Put Your Planets to Work! Astro Rituals for Supercharged Love

We’ve talked a lot recently about the kind of planetary action that can bring a new love into our lives. But we don’t have to wait for a specific transit to get the planets working on our favour. The great thing about astrology is that once we understand which planet rules a specific area of our lives we can call upon its energy at any time to assist in bringing us what we want without waiting for that key aspect to occur. We do this by tapping into the planets energy and getting the universe to sit up and take notice via a ritual.

Let’s face it – the most likely reason most people turn to astrology is to find out when that certain special person is likely to show up. Our love lives are primarily ruled by the planet Venus. If we want to get the energy moving then we have to use Venus’s influence to do this. Here is a Venus love ritual that has saved many from what they thought would be life of celibacy! To do this you will need to collect the following:

A piece of paper and something to write with

A round, sweet bun – something like a small brioche or currant bun is fine

A 5p coin or a nickel if you life in the US


A small yellow or green candle that you can stand in the bun

This ritual has to be done on a Friday. Why? Because Friday is Venus’s day!

First, make a hole in your bun. Take care not to hollow it out through the bottom, and put your 5p coin inside. Five is a number sacred to Venus. Next, take your piece of paper and write on it all the qualities you would like your partner to have. Don’t forget to write it all in the present tense. Now, fold it down as small as you can make it and tuck this on top of the 5p coin then put a small amount of honey on top of that. The reason for this is Venus like ‘sweet’ things and we want love to be sweet. Last, stand your candle in the bun on top of the coin, paper and honey and light it.

You can do anything while the candle burns down but obviously don’t leave it unattended where it can set fire to other things. You have to let the candle burn down and go out by itself – don’t be tempted to rush things and blow it out otherwise you won’t get the results you want. You can honour Venus by indulging in a bath, decorating your home, lighting candles or having a delicious meal.

When the candle has burned down and only melted wax remains take the entire bun and wax to sweet water. By this I mean a stream, pond, lake or river. The sea won’t do for this. Stand on the bank and say to the universe: ‘I am the presence of love, calling into my life my beloved, free and willing to be my mate and partner. I am so inspired I find the courage to play and the wisdom to love with an open heart.’

Now, throw your entire, fabulously biodegradable bun/candle remains into the water.

This ritual often works and you can fine-tune it as you like. For example, if you want to attract someone who will spoil you, you might substitute the bun for a chocolate cup cake. Or if you want to see someone regularly try a bran muffin!

The success of rituals like this often depends on us being open to what follows. If we let go of any pre-conceptions about exactly what the person will look like and how we will meet them and approach this with an open heart we can be sure the universe will send us exactly who or what we need – as opposed to what we think we want – that will empower us on the next stage of our journey into love.


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