Your Free Monthly Forecast For All Signs For October


3rd – Venus enters 6th

4th – Jupiter retrograde in 3rd

5th – Mercury enters 8th

5th – Saturn enters 8th

7th – Mars enters 9th

15th – New Moon in 7th

23rd – Sun enters 8th

20th – 24th – Orionids Meteor Shower

28th – Venus enters 7th

29th – Mercury enters 9th

29th – Full Moon in 2nd

  • Accept yourself and others for who and what they are
  • Be prepared to accept more responsibility
  • Where do you fit into the puzzle of life?

Lucky for you Aries, Venus only spends part of the month in your 6th of work and wellness. She enters on the 3rd and leaves on the 28th. Lucky because the 6th house is somewhere Venus’s sensual and creative energy isn’t that comfortable. The 6th is all about your everyday working environment and ‘housekeeping’ tasks – jobs that may be essential that we all have to do but can fail to excite us as opposed to the 10th house which governs our career, goals and long term success. Pay attention to the small stuff and you’ll find the big stuff takes care of itself this month. Jupiter retrograde in your 3rd of communication from the 4th will allow you to rectify anything you’ve missed while on the 5th, taskmaster Saturn and fast-moving Mercury enter your area of shared resources, sex and transformation. Mercury will spend roughly three weeks there but Saturn has moved in for a two and a half year stay. During this time others may place their resources at your disposal or else a resource you relied on may be withdrawn. If your job involves handling other people’s resources please be scrupulously honest now or pay the penalty (rogue traders out there take note!).

On the 7th Mars your ruler enters your 9th of adventure and expansion and may see many of you packing your bags and heading for new horizons. That last minute impulsive booking could be just what you need. The new Moon of the 15th falls right in your partnership zone bringing the opportunity to nurture close relationships of all kinds. It’s all about acceptance – accepting others for what they are – limitations and all and also accepting yourself for yours – Venus adds to this when she also enters your 7th on the 28th.

On the 23rd, the Sun joins Saturn and Mercury in your 8th. You feel drawn to deeper experiences than usual and this line up may have you looking at just where you fit into the puzzle we call life. At the same time we have the Orionids meteor shower bringing a soul message to us all about the Earth, our place in the circle of life and how we use her resources. This may be reflected in the media as well as on an inner level.

Mercury joins Mars in your 9th on the 29th – expect fast-moving communications that expand your world and a full Moon occurs in your 2nd of assets (yours this time). Expansion may include your bank account and with that may come more responsibility. Take both. You have both the stamina and the drive to succeed now.


3rd – Venus enters 5th

4th – Jupiter retrograde in 2nd

5th – Mercury enters 7th

5th – Saturn enters 7th

7th – Mars enters 8th

15th – New Moon in 6th

23rd – Sun enters 7th

20th – 24th – Orionids Meteor Shower

28th – Venus enters 6th

29th – Mercury enters 8th

29th – Full Moon in 1st

  • Partnerships and close relationships comes into focus
  • What have you been keeping a lid on?
  • Go with the ebb and flow when it comes to career this month

Read what I’ve had to say for Aries about Venus (your ruler) entering this 6th house, Taurus which she will do on the 28th. Because she is your ruler expect the effects of her being here to be amplified for you. However, on the 3rd she enters her own zone – the 5th – of love affairs, sensuality, creativity, children and pleasure. People in general should be pleasant to be around now but if you’re looking for love this transit could bring an enticing prospect.

Jupiter turns retrograde in your 2nd on the 4th allowing you to take stock of what you have and how you use it and what you may lack. Use this time to plan to make up any shortfalls and that includes where your beliefs may need an upgrade. Partnerships and close relationships (non family) of all kinds will come into focus now when Mercury and Saturn enter your partnership zone on the 5th. While Mercury doesn’t remain in one sign for long, Saturn is embarking on a two and a half year sojourn. During this time partnerships could either become more serious or end. If you are without a partner, this two and a half year transit could bring in something lasting. The message is: build for the future.

When Mars moves into your 8th on the 7th if there’s anything you’ve been repressing then don’t expect to be able to keep a lid on it especially when Mercury joins Mars on the 29th. The new Moon in your 6th house of work and wellbeing may bring increased sensitivity to vibes in the workplace. Any insights you get over what may be going on behind the scenes may be proved correct. Go with the flow and keep your insights to yourself for now.

On the 23rd the Sun joins Mercury and Saturn in your 7th keeping the focus on close personal relationships. What you give and what you receive may feature – as will any shortfalls. In the midst of all this the Orionids meteor shower occurs which is asking us to look closely at our place in the world and how we use its resources. On a personal level are you making the most of what resources you have at your disposal?

The month ends with a full Moon in your 1st house. Look back at how you started the month and see what has come to fruition. If you’re experiencing frustrations or blockages in any area, let them go now. Chart yourself a new course instead.


3rd – Venus enters 4th

4th – Jupiter retrograde in 1st

5th – Mercury enters 6th

5th – Saturn enters 6th

7th – Mars enters 7th

15th – New Moon in 5th

23rd – Sun enters 6th

20th – 24th – Orionids Meteor Shower

28th – Venus enters 5th

29th – Mercury enters 7th

29th – Full Moon in 12th

  • Pay close attention to every day tasks
  • An opportunity to lay foundations for the future
  • You take action to create emotional security

Your mind is like quicksilver Gemini so sometimes you may become so fixed on the big picture you miss out on the details instead. However, Mercury your ruler enters your 6th house of everyday work on the 5th as does mighty Saturn bringing your attention back to basics. There’s a long term opportunity here and that is to create something lasting for the future via what you do everyday. By taking care of the small stuff many Geminis may see their efforts rewarded by being given bigger stuff (and the pay rise to go with it). Entrepreneurial twins may hit on a money making idea that’s right under their very noses. Jupiter retrograde in your sign from the 4th makes going back over the details easy. Do so and you’ll be laying the foundations for future success.

Venus is in your 4th of home and security from the 3rd which adds to the need to make yourself secure in some way. When Mars enters your partnership zone on the 7th, think before you act or speak if you want to maintain harmony with those closest to you especially when Mars receives a nudge from Mercury entering the same region on the 29th. Those words may be out before you can take them back again.

You’ll find the focus back to your work sector when the Sun moves in there to join Mercury and Saturn on the 23rd. In the interim, a new Moon and Venus both in your 5th of love, creativity and passion may herald new beginnings when it comes to romance or a creative venture.

Between the 20th and 24th we all get treated to the annual sky show that is the Orionids meteor shower. They will pass through your sign making their message of connection to the world and your place within it all the more potent for you. Conservation may become both a watchword and a calling for you now especially after the full Moon occurs in your 12th of spirituality on the 29th. You may be emotionally and spiritually inspired by something you see or read that brings an insight into the importance of living in harmony with the world and not consuming more than we need. Recycle. Gather your friends together for a swish (clothes swap) or become a warrior for the planet. It’s all one and the same and there are two of you after all.


3rd – Venus enters 3rd

4th – Jupiter retrograde in 12th

5th – Mercury enters 5th

5th – Saturn enters 5th

7th – Mars enters 6th

15th – New Moon in 4th

23rd – Sun enters 5th

20th – 24th – Orionids Meteor Shower

28th – Venus enters 4th

29th – Mercury enters 6th

29th – Full Moon in 11th

  • Emotional freedom vs. emotional security
  • You commit to something long term
  • Your social life revolves around your home

We all know your need for emotional security, Cancer but this month strangely enough you’re going to be caught up in a pull between your need for nurturing and a push towards emotional freedom – whatever that means for you. The reason is the focus on your 3rd – which Venus enters on the 3rd, your 5th of creativity, passion and indulgence which Mercury and Saturn both enter on the 5th and the Sun enters on the 23rd, and then a new Moon followed by Venus in your home and security sector on the 15th and 28th respectively. Do you cocoon or throw caution to the winds? Certainly your social life is likely to revolve around your home this month especially as the full Moon of the 29th takes place in your 11th house of friendships and social groups. You’ll be looking for ways to bring people into your nest and with all this focus on your home sector, knowing you it will be pretty inviting. But what’s it going to be – security or freedom or can you strike a balance between the two?

Mighty Jupiter is retrograde in your house of spirituality and secrets. Expect something you missed or have been unaware of to surface. It’s worth remembering that Saturn has moved in for a two and a half year stay in your 5th house. Saturn is all about building something solid for the future and commitments. That relationship that begins during this could end up being more serious than you think or else you could find yourself committing to a long term project. Whatever it is – Saturn isn’t all about restriction as some astrologers would have you think. He is also about rewards for hard work. If you’ve been putting in the time towards a goal then this could well be the period where you reap the benefits.

Against this backdrop the Orionids meteors rain down their soul message. If you want to see them head out somewhere away from the bright lights. They will impact on your 12th house as well increasing your compassion (is that even possible?!) for suffering that goes on in the world. You will be acutely attuned to the pain of others especially those in need. Don’t be surprised if your increased empathy leads you to take steps to alleviate it in some way – even if it’s just via a small donation to a charity. You’re merely giving back to yourself. By doing what we can to heal the world we heal ourselves in the process.


3rd – Venus enters 2nd

4th – Jupiter retrograde in 11th

5th – Mercury enters 4th

5th – Saturn enters 4th

7th – Mars enters 5th

15th – New Moon in 3rd

23rd – Sun enters 4th

20th – 24th – Orionids Meteor Shower

28th – Venus enters 3rd

29th – Mercury enters 5th

29th – Full Moon in 10th

  • Build a solid emotional foundation
  • Explore new ways to connect to others
  • Push forward with creative plans and relationships

Venus leaves your sign at the start of the month and heads for your second house of assets and self-worth. You of all the signs should have no problem with that as you already know that you are definitely worth it! This could however see your bank account increase or just your sense of self worth. Whatever it is, people will reflect any upscaling in your thinking (or not) back at you especially when Jupiter turns retrograde in your 11th of friends and social groups the following day.

It’s a busy month for every sign but for you the focus is now going to shift to your home and what makes you feel secure. Mercury enters your 4th on the 5th the same day as Saturn also moves in there. While Mercury will spend just three weeks in there Saturn is unpacking for an extended visit – two and a half years give or take a few months. While in your home sector he’s going to be asking you to build a solid foundation that sustains you. Yes, this can be bricks and mortar and many of you may end up moving or becoming home owners under this transit but you’re also going to be asked to create something which sustains you emotionally. Look back to your roots to find clues to what this may be especially when the Sun moves into this house on the 23rd.

Fiery Mars brings the focus onto your 5th house of love, attraction and all things creative when he enters it on the 7th. Later in the month he’ll be joined by Mercury. Look to new ways to connect to others and the world around you and push forward with creative plans which might just bear fruit now thanks to the infusion of passion this line up brings.

Look to the skies for the Orionids meteor shower and don’t limit the connections you’re making now just to your immediate circle – extend it out to connect to the world because these meteors are all about reminding us of the soul connection we share with every living thing on the planet.

The full Moon in your 10th on the 29th highlights your aspirations – who or what you desire to be. Saturn is providing you with the foundations – this full Moon brings to light the direction you should grow towards. Like a sunflower that epitomises the sheer optimism of your sign – unfold your petals and turn to the light.


3rd – Venus enters 1st

4th – Jupiter retrograde in 10th

5th – Mercury enters 3rd

5th – Saturn enters 3rd

7th – Mars enters 4th

15th – New Moon in 2nd

23rd – Sun enters 3rd

20th – 24th – Orionids Meteor Shower

28th – Venus enters 2nd

29th – Mercury enters 4th

29th – Full Moon in 9th

  • Refine career goals
  • Look at where you’re being rewarded and restricted
  • Love is always perfect – why criticise it?

Venus enters your sign on the 3rd turning you into a shining beacon for love. At least I hope that’s what you’re feeling. When Jupiter turns retrograde in your 10th house the very next day you may start to look at where loved ones fall short of expectations rather than how they enhance your life. Don’t look for flaws – in either others or yourself. Love is always perfect.

Jupiter carries another message which will be amplified when Mercury and Saturn enter your 3rd of communication on the 5th. In what areas of life are you being rewarded and where are you being restricted? Be ruthlessly honest here. If you’re seeing green lights no matter in what area these are you signals for a job well done. But if doors are remaining closed to you you have some serious thinking to do. Don’t blame others for blockages or lack of progress. The only person putting them in front of you is yourself. Refine long term goals now if necessary and see restrictions lifted with the dual tools of soul purpose and honesty.

Mars enters your 4th on the 7th which might see you feeling edgy when you would normally be relaxed. Avoid any need to have things all your own way on the home front or conflicts could ensure. The new Moon occurs in your 2nd on the 15th ahead of Venus entering there on the 28th, bringing the focus onto your assets and self-worth. Expect something to enhance your status or even your bank account. On the 23rd the Sun joins Saturn and Mercury in your 3rd bringing the focus back to travel and communication and lifting any feelings of frustration in these areas. If you’ve been thinking about a new form of transport or even taking a new way to work now’s the time to implement plans.

But back to larger soul issues. The Orionids meteors will streak across the skies between the 20th – 24th bringing illumination when it comes to using what you have at your disposal in terms of resources and your connection to the larger whole. Where and how do you fit in? Do you feel connected to the family of souls that inhabit this world or apart from it? Reach out psychically and in doing so you’ll manifest connections you never dreamed possible.

The month comes to a close with Mercury entering your 4th and a full Moon in your 9th on the 29th. If you’re still feeling irritable or anxious on the home front then this may bring things to a head. If you feel others are throwing their weight around at home try to keep a universal perspective on things. Chances are they may just be feeling insecure. Use your new found connection to the larger whole before flying off the handle. We’re all part of the same existence – it’s our experience of it that varies from individual to individual. By seeing their perspective you transform your own.


3rd – Venus enters 12th

4th – Jupiter retrograde in 9th

5th – Mercury enters 2nd

5th – Saturn enters 2nd

7th – Mars enters 3rd

15th – New Moon in 1st

23rd – Sun enters 2nd

20th – 24th – Orionids Meteor Shower

28th – Venus enters 1st

29th – Mercury enters 3rd

29th – Full Moon in 8th

  • What’s your secret love?
  • Long term plans come into focus
  • You feel the need to tell it like it is

Venus your ruler enters your 12th of spirituality and secrets on the 3rd. We know you’re the sign in love with love but what’s this secret love you’re keeping? Is it something big? A dream? A goal? A person? Jupiter retrograde in your 9th from the 4th onwards may mean your secret loves no secret any more. Why the need for secrecy anyway?

Librans everywhere will heave a collective sigh of relief when Saturn leaves their sign on the 5th and moves into their 2nd. He’s joined by Mercury there on the same day and the Sun on the 23rd. Long term plans concerning work, assets and money are going to be in focus for the next two and a half years. Remember, Saturn can restrict but he also rewards. Expect benefits for long-term thinking that boost more than just your bank account.

Fiesty Mars enters your 3rd on the 7th ahead of Mercury which will also move in there on the 29th. You need plenty of mental stimulation now so immerse yourself in study or books which expand your thinking. If not you may find yourself uncharacteristically blunt when it comes to dealing with others. This is especially important around the time of the Orionids meteor shower which occurs between the 20th – 24th of the month. There’s a soul calling to all of us here on Earth to connect more fully to the whole and to understand our place within it. By expanding your mind you’ll be able to appreciate this more fully and avoid petty confrontations.

A beautiful new Moon occurs in your sign on the 15th. I’d like you to think of this as the Page of Cups card in the Tarot. It’s a time for new beginnings – something putting forth the smallest, delicate green shoot but which can nonetheless be nurtured into significance later. Look carefully at what begins around now and also when Venus your ruler enters your sign on the 28th.

The month comes to a close with a transformative full Moon in your 8th house ushering in a peak experience of some nature. Whatever transforms now is meant to. Don’t stand in its way. The key to our continuing soul development is not only in accepting but in releasing when we need to. Without letting go we cannot create.


3rd – Venus enters 11th

4th – Jupiter retrograde in 8th

5th – Mercury enters 1st

5th – Saturn enters 1st

7th – Mars enters 2nd

15th – New Moon in 12th

23rd – Sun enters 1st

20th – 24th – Orionids Meteor Shower

28th – Venus enters 12th

29th – Mercury enters 2nd

29th – Full Moon in 7th

  • Don’t do anything hasty when it comes to long term plans
  • Your sensitivity to others increases
  • Are you not just older but wiser?

You could end up being the life and soul of the party this month, Scorpio but I’ll get to that in a minute. On the 5th, mighty Saturn enters your sign and unpacks his bags for a two and a half year stay. He’s joined by Mercury whose visit will be a great deal shorter (until the 29th). Saturn rules responsibility, structure, karma and maturity. You will note I said ‘maturity’ and avoided any references to do with aging as the image of Saturn as Old Father Time is a popular one and I wanted your attention here – not on the mirror while you search for wrinkles! So, Saturn’s visit is not about you being older but being wiser and putting into practice what you have learned in the past seven years since Saturn squared your natal Sun. Saturn is as I say, all about maturity. Think about the people you know who may be middle-aged or older but have the emotional maturity of an adolescent. Conversely, you may know others who are relatively young but exhibit a maturity beyond their years. So, time to show the world how much you’ve grown.

Back to the party. Venus in your 11th house promises expansion in your social life – at least until she ducks out of it and into your 12th on the 28th, so make the most of the transit and if you are out with friends try not to fall into your usual Scorpio social mode of the peripheral observer – be a participant instead. Who knows, you may actually enjoy yourself! With Jupiter retrograde in your 8th house you’ll have plenty of time for the deep inner thinking at which you excel later.

Before the discovery of Pluto, Mars ruled your sign and he still holds a big influence over you. On the 7th he will enter your 2nd house of assets and self-worth. Don’t make any hasty decisions that may affect you in the long term as this is not a good house for Mars. The 2nd is all about investment and planning. Mars acts rashly. Hold off major financial commitments or outlays for the time being.

The new Moon occurs in your 12th house on the 15th ahead of the entrance of Venus into that zone on the 28th. Expect your innate sensitivity to be at a peak and don’t be afraid to show your vulnerable side. On the 23rd the Sun enters your 1st house heralding the time of solar return for all Scorpios over the next month. As you are the birthday sign, Scorpio, the Orionids meteors which occur between the 20th-24th have a special significance for you because for you they will echo your soul theme of transformation – in this instance transforming your sense of your place in this universe. Yes, you are more important than you think.

The full Moon of the 29th takes place in your partnership zone. Expect emotions to run deep when it comes to partners or close connections of all kinds. Just let people know what you need. Yes – that really does mean showing your vulnerabilities once more.


3rd – Venus enters 10th

4th – Jupiter retrograde in 7th

5th – Mercury enters 12th

5th – Saturn enters 12th

7th – Mars enters 1st

15th – New Moon in 11th

23rd – Sun enters 12th

20th – 24th – Orionids Meteor Shower

28th – Venus enters 11th

29th – Mercury enters 1st

29th – Full Moon in 6th

  • Long term plans and goals receive a boost
  • You have what it takes to get things done
  • You become your own ‘psychic detective’

Everything has to be an adventure for you Sag and this month certainly promises to deliver just that although perhaps not in quite the way you expect. But then – you’re a sign that also loves surprises. Long terms plans related to your status may receive a boost thanks to Venus which enters your 10th on the 3rd. The next day Jupiter your ruler turns retrograde in your 7th of partners and close connections of all kinds. Are you feeling you are ‘going it alone’ or unsupported? Do you like your present level of independence? Are those closest to you giving you want you need? Even a free spirit likes another free spirit to gallop with. If there is an imbalance in your life Jupiter now provides the opportunity and insight to correct it.

The focus now shifts to your 12th house of spirituality and secrets with the entrance of both Saturn and Mercury on the 5th. They will be joined there by the Sun on the 23rd. Saturn puts you on a course to become your very own psychic detective over the next two and a half years. Expect revelations into the true nature of the universe, yourself and others to follow as you explore different ways of seeing things.

On the 7th Mars moves into your 1st house giving you the energy and assertiveness you need to accomplish whatever it is you want to. Now is the time to push forward with your plans and goals and when Mercury also moves into your 1st on the 29th you’ll also be given the words and ways to make this all happen.

From the 15th the focus shifts from the inner to the outer world in the form of increased social activity when the new Moon occurs. Venus follows in on the 28th adding a touch of magic to any social connection and that could well include a flirtation for single Sagi’s.

The Orionides meteor shower which occurs between the 20th – 24th gets you back to thinking about partnership issues but not just in terms of people but how you can work in partnership with your environment or the natural world. When the full Moon lights up your 6th of wellbeing and work on the 29th, you may feel a desire to reach out and help in some way. Those of you who work with the public or communicate with the public in any capacity may discover new ways to do this that enhance their own profile at the same time. Apply the term ‘wellbeing’ globally no matter what you do now.


3rd – Venus enters 9th

4th – Jupiter retrograde in 6th

5th – Mercury enters 11th

5th – Saturn enters 11th

7th – Mars enters 12th

15th – New Moon in 10th

23rd – Sun enters 11th

20th – 24th – Orionids Meteor Shower

28th – Venus enters 10th

29th – Mercury enters 12th

29th – Full Moon in 5th

  • Rediscover joy
  • What connections have lost their resonance?
  • What boundaries do you need to defend?

In order for us to experience expansion we have first to set boundaries. Think of every human being as a nation. Nations set borders which they patrol and defend when necessary. Otherwise they would be invaded or overrun. This is not about aggression. It is about knowing when your boundaries have been breached and reacting in an appropriate way. Mars entering your 12th house of spirituality and hidden enemies may have you confronting this issue this month. Don’t worry – when Mercury enters your 12th on the 29th you’ll have access to the right words if someone has overstepped the mark.

Venus in your 9th of expansion and adventure injects your life with much needed joy. Reconnect with fun now and stretch your wings. It’s a good time to take a chance as luck is on your side. If this concerns career matters you really are in luck as Jupiter retrograde in your work and career sector from the 4th allows you to refine and re-define career options.

After all the transformations that have been occurring in both your inner and outer world you may now discover that some connections may have lost their resonance. Saturn entering your 11th house of friendships and social groups for a two and a half year ‘spring clean’ may bring some of these to a close.  Whatever ends now is meant to but don’t worry – nature hates a vacuum. Any new connections made during Saturn’s stay are likely to be long lasting. Mercury and the Sun also enter your 11th this month and will mitigate at least for now, some of Saturn’s more restrictive influences so expect your social life to come into focus.

The new Moon occurs in your 10th house of status and long term goals on the 15th bringing fresh perspectives and Venus entering that zone on the 29th gives you the creativity to put them into action.

From the 20th to the 24th the Orionids meteor shower takes place. There’s a big calling to us all here to determine our relationship with the Earth and how we are hindering or contributing to life on this planet. Many people forget the resonance your sign has to the natural world so you may actually feel this more profoundly than other signs. Think like the Native Americans and tread lightly upon the earth.

The month ends with a full Moon in your 5th boosting that joy connection we spoke about earlier. Throw off those shackles, Capricorn and be a pleasure junkie – at least a green one with a very small Manolo Blahnik carbon footprint.


3rd – Venus enters 8th

4th – Jupiter retrograde in 5th

5th – Mercury enters 10th

5th – Saturn enters 10th

7th – Mars enters 11th

15th – New Moon in 9th

23rd – Sun enters 10th

20th – 24th – Orionids Meteor Shower

28th – Venus enters 9th

29th – Mercury enters 11th

29th – Full Moon in 4th

  • Make serious plans to boost your status
  • Look for new ways to connect
  • Those faraway dreams can become a reality

Transformation is on its way this month, Aquarius as the focus shifts to long term goals, status and things you believe to be out of reach. The journey beings when Veuus enters your 8th of shared resources, transformations (there’s that word again) and relationships where sex is important. With Jupiter turning retrograde in your 5th of passion and love affairs on the 4th expect a revival of passion or an old flame burning hot once more.

The major moves in the sky this month however all focus on your career and status. On the 5th masterbuilder Saturn moves into your 10th for a two and a half year stay, joined by Mercury whose visit will be confined to around three weeks. What you need to focus on is the opportunity Saturn brings to build something long term – ie: a reputation that will sustain you for a long time to come. What do you want to achieve?

Mars in your 11th from the 7th will be joined by Mercury (we did say he doesn’t hang around) on the 29th. Look for new ways to connect to people and pick up old connections – they may be more happy to hear from you than you think. Life is too short to play the ‘Well, they’ve not called me . . ‘ card.

The new Moon in your 9th of adventure and long distance travel is just the start of a cycle which brings those big, faraway dreams into focus. Venus enters the same house on the 29th, bringing a breath of creativity when it comes to travelling to destination: dream. Remember, you have your dreams for a reason – to make them come true. The Orionids meteor shower which takes place between the 20th – 24th brings us all a soul message about our place on the planet. Perhaps your place is somewhere you have yet to travel to. Start turning that dream into reality.

The full Moon on the 29th brings the message of the other planets home as it occurs in your home sector. What makes you feel secure? Let’s hope it’s your dreams. This is the emotional soul message for you now.


3rd – Venus enters 7th

4th – Jupiter retrograde in 4th

5th – Mercury enters 9th

5th – Saturn enters 9th

7th – Mars enters 10th

15th – New Moon in 8th

23rd – Sun enters 9th

20th – 24th – Orionids Meteor Shower

28th – Venus enters 8th

29th – Mercury enters 10th

29th – Full Moon in 3rd

  • You long for closeness and connection
  • The focus shifts to reward and recognition
  • You meet challenges head-on

Being a sensitive soul you always yearn for closeness and connection, not just on a physical and emotional level but on a soul level. Venus entering your 7th allows you to connect on a deeper level to those you feel are special while Jupiter retrograde in your 4th means you can go back, look at what’s been missing and rectify any shortcomings.

We’re now going to talk about the shift in global consciousness and your place in it. Saturn enters your 9th of long distance journeys and expansion along with Mercury on the 5th and the Sun will join them on the 23rd. Unlike Mercury and the Sun whose stay will just be for a few weeks, Saturn is setting up shop for a while. When the Orionids meteor shower occurs between the 20th – 24th you may receive an insight into how this global shift relates to you personally. It may begin for you at a grassroots level. Look to your home surroundings for inspiration.

Mars enters your status-seeking 10th on the 7th and he’ll be joined in there by Mercury on the 29th. Mars is all about taking action and you’ll be unafraid to take whatever steps you need to enhance your image, net worth or career options. If you’re looking for support for your plans the new Moon in your 8th of shared resources could put them at your disposal especially when Venus moves in there on the 28th.

The month ends with a full Moon in your 3rd of communication and transport. Watch for travel snafus and allow extra time for the unexpected on journeys. When it comes to communications take care not to react emotionally to what is said. First consider the source and then the content. If you’re still not sure do nothing. There should be three files in everybody’s Inbox – In, Out and Time. Time is where you file everythiug you’re not sure how to respond to. The great thing about the Time folder is – it’s magic! By the time you check on Time’s contents they either don’t need responding to at all or you know exactly what to do about them. Try it and see.

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