Your Free Monthly Forecast For All Signs For September


2nd – Mercury enters 6th

7th – Venus enters 5th

16th – New Moon in 6th

17th – Mercury enters 7th

18th – Pluto direct in 10th

22nd – September Equinox

23rd – Sun enters 7th

29th – Uranus Opposition in 1st

30th – Full Moon in 1st

  • Dreams are grounded in reality
  • Change may be overdue
  • There’s something different about you

There’s a fantastic opportunity available this month for you to transform wishes and dreams in both your professional and personal life into concrete reality, Aries. It’s all thanks to Mercury and a stellar new Moon in your 6th house of career and wellbeing being boosted by Venus in your 5th house of creativity and love affairs. Your career path and also your relationships are going to come in for some scrutiny. You’ll be looking at them to see how they measure up to who you are and what you need. Expect some goals to change as a result – especially after the third week of September. On the 17th Mercury will enter your partnership sector giving you the words you need to let others know what you’re looking for from your closest relationships. When Pluto planet of transformations turns direct in your status sector on the 18th, long overdue changes may happen suddenly that impact on key areas of your life. Luckily for you, you’re not a sign to procrastinate. At least I hope not as if you’ve been resisting change, chances are it will happen in a way you might not like so take the initiative.

On the 23rd, the day after the Equinox, the Sun joins Mercury in your 7th house. You’ll be more cooperative than usual when it comes to close relationships. Watch what happens around the end of the month. On the 29th revolutionary Uranus makes its closest pass to Earth in your 1st house where the full Moon also occurs the following day. Uranus can overthrow the status-quo but he can also bring us new ways of thinking and the thrill of something new and undiscovered. In this instance what’s to be discovered is a brand new aspect of you. Stun those who have taken you for granted by revealing an entirely new and previously undiscovered or unappreciated facet of your personality. It’s too good to keep under wraps.


2nd – Mercury enters 5th

7th – Venus enters 4th

16th – New Moon in 5th

17th – Mercury enters 6th

18th – Pluto direct in 9th

22nd – September Equinox

23rd – Sun enters 6th

29th – Uranus Opposition in 12th

30th – Full Moon in 12th

  • Change your worldview
  • Watch for new beginnings
  • Become a soul evolutionary

Your ruler Venus enters your 4th house of home and security on the 7th. This falls between some interesting action happening in your 5th house of creativity and love with Mercury entering it on the 2nd and the new Moon taking place there on the 16th. If you have any insecurities around your talents or love or being loved, now is the time to look at this. Taureans who are spoken for may find they want to cuddle up with a loved one at home now.

The focus quickly moves onto more worldly matters when fast-moving Mercury jumps into your 6th of career on the 17th to be joined there by the Sun on the 23rd. Make the most of this time by pushing forward with any career plans. It’s a great time to make that presentation, apply for that promotion or new position or take those first steps towards a new business or profession.

It’s also time to expand your worldview thanks to Pluto which finally moves direct in your 9th house of long distance journeys and expansion on the 18th. Sometimes broadening our horizons can involve nothing more than expanding our perspective. Remember, a journey of a lifetime begins with a single thought.

Watch out for new beginnings in any area this month. On the 29th Uranus will be at its closest point to Earth in your 12th of secrets and spirituality and this is followed by a full Moon in the same house next day. For you more than any other sign the call to soul evolution may be the strongest. Don’t forget however – anything to do with the spirit often manifests first on the physical realm. Be on the look-out for unexpected events and synchronicities designed to revolutionise how you look at life and what lies beyond.


2nd – Mercury enters 4th

7th – Venus enters 3rd

16th – New Moon in 4th

17th – Mercury enters 5th

18th – Pluto direct in 8th

22nd – September Equinox

23rd – Sun enters 5th

29th – Uranus Opposition in 11th

30th – Full Moon in 11th

  • Who fires you up?
  • What do you have to share with others?
  • Connect with a new soul group

Your ruler Mercury gets a boost from both Venus and the Sun this month, Gemini. So much so that others may see you as the flirt of the zodiac right now.  With Venus in your 3rd house of communication and Mercury your ruler travelling across your 4th house of home and emotional security and into your 5th of love affairs and creativity expect the focus to be on letting others know what makes you feel grounded and at ease and your creative self-expression. The Sun also moves into your 5th on the 23rd boosting your mojo to the point where you may be downright irresistible – or certainly able to come across in a positive light. Don’t forget, one of the best opportunities we can have to express ourselves is with another person who ignites our soul.

On the 18th, Pluto turns direct in your house of sex, transformation and shared resources. It’s not so much about what others may have to share with you but what you have to share with others. Money? Time? Your expertise? Yourself? There’s a message here and it’s all to do with not hoarding. If you want others to share what they have with you, first you must offer access to all you have – and are for that matter.

On the 29th Uranus planet of surprises and thrills is at its closest to Earth in your area of friendships and social groups. It will be joined there by the full Moon the next day. If you’ve been feeling that there’s no longer the resonance with your social circle that there used to be take heart. A chance invitation or encounter could connect you to a brand new soul group with whom you feel an instant rapport. Accept all invitations this month. You never know where they may lead.


2nd – Mercury enters 3rd

7th – Venus enters 2nd

16th – New Moon in 3rd

17th – Mercury enters 4th

18th – Pluto direct in 7th

22nd – September Equinox

23rd – Sun enters 4th

29th – Uranus Opposition in 10th

30th – Full Moon in 10th

  • Speak from the heart
  • Partnerships transform
  • Watch your image

Mercury transiting your 3rd house of communication and then your 4th is followed by first the new Moon in your 3rd on the 16th, and then the Sun entering your 4th of home and security on the 23rd. What you are being asked to do is speak from the heart this month. For once set aside concerns about how what you say may impact on the feelings of others and express your authentic emotions. You may be pleasantly surprised at how this not only clears up any misunderstandings but also how much freer and at ease you feel.

Venus in your 2nd house of assets and self-worth may usher in an improvement in finances and also what you value. Could it be that you’ve learned not only to value yourself but also to understand just what you mean to others? These aspects bring in a fabulous opportunity to invest in your own worth.

On the 18th, Pluto turns direct in your 7th house of partnerships. Cancerian singletons could see going it alone come to an end with the arrival of a compelling partnership prospect. For those of you who are committed – I hope you’ve not been avoiding tackling an issue in the hope it may just go away. Time to come out of your shell and deal with it before fate steps in and sorts it out once and for all.

The month ends with the Uranus opposition and a full Moon all in your 10th house of goals, aspirations and status. You need to take care of your public image this month and ensure you are seen in the best possible light. Above all, avoid people or situations that may compromise this. That photo of you dancing drunkenly on a table that you posted on your Facebook wall might seem amusing at the time – until your boss sees it. Enough said.


2nd – Mercury enters 2nd

7th – Venus enters 1st

16th – New Moon in 2nd

17th – Mercury enters 3rd

18th – Pluto direct in 6th

22nd – September Equinox

23rd – Sun enters 3rd

29th – Uranus Opposition in 9th

30th – Full Moon in 9th

  • Does your exterior match how you feel?
  • Career transformations are possible
  • Are you ready for the call to adventure?

The month starts off with your 2nd house of assets lit up thanks to Mercury who may not only bring news that boosts your bottom-line and a promise of new beginnings especially when he’s joined there by the new Moon on the 16th. The next day he moves off into the sector he likes the best – your 3rd where he’ll be joined by the Sun on the 23rd. Transport, contracts and communications of all kinds are favoured now. How you move around may come into focus – you may contemplate a new car or a new way of getting to work.

Meanwhile, Venus in your 1st house from the 7th may have you contemplating a soul-boosting make-over. It’s about more than just a new look – it’s about making your exterior reflect the inner changes you’ve been going through. Any adjustments to your image will have positive benefits now as others respond to this new ‘you’.

On the 18th Pluto finally turns direct in your 6th house of wellbeing and career. He’s been retrograde since April and if you’ve been hanging out for a long-awaited change in the direction of your working life or wellness, this is the month when things start happening at last.

The month ends with a Uranus opposition and a full Moon in your area of expansion, long distance travel and adventure. Expect the unexpected which broadens your horizons in some way. Those of you familiar with the works of Joseph Campbell and the Hero’s Journey may know what I’m talking about here. Small and safe isn’t you, Leo. Take a chance and step into a larger world.


2nd – Mercury enters 1st

7th – Venus enters 12th

16th – New Moon in 1st

17th – Mercury enters 2nd

18th – Pluto direct in 5th

22nd – September Equinox

23rd – Sun enters 2nd

29th – Uranus Opposition in 8th

30th – Full Moon in 8th

  • What is your soul love?
  • Someone may try to pull the rug out from under you
  • What are you harvesting now?

The month begins with Mercury planet of communication entering your 1st house. You should be able to make yourself clearly understood now and even influence people with your words. Expect to accomplish this beautifully around the time of the new Moon on the 16th.

On the 7th, Venus enters your spirituality sector. It’s time to explore more than physical love but what your soul loves. And that goes beyond a mere ‘who’ although you’re looking for more than just a physical connection now, but also a ‘what’. What does your soul love to do? What feeds it? Follow your inspiration especially when Pluto planet of transformation, finally turns direct in your love and creativity house on the 18th.

The autumn equinox of the 22nd is always an important time for you, Virgo. The day of balance when the Sun moves out of your 1st house and into your 2nd of assets. It’s traditionally a time of harvest and it’s in your nature to stock take. What are you ‘harvesting’ right now? What results are you seeing manifest in your life? What do you need to attend to and complete before the year is out? You’ll see clearly the areas of growth and also what you’ve neglected.

The Uranus opposition and the full Moon complete the month in your 8th house of endings, transformations and shared resources. Watch out as something you’ve relied on could be suddenly withdrawn and you could be left with the feeling you’ve had the rug pulled out from under you. If it’s support – be it emotional, financial or practical, understand that it wasn’t to be relied on anyway. See this as an opportunity to replace it (or s/he) with something or someone better.


2nd – Mercury enters 12th

7th – Venus enters 11th

16th – New Moon in 12th

17th – Mercury enters 1st

18th – Pluto direct in 4th

22nd – September Equinox

23rd – Sun enters 1st

29th – Uranus Opposition in 7th

30th – Full Moon in 7th

  • Make sure you’re understood
  • Long awaited changes on the home front occur
  • Who’s your frenemy?

With Mercury in your mystical 12th there’s a real possibility what you say may be misinterpreted, Libra – even more so when the new Moon also occurs there on the 16th. Make sure you check that others understand where you’re coming from even if it means repeating yourself on occasion. Fortunately, this doesn’t define the month as Mercury will move into your 1st on the 17th ahead of the Sun on the 23rd and this will clear up any remaining confusion.

Venus your ruler enters your 11th of friends and social gatherings on the 7th. Expect to be the centre of attention wherever you go and to enjoy good times and good company. Single Librans could meet an enticing new love interest at a social gathering so get out and about – you should have plenty of opportunity now.

On the 18th, Pluto moves direct in your 4th house of home and security. If you’ve been waiting to move or for a decision that affects your long term wellbeing, it could well arrive now brining balance back into your life especially at the equinox and the Sun moving into your sign on the 23rd.

The month ends with the Uranus opposition and a full Moon in your partnership zone. Don’t make a hasty commitment no matter who wants to sweep you off your feet. Keep them on the ground. Someone close to you could turn out to be a wolf in sheep’s clothing. If your best friend is revealed as a ‘frenemy’ remember – success is the best revenge.


2nd – Mercury enters 11th

7th – Venus enters 10th

16th – New Moon in 11th

17th – Mercury enters 12th

18th – Pluto direct in 3rd

22nd – September Equinox

23rd – Sun enters 12th

29th – Uranus Opposition in 6th

30th – Full Moon in 6th

  • A journey or communication brings transformation
  • Words have a hidden meaning
  • Crisis or opportunity on the career front

You start the month in a social mood Scorpio with your social life boosted by Mercury and a new Moon both of which take place in your house of friendships and group activities. Don’t be tempted to sit on the sidelines like you sometimes do. On the 7th Venus enters your 10th house of career, status and aspirations giving your sense of achievement a boost. If you’re single you could attract someone who would be viewed as a good catch. If taken you and your partner could be celebrating a status-enhancing victory of some kind.

Words have a deeper meaning and what you say could be interpreted several ways when Mercury moves into your 12th of illusion and spirituality on the 17th. He’ll be joined by the Sun on the 23rd. Take care to make yourself understood unless you’ve got one of your devious plans on the go that requires you to remain ambiguous.

On the 18th, Pluto your ruler finally turns direct in your 3rd house of transport and communication. Whatever has been held up now gets a green light as the news you’ve been waiting for finally arrives. If you’ve been waiting to hear about a planned trip or new mode of transport get ready for a transformational journey. When the Uranus opposition and full Moon take place in your career sector at the end of the month you could be faced with an unexpected career make-or-break development. If this involves telling your boss exactly what you think of them you won’t mince your words. Being an agent of your own transformation you’ll also accept the consequences. If you’re faced with an opportunity now’s the time to act even if it means letting go of a safety net. Sometimes transformation requires we step into the unknown.


2nd – Mercury enters 10th

7th – Venus enters 9th

16th – New Moon in 10th

17th – Mercury enters 11th

18th – Pluto direct in 2nd

22nd – September Equinox

23rd – Sun enters 11th

29th – Uranus Opposition in 5th

30th – Full Moon in 5th

  • Love, travel, expansion and luck are linked
  • Your self-worth undergoes transformation
  • Give your love, love and give it all away

Status-boosting news could arrive in the first week of September, Sag thanks to Mercury and a new Moon in your house of goals, aspirations and how the world sees and appreciates you. This is followed by Venus who takes up residence in your 9th house of expansion, long-distance travel, adventure and sheer dumb luck for a month on the 7th. A love with overseas connections or with a kindred soul could enter your life or you could literally see a windfall of some kind land in your bank account.

Have you been comparing yourself to others? Especially friends? When Mercury enters your friendship sector on the 17th followed by Pluto which turns direct in your house of self-worth on the 18th if you’ve been comparing yourself unfavourably to others expect events to occur which force a radical shift in your own self-perception especially after Mercury is joined by the Sun on the 23rd.

On the 29th free-thinking, unrestricted Uranus makes its closest pass to Earth in your 5th house of love, creativity and attraction. The next day the full Moon occurs also in your 5th. It’s all about expressing the love you have inside and watching it reflected back at you via others. In the words of the Take That song: ‘Give your love, love and give it all away’. Love is an unlimited resource so you can afford to be generous.


2nd – Mercury enters 9th

7th – Venus enters 8th

16th – New Moon in 9th

17th – Mercury enters 10th

18th – Pluto direct in 1st

22nd – September Equinox

23rd – Sun enters 10th

29th – Uranus Opposition in 4th

30th – Full Moon in 4th

  • Opportunities appear on the horizon
  • Upheavals occur on the home front
  • A crucial soul refinement stage ends

Mercury and a new Moon in your 9th house bring news of opportunities to expand your horizons in some way. You could find yourself wanting to get away from it all – to pack your bags and head for some remote destination. There’s nothing wrong with that per se but first take a look at what it is you want to leave behind. If it’s something you used to share with someone else that no longer has meaning, then Venus in your 8th house of shared assets and resources offers a more elegant approach than a mere disappearing act.

On the 17th, Mercury makes a status enhancing entrance into your 10th house followed by the Sun on the 23rd – expect news that boosts your profile in some way. The next day Pluto turns direct in your 1st. He’s been retrograde since April and is responsible for any feelings of being dragged down into the underworld you may have been having. This may have been a painful stage in your soul refinement as long held beliefs about yourself undergo transformation. You now get the opportunity to put these insights into practice.

The month ends with Uranus at its closest to Earth in your 4th house along with a full Moon. Home may feel less like a refuge and more like an amusement park – except you’re not laughing. Watch out for upheavals on the home front that rattle your sense of security. You may want to make sure everything’s under lock and key as mischief could occur. If you have to deal with unexpected changes in your living situation take heart – you’ll build better foundations as a result.


2nd – Mercury enters 8th

7th – Venus enters 7th

16th – New Moon in 8th

17th – Mercury enters 9th

18th – Pluto direct in 12th

22nd – September Equinox

23rd – Sun enters 9th

29th – Uranus Opposition in 3rd

30th – Full Moon in 3rd

  • Endings and new beginnings
  • Your optimism is not misplaced
  • New information comes to light

There’s a focus on transformational experiences at the start of the month thanks to both Mercury and a new Moon in your 8th house of relationships where sex is important and shared resources. When Venus moves into your partnership sector on the 7th you’re going to find yourself looking at how fulfilled you are in your physical relationships. Or have you been holding yourself back from experiencing the sensual side of life? When we connect physically with another we are transformed. If you’ve been denying yourself this expression you’re only storing up trouble for later. If you have no-one to call your own its time to look around especially when Mercury and the Sun enter your 9th house. You may find your world expanding even if you don’t leave your neighbourhood this month thanks to contact with foreigners or people who appear larger than life. If you’re infused with a sense of optimism now it’s not misplaced. Expect a turn for the better.

On the 18th, Pluto turns direct on your 12th house of secrets and this will be followed by the Uranus opposition in your 3rd house and a full Moon also in your 3rd on the 29th and 30th respectively. Expect new information to emerge concerning a situation or an individual that shatters your perception of them. If someone’s been harbouring a hidden agenda it’s now out in the open. Let’s hope you’re not the one with the secret motivation otherwise you could find it exposed. Keep the energy clean or else expect to clean up the fallout.


2nd – Mercury enters 7th

7th – Venus enters 6th

16th – New Moon in 7th

17th – Mercury enters 8th

18th – Pluto direct in 11th

22nd – September Equinox

23rd – Sun enters 8th

29th – Uranus Opposition in 2nd

30th – Full Moon in 2nd

  • Focus on partnerships
  • Professional and personal desires may conflict
  • Take care of your investments

With a lot of this week’s action centered on partners and shared resources thanks to Mercury and a new Moon in your house of partnerships followed by Mercury and the Sun entering your sector of what you share with others in the 3rd week. Don’t forget – our partnership sector also rules close friends and our shared resources sector includes corporate and government assets we may have at our disposal. On a more personal level however these aspects are all about what we have that we choose to share with others. If you feel others are withholding what they have from you then perhaps it’s time to look at what ways you can be more generous.

On the 7th Venus enters your 6th house. Not a happy placement as Venus is all about love and indulgence while our 6th house rules everyday mundane tasks, work and our bosses. You may find that work demands conflict with personal desires especially when transformational Pluto finally turns direct in your house of friends and social gatherings on the 18th. Your soul group may have been undergoing refinement with some friendships ending while others vie to take their place.

On the 29th, Uranus moves to its closest point to Earth in your area of assets while the full Moon occurs in the same sector the following day. Time to take stock of your investments and I don’t necessarily mean stocks and shares although you shouldn’t make any hasty decisions if you are playing the stock market now. Your net worth can be self-worth. If someone or something shakes that you need to step back and see how you could have let yourself be so easily undermined. Long term investment strategies call for holding your position when the market shudders. Shore up your foundations and stay in for the long haul when it comes to what you believe in.

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