Your Free Weekly Astrology Overview September 10th

10th – T-square – Uranus in Aries square Moon in Cancer opp Pluto in Capricorn square Uranus in Aries

13th – Uranus in Aries trine Venus in Leo (exact)

16th – New Moon in Virgo

16th – T-square – New Moon and Mercury conjunct in Virgo square Pluto in Capricorn trine Uranus in Aries opp New Moon/Mercury conjunct in Virgo

  • Lack of attention to detail will be exposed
  • Beauty and love emerge from unexpected events
  • Soul healing can take place

There’s two T-squares happening this week and T-squares are all about problems that bring tension and then discovering the way to release that tension. Because of this duality, a T-square actually gives us something to ‘push’ against and test ourselves both collectively and as individuals, so strangely enough the T-Square aspects can bring us opportunities for success and positive self-expression. What’s happening in the skies this week is no exception. We may be reminded with a rap on the knuckles to see where we’ve neglected to pay attention to details with the T-Square that occurs on the 16th which also encompasses this week’s new Moon in Virgo allowing us to start again and replace slap-dash with caring and thoroughness.

On a collective level however, there are other aspects that point to a soul healing. Eleven years ago on 9/11 the world was rocked by a catastrophic act of terror that imprinted itself on the entire collective subconscious. The T-square which takes place on the 10th looks to where our sense of security has been damaged in some way – and how we can continue to repair this not through increased spending on homeland security but on soul-security.

Luckily we’re all going to be given a signpost on how to achieve that thanks to a trine between Uranus and Venus on the 13th. The message here is that out of earth-shaking events beauty, creativity and love can emerge. If you’re feeling under pressure this week turn towards those as your release. By doing so you’ll not only discover something new to give back to the world to contribute to the global healing but you’ll feel the difference as your soul moves through to a higher level of vibration. Enjoy the healing challenge that this week is all about.

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