mercury moving direct in your house of your public image, status and profession. You may get an opportunity to present your ideas either in person or just by submitting them.

People seem to want to react favourably to you now thanks to Venus which enters your sector of higher education, travel and expansion on the 8th. Long distance journeys and far horizons could beckon or else you could be about to embark on an inner journey of discovery via a course or seminar.

The T-square which occurs on the 12th marks a change in your ideas or career aspirations on some level. A new project or job opportunity could land right in your lap or you could just be hit by the desire to strike out in a new direction. If so, expect the path ahead to be illuminated thanks to the Perseids meteor shower. There’s a transformation going on and it could just be to your way thinking. Things may not have changed but they now look different to you. Change your perspective and you change your point of view.


8th – Mercury Direct in 9th

8th – Venus enters 8th

11th – Perseids Meteor Shower

12th – T-square – Venus in 8th opp Pluto in 2nd square Uranus in 5th square Venus in 8th

  • Keep your feet on the ground this week
  • What are you owed?
  • Creative self-expression finds an outlet

Mercury moving direct in your house of higher education, travel and expansion could see you being more of a risk taker than usual, Sag. You could receive an invitation that makes you want to just throw your toothbrush into your backpack and head off. Before you gallop off to the airport – or into the arms of that intriguing stranger, stop and make sure what you’re doing is actually practical at this point in time. We know your ruler Jupiter accounts for the fact you are often the recipient of last-minute rescues from situations you’ve impulsively got yourself into but the idea is really to avoid getting into them in the first place.

You might want to stick around this week as Venus which enters your 8th house on the 8th, wants to deliver something. There’s a karmic feeling to all this. If you find yourself the unexpected recipient of a legacy, payout, job opportunity or just someone’s generosity, it’s because on some level you’ve earned it. While Venus occupies this sector anything you receive (or have taken away), has been owed to you or by you for some time.

If you’ve been feeling suppressed in some way then the T-square on the 12th along with the Perseids meteor shower may provide you with your outlet. It’s all about your creative self-expression. Expressing yourself via a relationship is one way this transit could manifest. When we openly express ourselves with another person we are transformed. This week – make like Madonna and express yourself!


8th – Mercury Direct in 8th

8th – Venus enters 7th

11th – Perseids Meteor Shower

12th – T-square – Venus in 7th opp Pluto in 1st square Uranus in 4th square Venus in 7th

  • You have the ability to change what others think
  • Keep your cool when dealing with others
  • Success or failure? Which is it to be?

You have an almost magnetic intensity about you this week, Capricorn. Under the influence of Mercury which now turns direct in your house of transformation on the 8th you have the influence to transform others. You’ll find it easy now to bring others around to your point of view. This may come in handy especially when it comes to partners or when dealing with issues around the home and your long term security.

On the 8th Venus enters your partnership sector and this will be followed by a T-square on the 12th which not only involves the planet of love but also Pluto planet of transformations in your 1st house and unpredictable Uranus in your 4th. While you have considerable ability to influence people you may also need to keep your cool. Count to three (possibly more) before firing off that sharp retort.

A partnership or close relationship may be at a make-or-break point now. It’s up to you to decide. If you can’t watch for synchronicities or a sign in an usual place about which way you should go. It’s a gift from the Perseids meteors. Whichever direction you decide to go in – it will ultimately be the right one.


8th – Mercury Direct in 7th

8th – Venus enters 6th

11th – Perseids Meteor Shower

12th – T-square – Venus in 6th opp Pluto in 12th square Uranus in 3rd square Venus in 6th

  • You go with the flow this week
  • You multitask with ease
  • An out of the blue communication brings a gift or unexpected benefits

You’re gracious and flexible this week, Aquarius thanks to Mercury turning direct on the 8th in your partnership sector. Right now you’re more than happy to go along with what others want to do and you’re also open to listening to other’s opinions and adapt your own accordingly. As a result everyone seems to want to be around you which benefits your social life.

On the same day Venus moves into your house of career and wellbeing. At work you’ll also feel extremely cooperative but you may also see your workload increase. This won’t phase you as Venus’s creativity allows you to multitask with ease. Those of you looking for a new source of income will most likely find it while Venus is in here – and what’s more you’ll find you have the energy to get everything you need done without feeling drained.

Venus is also part of the T-square which forms on the 12th, taking in your 12th and 6th houses. You may feel you are under the protection of a guardian angel this week as almost magical coincidences occur. Your energy is at a peak so direct it wisely. An out-of-the-blue communication could bring much-anticipated news or something unexpected.


8th – Mercury Direct in 6th

8th – Venus enters 5th

11th – Perseids Meteor Shower

12th – T-square – Venus in 5th opp Pluto in 11th square Uranus in 2nd square Venus in 5th

  • Friendships and creativity combine
  • Work projects move forward
  • Inspiration or coincidences occur to boost wellbeing

Any delays you’ve been experiencing on the work front should be either swept away or circumvented this week, Pisces thanks to Mercury finally moving forward in your career sector. You could be entering a busy phase as this combined with Venus moving into your 5th house of creativity means that your personal life and your work projects could be competing for your time.

The Perseids meteor shower which begins on the 11th could bring some synchronicities or inspiration that boots your assets or wellbeing in some way. Don’t forget our assets can be ideas and people as well as material things. With Venus forming part of a T-square on the 12th that takes in your 11th house of friendships as well as Uranus in your 2nd, the boost to your wellbeing could well come in the form of a new love interest for some.

You’ll be in demand in more ways than one this week, Pisces. Perhaps the inspiration that hits you is just a way to manage your time effectively – or the realisation that when it comes to love or whatever else that’s important – there’s no time like the present!

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