Your Free Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs October 15th


15th – New Moon in 7th

16th – Mutable bow and arrow – Venus in 6th, square Mars in 9th opposition Jupiter in 3rd square Neptune/Chiron conjunct in 12th

16th – Saturn conjunct Moon in 8th trine Neptune/Chiron conjunct in 12th

20th – 21st – Orionids Meteor Shower

  • The past proves it has formed your present
  • Barriers between you and others dissolve
  • Inspiration leads to soul freedom

This week is Soul Week of the Sky and it begins for you with a wonderful New Moon in your partnership sector on the 15th making you unusually sensitive to the needs of those closest to you. Get ready for a true soul journey when a rare mutable bow and arrow points to ways to expand your world on the 16th. Communications could arrive containing opportunities designed to break you free from any ruts that may have bogged you down of late especially to do with your work and wellbeing. Those inspired thoughts you’re having? Go with them thanks to Mars your ruler forming the ‘arrow’ pointing the way to freedom.

On the same day as the bow and arrow forms Saturn meets the Moon in your 8th of transformations, sex and shared resources while making a perfect trine to Neptune and Chiron conjunct in your 12th. This is the real soul power position of the week for you. You’ll see all too clearly how the actions of your past have led you to your present and how your actions today will create your future. This is the way to true soul freedom and the power of creation.

The Orionids meteor shower illuminates your sense of place in the cosmos and allows you to see you connectness to others. Watch those barriers dissolve. It’s all samsara.


15th – New Moon in 6th

16th – Mutable bow and arrow – Venus in 5th, square Mars in 8th opposition Jupiter in 2nd square Neptune/Chiron conjunct in 11th

16th – Saturn conjunct Moon in 7th trine Neptune/Chiron conjunct in 11th

20th – 21st – Orionids Meteor Shower

  • Transformations point the way
  • Soul boosting opportunities arrive
  • Long term emotional blockages find release

The theme this week is soul freedom for all, Taurus so what form will it take for you? New beginnings and fresh starts beckon with the new Moon in your career sector on the 15th. The following day a Mutable bow and arrow forms which includes Venus your ruler in your 5th of creativity, attraction and yes, love affairs sparking off transformations aimed at evolving all your relationships. It’s all about emotional resonance. You’re resonating now at a different frequency and your relationships must transform to match that. New people may be drawn to you. What you put out you will attract.

This week is all about your relationship with others. On the same day as the bow and arrow forms, Saturn conjuncts the Moon in your 7th of partnerships and all close soul connections and forms a trine with Neptune conjunct Chiron in your 11th of goals and friendships. When in comes to past relationships with others, this is the power healing aspect. It will allow you to see where the deep soul wounds are and also provide the insight with which to heal them. It’s called forgiveness. First forgive others and then – forgive yourself. The Orionids meteor shower of the 20th – 21st then appears like a balm, bringing awareness of what others have to offer you in terms of your soul path. Life is all about collaboration and connectivity for you this week and all your connections are now set to transform.


15th – New Moon in 5th

16th – Mutable bow and arrow – Venus in 4th, square Mars in 7th opposition Jupiter in 1st square Neptune/Chiron conjunct in 10th

16th – Saturn conjunct Moon in 6th trine Neptune/Chiron conjunct in 10th

20th – 21st – Orionids Meteor Shower

  • Are you feeding your soul or just your body?
  • How connected to you feel?
  • This is your moment – be ready!

You’re ready to begin something new this week, Gemini. Whatever it is you’re set to start it could turn out to be the first step in a major life venture. Watch what begins around the new Moon which takes place in your house of love and creativity on the 15th for clues.

Whatever it is you’ve been waiting for or waiting for the right moment to do, this could well be the week it arrives. There’s a fabulous mutable bow and arrow with Jupiter forming the base of that arrow in your 1st on the 16th. This is the moment when the universe opens a door of opportunity. Just remember that sometimes opportunity comes in disguise so make sure you recognise it.

The same day as the bow and arrow forms, Saturn conjuncts the Moon in your 6th house of work and wellbeing and makes an illuminating trine to Neptune and Chiron which are conjunct in your 10th of career and status. It’s all too easy to focus on the fact that this line up could herald a breakthrough which firmly establishes your career direction for the future. However, there’s a secondary more subtle message. Because this week’s aspects are all about connectivity for all signs, for you this asks you to look at how connected to your path you are. Are you in a job which feeds the body but not the soul? If so, the message is don’t be afraid to make any adjustments to correct any imbalance. The universe is offering you the opportunity to do just that.


15th – New Moon in 4th

16th – Mutable bow and arrow – Venus in 3rd, square Mars in 6th opposition Jupiter in 12th square Neptune/Chiron conjunct in 9th

16th – Saturn conjunct Moon in 5th trine Neptune/Chiron conjunct in 9th

20th – 21st – Orionids Meteor Shower

  • Emotional availability – what does it mean for you?
  • Take the initiative with work goals
  • Healing takes place around what you think you can or cannot have or do

The week starts just the way you like it with your ruler in the form of a beautiful new Moon happily revealing itself in your 4th of home and emotional security. You may feel safe now in looking at issues around emotional availability. If you’re not getting what you feel you need from people emotionally in terms of nurturing and support look at where you may be withholding yourself in turn. Be fearless in this approach.

Your biggest dreams and goals will come into focus as well this week thanks to the incredible bow and arrow formation on the 16th which points squarely towards work aspirations and asks you to look at how far you want to go. Understand that these aspects light the way and also give us something to push against in order to make our achievements worth while. It’s no good sitting around waiting for things to drop into your lap. Take the imitative and remember – heaven helps those who help themselves.

It’s all about what you believe you can or cannot have. If you firmly believe only inaction stands between you and your goals you’ll make huge inroads towards them this week especially when the Moon conjuncts Saturn in your 5th and beams a trine to the Neptune/Chiron conjunction in your 9th. Expand what you think is possible for you. Then look up as the Orionids meteors inspire you to connect to the world around you – via what you have to bring to it. Just make yourself available for soul purpose success.


15th – New Moon in 3rd

16th – Mutable bow and arrow – Venus in 2nd, square Mars in 5th opposition Jupiter in 11th square Neptune/Chiron conjunct in 8th

16th – Saturn conjunct Moon in 4th trine Neptune/Chiron conjunct in 8th

20th – 21st – Orionids Meteor Shower

  • New connections made this week could be important
  • Let go of ideas which are holding you back
  • You have nothing to fear but fear itself

If someone gives you their business card, email address or number this week, hang on to it as even the most fleeting contact could turn into something significant in the future. It’s all thanks to the new Moon in your 3rd of communication on the 15th.

Sometimes we all need a little nudge in order to break free from self-imposed restrictions or out-dated thoughts that may be holding us back. The bow and arrow aspect which forms on the 16th lines up the areas of transformation and then shoots squarely for the target. You may find yourself discarding out-moded ways of thinking and replacing them with the kind of determination and streamlined goals designed to move you past any obstacles and get you results.

Fears and insecurities now come to the surface to be examined and healed thanks to Saturn and the Moon conjunct in your 4th making a beneficial aspect to Neptune and Chiron conjunct in your 8th. It’s all about clearing out what prevents us from connecting this week – to our true selves, to others and to the universe. For you the transformation begins with sharing these insights with others and discovering you’re not alone. Remember – a life lived in fear is a life half-lived.


15th – New Moon in 2nd

16th – Mutable bow and arrow – Venus in 1st, square Mars in 4th opposition Jupiter in 10th square Neptune/Chiron conjunct in 7th

16th – Saturn conjunct Moon in 3rd trine Neptune/Chiron conjunct in 7th

20th – 21st – Orionids Meteor Shower

  • How do relationships reflect your self-worth?
  • Be fearless in how you communicate your needs
  • Are you richer than you think?

Are you utilising all the assets you have at your disposal, Virgo? The new Moon in your 2nd of assets and self-worth is asking you to look closely at this. Don’t think of this purely in monetary terms (although this house does rule your bank account!), but also your skills and also the people who support you.

This line of thought is preparing you to reap the benefits of the rare bow and arrow aspect which forms on the 16th. Think of an arrow being drawn back before it’s released. This puts tension on the arrow – tension equals energy. When the tension is released the arrow has the energy to fly to its target. Venus in your 1st forms part of  the bow string along with Neptune/Chiron conjunct in your 7th. Jupiter planet of expansion and luck the flight of the arrow and Mars the head in your 4th. You’re going to be shooting for what makes you secure.

The same day Saturn conjuncts the Moon in your 3rd and trines Neptune and Chiron conjunct in your 7th.  You’re going to open up deeper connections to those closest to you and resolve any feelings of lingering hurt.

The Orionids meteor shower of the 20th and 21st is asking you to connect to others. It’s all about manifesting via your relationships with others whether they be partners, lovers, friends or work connections. Make others part of your soul journey now and they’ll include you in theirs.


15th – New Moon in 1st

16th – Mutable bow and arrow – Venus in 12th, square Mars in 3rd opposition Jupiter in 9th square Neptune/Chiron conjunct in 6th

16th – Saturn conjunct Moon in 2nd trine Neptune/Chiron conjunct in 6th

20th – 21st – Orionids Meteor Shower

  • Reinvention – what does that mean to you?
  • You have everything you need to get what you want
  • Your dreams can take you to the stars now

Think new you this week, Libra thanks to a new Moon in your sign on the 16th, which is asking you to think about reinventing yourself in some way. Perhaps this week is all about growing into the person you’ve always dreamed of becoming.

Venus your ruler forms part of the mutable bow and arrow aspect on the 16th. For you it’s all about realisation – not necessarily the realisation you’ve arrived at a major goal but the knowledge that you have everything at your disposal to get whatever it is you want now. You’re getting an additional boost when it comes to the assets at your disposal thanks to Saturn which conjuncts the Moon in your 2nd and trines Neptune and Chiron conjunct in your 6th on the same day the bow and arrow forms. This is all about identifying what you have to work with and then utilising it in the most beneficial way.

You’re going to be all too aware of how your dreams impact on others. Do you see yourself as someone able to inspire those around you to pursue their goals as well? The Orionids meteor shower encourages you to take the first step in that journey. Time to be the star in the movie of your life.


15th – New Moon in 12th

16th – Mutable bow and arrow – Venus in 11th, square Mars in 2nd opposition Jupiter in 8th square Neptune/Chiron conjunct in 5th

16th – Saturn conjunct Moon in 1st trine Neptune/Chiron conjunct in 5th

20th – 21st – Orionids Meteor Shower

  • Spiritual secrets are revealed
  • What is being given to you this week?
  • You are the magnet for your desires

Don’t be surprised if this week includes a revelation or two Scorpio. The new Moon takes place in your 12th of spirituality and secrets on the 16th. You may receive profound insights into the universe and your place within it or something that’s been kept from you finally comes to light.

This week also brings gifts. The mutable bow and arrow which forms on the 16th activates key areas of your chart which may see you on the receiving end of other’s generosity. What is offered to you now literally has the ability to transform your life path and send you off in a new direction.

All this may come to you simple because you have been radiating out your intensions and these have been answered. Consider what manifests as a reward. Saturn now in your 1st house conjuncts the Moon also now in your 1st and trines Neptune and Chiron conjunct in your 5th the same day as the bow and arrow forms. Saturn is now setting you an task to complete which may challenge you emotionally but also bring about healing. Don’t forget – when you complete Saturn’s assignments he rewards – often generously.

The Orionids meteors of the 20th and 21st are all about connectivity and being in the present. The true present is the present moment. Understanding that is this week’s gift to you.


15th – New Moon in 11th

16th – Mutable bow and arrow – Venus in 10th, square Mars in 1st opposition Jupiter in 7th square Neptune/Chiron conjunct in 4th

16th – Saturn conjunct Moon in 12th trine Neptune/Chiron conjunct in 4th

20th – 21st – Orionids Meteor Shower

  • What or who is it you desire?
  • What’s your ‘soul place’ in this universe?
  • Are you walking through life partnered or alone?

Goals, dreams and soul security are your themes this week, Sagittarius. Yes, even the wandering star of the zodiac needs a place to call home and you’re no exception. What is your secret desire? The new Moon in your 11th on the 15th lights it up. Could it be that home on the range that you return to after riding out on it?

Where you feel you belong and to whom is going to be in focus now thanks to the mutable bow and arrow which occurs on the 16th with Jupiter your ruler in your 7th forming the shaft of an arrow whose head is Mars in your first. Venus in your 10th of status and Neptune and Chiron conjunct in your 4th of security and home form the bow string (or is that heart string?). What does your heart want? That’s what you need to aim for now.

Sagittarians who have been riding that range alone for some time may have been questioning whether the journey might actually be more enjoyable with someone to share it with. Saturn conjunct the Moon in your 12th of past life connections and soul promises trines Neptune/Chiron conjunct in your 4th the same day as the bow forms. The Lone Ranger may not be lonely long.

Your soul callings will be answered this week and you’ll feel more connected as a result. The Orionids meteor shower of the 20th and 21st brings you back to looking at partnerships but in this instance how you work in partnership with your environment. Maybe that simply means putting down roots for soul growth.


15th – New Moon in 10th

16th – Mutable bow and arrow – Venus in 9th, square Mars in 12th opposition Jupiter in 6th square Neptune/Chiron conjunct in 3rd

16th – Saturn conjunct Moon in 11th trine Neptune/Chiron conjunct in 3rd

20th – 21st – Orionids Meteor Shower

  • New beginnings have a big impact later
  • Restrictions around work lift
  • You realise what’s possible for you now

If you’ve been feeling entire areas of your life have been cut back then this week brings the first signs of new growth. Restrictions that may have impeded your long term progress finally show signs of lifting when the new Moon literally beams a ray of hope into your 10th of long term goals, career and status on the 15th.

It’s all about watching for new growth which will have soul-path changing implications later. On the 16th a mutable bow and arrow forms. Being a cardinal sign it’s brining you the energy we associate with the mutable signs to take aim for what truly fulfils you. There’s a massive healing/karmic aspect to all this that involves not only healing your own soul path but your entire soul family’s in the process. Be true to your own vision which may be one you’ve shared with others in your past.

On the same day as the bow occurs, Saturn your ruler conjuncts the Moon in your 11th of friends and goals while trineing Neptune and Chiron both conjunct in your 3rd opening up possibilities. Those green shoots I mentioned earlier? They’re about your contribution to the planet. By the time the Orionids meteors flash across the skies you may have a new insight into just what that’s going to be.


15th – New Moon in 9th

16th – Mutable bow and arrow – Venus in 8th, square Mars in 11th opposition Jupiter in 5th square Neptune/Chiron conjunct in 2nd

16th – Saturn conjunct Moon in 10th trine Neptune/Chiron conjunct in 2nd

20th – 21st – Orionids Meteor Shower

  • Goals and aspirations take centre stage
  • You make all the right moves
  • Your soul path opens up

Pack your bags ready for a soul path adventure, Aquarius. This week the new Moon on the 15th takes place in your 9th of long distance travel, higher education, expansion and adventure. It’s the start of a theme which is going to be all about your true calling and how this links you to the spiritual evolution that is affecting all of us now.

Creativity is your key word this week especially when the rare bow and arrow aspect forms on the 16th. The string of the bow stretches across your houses of transformation and assets. Jupiter in your 5th provides the tension on the flight of the arrow wile Mars takes aim in your 11th of wishes, dreams and goals. You’ve got the ideas and what it takes to achieve it – now take aim at your goals and fly straight and true.

Also on the 16th, Saturn meets the Moon in your house of status while trineing Neptune and Chiron in your 2nd of assets. Do you feel you’ve had to give away something of value? If so, understand you can replace it and also end up richer for the experience.

But really it’s all about your soul path and your journey on it now. Perhaps that journey is going to take you somewhere you never dreamed possible. When the Orionids meteors ripple across the sky on the 20th-21st you may just set your compass for points unknown.


15th – New Moon in 8th

16th – Mutable bow and arrow – Venus in 7th, square Mars in 10th opposition Jupiter in 4th square Neptune/Chiron conjunct in 1st

16th – Saturn conjunct Moon in 9th trine Neptune/Chiron conjunct in 1st

20th – 21st – Orionids Meteor Shower

  • Where in the world do you want to be?
  • Status-enhancing moves can be made
  • Aim for soul love!

This week’s new Moon takes place in your 8th of transformations. It heralds a week that can bring in some soul-enhancing moves for you, Pisces. Lucky you because on the 16th a mutable bow and arrow forms which has your ruler Neptune currently conjunct spiritual healer Chiron in your 1st. This aspect provides the right amount of tension (think of it as pulling back the string on a bow) to get you to your goals. Where or what are they? The ‘arrow’ of this aspect involves go-getting Mars in your 10th of status and Jupiter planet of luck, expansion and adventure in your 4th of security. Time to break free of what you imagine is sustaining you and find the real thing. Your partnership zone is also involved in this with Venus planet of love sitting in there. Combine this with the Orionids meteor shower on the 20th -21st which is sending out a soul calling to us all to look at our place within the world and it’s all about finding soul love for you.

The same day as the bow and arrow forms Saturn conjuncts the Moon in your 9th while sending a perfect trine to Neptune and Chiron. Where in the world to do you want go, see explore? Take those first steps towards it this week and you’ll discover it’s not as far flung or impossible to get to as you previously thought. Adventure is knocking. Answer that call.

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