Your Free Monthly Astrological Overview October 2012

3rd – Venus enters Virgo

4th – Jupiter retrograde in Gemini

5th – Mercury enters Scorpio

5th – Saturn enters Scorpio

7th – Mars enters Sagittarius

15th – New Moon in Libra

23rd – Sun enters Scorpio

20th – 24th – Orionids Meteor Shower

28th – Venus enters Libra

29th – Mercury enters Sagittarius

29th – Full Moon in Taurus

  • Don’t become obsessed with perfectionism in yourself or others
  • Responsibility must be taken for all actions
  • A soul call to the Earth

We start the month with Venus entering Virgo on the 3rd. What do you love about others and more importantly, what do you love about yourself? Are you willing to accept yourself and those you love as perfectly flawed human beings or are you setting unattainable standards of perfection that nobody could ever expect to meet? We’re bombarded with images in the media of glossy celebrities who never seem to have a bad hair day or dimple of cellulite forgetting that celebrities not only benefit from stylists, personal trainers and make-up artists but Photoshop as well. The message here is that if you wait for the ‘perfect’ mate you’ll remain mateless and if you’re waiting to do something for the day when you’re perfect – you’ve lost 15lbs, had your teeth straightened or got that well-paid job, then you may be in for a long wait because things will never be perfect and neither will you. Embrace imperfection in yourself and others.

The Sun enters transformative Scorpio during this period joining Saturn. Symbolic of the deep inner transformation that we all need to embrace with regards to the Earth and its resources. This may involve a deep re-structuring on some level and what may initially feel like restriction. It’s not to be seen like that – rather embraced as a new level of experience. To live the message you need to view the shower from a dark location – i.e: away from the city. Luckily for us all the shower occurs before the full Moon so the sky will be dark enough to observe them. The deep message to us all is now that we have to be responsible for our own actions with regards to the planet – and on an individual level as well.

It’s a soul calling from the universe to connect us all to the Earth. On the 28th Venus enters Libra its ruling sign. Libra rules partnerships and balance. Are you working in partnership with life? Look at where your life may be out-of-kilter and restore it using creativity and love.

Mercury enters Sagittarius on the 29th opening up a larger window on the world and the way we connect with it. The need to connect to the world around us comes to a peak when the full Moon occurs in sensual and pragmatic Taurus the same day. Take off your shoes and stand in your bare feet on the earth. Look up – see – the universe really DOES revolve around you. Your role is more important than you think. Play it out wisely and with care. This is the message for all of us this month.

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