Astro-Remedies. Planetary Problems Solved

If you’re a regular visitor you’ll have a pretty good idea of which planets are active in your chart at any given time. But sometimes you don’t have to be watching the video for your sign or reading your forecast to get the feeling something is ‘up’ in your chart. Maybe you’re being niggled by Neptune or feel Uranus is on your case. Now the great thing about astrology is that as it is a science of observation, over the centuries astrologers have been able to come up with astro-remedies to counteract problem planetary transits.

It’s ‘that’ time of the month. Problems around food? Issues with your mum or step-mum (or female care giver). Cramps? Feeling emotional? Chances are the Moon is to blame.

Solution: You need to nurture yourself and feel emotionally supported. Stay home and create a feeling of safety and warmth. Warm baths and hot drinks are in order.

Everything is happening too fast. You feel as if you’re strapped in a rollercoaster and unable to get off. You may have received a shock out of the blue that has shaken your foundations. Everything is happening all at once and too fast for you to take it in. People around you may be unpredictable and acting a little crazy. You may feel unsettled yourself. The most likely culprit is Uranus.

Solution: Something is holding you back and the apparent ‘craziness’ that is happening around you is your soul trying to break free from it. If you don’t allow for freedom in your life Uranus can create chaos until you do. How do you feel about change? Or being free? This is what you need to focus on in order to stop the insanity.

Everything is ending or falling apart. Situations you took as stable and people who you thought would be in your life forever are either disintegrating before your eyes or disappearing from your life for good. You seem powerless to control what is happening and you find yourself obsessing about things. You are most likely having a Pluto transit.

Solution: Pluto’s role is to transform our lives. The first step in the process is to admit we have no power here and that the universe may ultimately know what is best for us. Pluto works on a deep, subconscious level so pay attention to your dreams and keep a dream journal. Keep Pluto energy very ‘clean’. Don’t get involved in anything underhanded otherwise the energy is likely to ‘blow back’ at you.

You’re out of this world. But not in a good way. You could be having problems with psychic energy, mind-altering substances or experiences or alcohol, prisons or places of confinement, or be attracting people who do and are being dragged into their ‘drama’. Look out, Neptune’s about.

Solution: Ground yourself. Go for a walk, take off your shoes and imagine roots growing out of your feet and ‘anchoring’ you to the earth. Hang around normal, sensible, wonderfully dull people. Kick bad habits. Make lists of things you need to do and tick off tasks as you go. Attend to practical matters. Start a DIY project.

With slow moving planets like Uranus, Neptune and Pluto these influences can last for months at a time so if they persist it’s always a good idea to consult an astrologer who will be able to shed more light on what’s going on. If you’ve been able to accurately identify one of these planets having an effect in your life this is an incredible opportunity to explore its potential. Remember – every planetary transit brings with it the potential for positive growth. It is up to us to discover what form that growth will take.

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