Your Free Weekly Astrology Forecast October 28th


29th – Full Moon in 2nd

29th – Venus enters 7th

30th – Mercury enters 9th

1st – Mystic Rectangle – Venus in 7th sextile Mercury in 9th opposition Moon in 3rd and trine Uranus in 1st sextile Moon in 3rd trine Venus in 7th opposition Uranus in 1st

3rd – Grand Water Trine – Saturn in 8th trine Neptune in 12th trine Moon in 4th trine Saturn in 8th

3rd – Cardinal Grand Cross – Uranus in 1st square Moon in 4th opposition Pluto in 10th and square Venus in 7th square Pluto in 10th square Uranus in 1st opposition Venus in 7th

  • Emotional connections may require effort
  • Be true to your soul values
  • Think and act universally when it comes to difficulties

This week maintaining emotional connections or just letting those close to you may require some effort, Aries. As may maintaining emotional balance and equilibrium. Lucky for you, you are getting a helping hand from Venus who enters your partnership zone on the 29th. However, the full Moon in your 2nd on the same day may have you looking at something and feeling it’s not what it’s cracked up to be. The result may be a let-down which leaves you uncertain as to how to proceed from here on in. Whatever you do, curb your natural impulsiveness and wait as you’re about to receive a big helping hand from the rest of this week’s aspects.

Time to think big when it comes to your plans as swift-moving Mercury enters your 9th of expansion on the 30th. Those far away dreams or places are closer than you think for the next few weeks. The Mystic rectangle on the 1st showcases Uranus in your 1st as well as that Mercury, Venus in your 7th and the Moon in your 3rd. If you’ve held off from jumping to conclusions or making flash decisions you may now be rewarded with an innovative way forward.

On the 3rd you may be faced with a situation that asks you to not only expand your thinking to include looking at ‘the big picture’, but also asks you to remain true to what you hold dear thanks to a Grand Water Trine and also a Cardinal Grand Cross occurring on the same day. Remember, our soul values are the only thing that truly sustains us and defines who we are. When we act in accordance with these values we operate from strength and integrity. Showcase yours this week and if you haven’t thought of yourself as a spiritual pioneer up until now – perhaps it’s time you did.


29th – Full Moon in 1st

29th – Venus enters 6th

30th – Mercury enters 8th

1st – Mystic Rectangle – Venus in 6th sextile Mercury in 8th opposition Moon in 2nd and trine Uranus in 12th sextile Moon in 2nd trine Venus in 6th opposition Uranus in 12th

3rd – Grand Water Trine – Saturn in 7th trine Neptune in 11th trine Moon in 3rd trine Saturn in 7th

3rd – Cardinal Grand Cross – Uranus in 12th square Moon in 3rd opposition Pluto in 9th and square Venus in 6th square Pluto in 9th square Uranus in 12th opposition Venus in 6th

  • Emotional needs vs. work duties – can you balance them?
  • Time to get serious with someone serious!
  • Prepare for a relocation – if only a spiritual one!

A full Moon has the tendency to make us focus on what’s going wrong in our lives rather than all the things that are going right. For you this week, Taurus, this may mean difficulties in the workplace thanks also to Venus your ruler, entering your 6th. This isn’t a sector of your chart that Venus is happy in and being your ruler you may find the experience more personal than with other signs especially when it comes to balancing your emotional needs with those of work. My advice is to focus on what’s working and what isn’t working – well, don’t bother to fix it as it will probably fix itself given time.

On the 30th, Mercury enters your 8th of endings and transformations sending you advance warning of a shift that’s in the air. Yes, I know you don’t like change Taurus, but sometimes it’s inevitable. On the 1st the Mystic Rectangle includes Venus and Mercury but also the Moon now in your 2nd and Uranus planet of the unexpected in your 12th. Look to what is going on behind the scenes now as it’s something you need to know about.

On the 3rd the sky fills up with transformational aspects which again include Venus but the Grand Water Trine that day is formed by Saturn in your 7th, Neptune in your 11th and the Moon now in your 3rd. Have your ideas about what kind of partner you think you want been at odds with the person you actually need? Time to review your options. Sometimes using your head can open a doorway into your heart.

The Cardinal Grand Cross on the same day strides across your 3rd, 6th, 9th and 12th houses putting your ruler against the emotional tides of the Moon, transformational Pluto in your 9th and unpredictable Uranus in your 12th. Here is the shift we’ve spoken of. You could find yourself packing your bags to be with someone on the other side of the world or else experience a profound shift in your thinking. Whatever it is there’s no escaping the journey now.


29th – Full Moon in 12th

29th – Venus enters 5th

30th – Mercury enters 7th

1st – Mystic Rectangle – Venus in 5th sextile Mercury in 7th opposition Moon in 1st and trine Uranus in 11th sextile Moon in 1st trine Venus in 5th opposition Uranus in 11th

3rd – Grand Water Trine – Saturn in 6th trine Neptune in 10th trine Moon in 2nd trine Saturn in 6th

3rd – Cardinal Grand Cross – Uranus in 11th square Moon in 2nd opposition Pluto in 8th and square Venus in 5th square Pluto in 8th square Uranus in 11th opposition Venus in 5th

  • Don’t stay at home this week
  • What is the ‘Great attractor’? Could it be you?
  • Make sure what is offered to you is real

A spiritually charged full Moon in your 12th may bring insightful dreams or just have you contemplating your place in the grand scheme of things. No matter what insights you’re receiving, don’t stay home pondering them, get out and about as Venus planet of love, attraction and all things sensual and indulgent, enters your 5th on the same day – a house where Venus is very happy to unpack her beauty case for a while.

She’s getting a boost from your ruler Mercury which enters your 7th of partnerships the following day and a few days later a superb Mystic Rectangle brings them in aspect to the Moon in your 1st and Uranus in your 11th of friends, goals and situations that can benefit you in the longer term. Have a think about the concept of a ‘Great attractor’. Could it be you have the ability to become that in your own life? Watch what turns up this week and draw your own conclusions.

The Grand Water trine of the 3rd takes place across your sectors of assets, work and career. Just make sure what you’re being offered is real and that anyone promising to deliver something is actually in a position to do so. The same day a Cardinal Grand Cross forms which includes Uranus, Venus, the Moon now in your 2nd and Venus in your 5th. What have you attracted now? Whatever it is, know what you have thought has brought it into being. Don’t like it? Change your thoughts.


29th – Full Moon in 11th

29th – Venus enters 4th

30th – Mercury enters 6th

1st – Mystic Rectangle – Venus in 4th sextile Mercury in 6th opposition Moon in 12th and trine Uranus in 10th sextile Moon in 12th trine Venus in 4th opposition Uranus in 10th

3rd – Grand Water Trine – Saturn in 5th trine Neptune in 9th trine Moon in 1st trine Saturn in 5th

3rd – Cardinal Grand Cross – Uranus in 10th square Moon in 1st opposition Pluto in 7th and square Venus in 4th square Pluto in 7th square Uranus in 10th opposition Venus in 4th

  • You connect with your emotional roots
  • Embark on a creative journey of the soul
  • Transformations transport you towards future possibilities

The full Moon this week falls in your 11th of social connections and also long term goals and dreams. Have you been keeping these a secret? If so, why? Conversely, you could discover that you thought you wanted one thing only to be hit by the revelation you needed something else entirely thanks to the Grand Water Trine which occurs on the 3rd.

It’s all about getting in touch with your emotional roots and discovering what really sustains you, thanks to Venus entering your sector of home and security on the 29th followed by a Mystic Rectangle which takes in Venus, the Moon now in your 12th of spirituality and secrets, Mercury and Uranus.

The next day Mercury enters your work sector – keep a record of all correspondence and a diary for appointments and don’t even think of trying to be in two places (or juggle too many balls) at once.

However, there’s little doubt you’re being gently (or not so gently) nudged in the direction of your soul path this week. It’s a journey of creative transformation designed to put you in the way of new opportunities for your growth. On the 3rd, the same day as the Grand Water Trine occurs, the Moon now in your 1st (also part of the trine), forms part of a Cardinal Grand Cross with Venus, Pluto in your 7th and Uranus in your 10th. Don’t wait for the transformation to sweep you along, instigate one and be the agent of transformation in your own life.


29th – Full Moon in 10th

29th – Venus enters 3rd

30th – Mercury enters 5th

1st – Mystic Rectangle – Venus in 3rd sextile Mercury in 5th opposition Moon in 11th and trine Uranus in 9th sextile Moon in 11th trine Venus in 3rd opposition Uranus in 9th

3rd – Grand Water Trine – Saturn in 4th trine Neptune in 8th trine Moon in 12th trine Saturn in 4th

3rd – Cardinal Grand Cross – Uranus in 9th square Moon in 12th opposition Pluto in 6th and square Venus in 3rd square Pluto in 6th square Uranus in 9th opposition Venus in 3rd

  • Soul boosting opportunities in love and career beckon
  • Insight arrives that helps boost your long-term security
  • Changes make for a spiritual powerbase to draw on – don’t resist them!

The full Moon in your 10th on the 29th could see you receiving a pat on the back from someone which could kick-off a week of soul-boosting events, Leo. On the same day Venus enters your 3rd of communication, transport and short distance journeys. Invitations could be flowing your way as your love and career areas are highlighted thanks to Mercury which also moves into your 5th of pleasure, creativity and indulgences of all kinds on the 30th.

However, although good times beckon other aspects this week point to change. Thanks to Mercury your creativity and problem solving skills are at a peak and you’ll be looking at ways to attain your longer-term goals. Lucky you because the Mystic Rectangle of the 1st not only includes Mercury and Venus but also innovator Uranus and the Moon. Not only will you come up with new solutions they will be emotionally satisfying ones.

The major aspects of the week don’t end there. On the 3rd a Grand Water Trine and a Cardinal Grand Cross form. For you, Leo these aspects are all about bringing in changes that will benefit your soul growth in the long term giving you access to resources you never dreamed you had. They may have been buried inside you like gold but these superb aspects will bring them to the surface. Don’t stand in the way of change – in this instance it could reveal buried treasure.


29th – Full Moon in 9th

29th – Venus enters 2nd

30th – Mercury enters 4th

1st – Mystic Rectangle – Venus in 2nd sextile Mercury in 4th opposition Moon in 10th and trine Uranus in 8th sextile Moon in 10th trine Venus in 2nd opposition Uranus in 8th

3rd – Grand Water Trine – Saturn in 3rd trine Neptune in 7th trine Moon in 11th trine Saturn in 3rd

3rd – Cardinal Grand Cross – Uranus in 8th square Moon in 11th opposition Pluto in 5th and square Venus in 2nd square Pluto in 5th square Uranus in 8th opposition Venus in 2nd

  • What you’ve been working towards comes within reach
  • Who is unavailable to you emotionally?
  • Time to welcome abundance into your life

Whatever you’ve been working towards or hoping for could come tantalizingly within reach this week, Virgo thanks to the full Moon in your 9th bringing opportunity closer helped by Venus entering your 2nd of assets on the 29th. The following day, your ruler Mercury moves into your 4th of home and emotional security. Virgos who work from home could see orders flood in while others may be contemplating a move. But really Mercury’s stay is all about building a base from which to go out into the world.

On the 1st Mercury forms part of a Mystic Rectangle which also includes Venus, the Moon in your 10th and Uranus in your 8th. Take a look at what is being offered to you now. Is someone offering to share something with you be it time, money, resources? This could herald a cycle of abundance – are you ready to receive?

The 3rd is a stellar day when a Grand Water Trine and a Cardinal Grand Cross form. For you this has a lot to do with soul expression and emotions. You may be shrugging off your reputation for being the zodiac’s detail-driven sign and wanting to immerse yourself in emotional experiences now instead. This may bring up issues for you as to emotional (un)availability. Someone can be single but this does not necessarily mean they are available. If you’re faced with a loved one withholding something on an emotional level ask yourself in what way you’ve become unavailable. Then if someone asks you what your sign is you can tell them – Open for business.


29th – Full Moon in 8th

29th – Venus enters 1st

30th – Mercury enters 3rd

1st – Mystic Rectangle – Venus in 1st sextile Mercury in 3rd opposition Moon in 9th and trine Uranus in 7th sextile Moon in 9th trine Venus in 1st opposition Uranus in 7th

3rd – Grand Water Trine – Saturn in 2nd trine Neptune in 6th trine Moon in 10th trine Saturn in 2nd

3rd – Cardinal Grand Cross – Uranus in 7th square Moon in 10th opposition Pluto in 4th and square Venus in 1st square Pluto in 4th square Uranus in 7th opposition Venus in 1st

  • ‘Fated’ encounters and synchronicities appear
  • Green lights illuminate the road to success and soul purpose
  • Be Venus this week!

This week we’re going to talk about your ruler Venus, Libra. As she enters your sign on the 29th it’s time to be Venus personified which shouldn’t be too hard for you to do. The full Moon also on the 29th occurs in your 8th house and may have you looking to express yourself more passionately at this time. The following day Mercury enters your 3rd of communication – being Venus may also boost your social life this week.

The Mystic Rectangle that forms on the 1st also includes Venus and Mercury, the Moon in your 9th of adventure and Uranus planet of surprises and thrills in your 7th of partnerships. When the Cardinal Grand Cross forms on the 3rd, Venus will aspect transformational and sexy Pluto in your 4th, the Moon in your 10th and again – Uranus in your 7th. Green lights and synchronicities could light the way towards your soul purpose – you may feel more than one nudge to get you going on your path this week and single Librans could find their soul purpose is expressing their Venus side with someone new.

The Grand Water Trine also on the 3rd lights up your entire money, work and career sector. However, make sure any opportunity that comes your way this week is all it appears to be but if you’re prepared to do whatever it takes to reach your goals know your hard work will pay off. So honour your inner Venus and don’t forget to dress the part!


29th – Full Moon in 7th

29th – Venus enters 12th

30th – Mercury enters 2nd

1st – Mystic Rectangle – Venus in 12th sextile Mercury in 2nd opposition Moon in 8th and trine Uranus in 6th sextile Moon in 8th trine Venus in 12th opposition Uranus in 6th

3rd – Grand Water Trine – Saturn in 1st trine Neptune in 5th trine Moon in 9th trine Saturn in 1st

3rd – Cardinal Grand Cross – Uranus in 6th square Moon in 9th opposition Pluto in 3rd and square Venus in 12th square Pluto in 3rd square Uranus in 6th opposition Venus in 12th

  • People from your past or a past life could appear
  • Sudden events could offer transformation
  • The start of a significant period of creativity, adventure or love

The full Moon of the 29th falls in your 7th of partnerships and close personal relationships heralding a new period which could see your horizons expand in more than one area. When it comes to people – and that includes lovers past and present, Venus in your 12th on the same day promises deep spiritual connections and also those from a past life reappearing especially around the Mystic Rectangle on the 1st which not only includes Venus but Mercury which left your sign and entered your 2nd on the 30th, the Moon in your 8th and Uranus in your 6th. Watch for sudden opportunities or events which have the potential to transform your life.

Saturn now in your 1st forms part of a Grand Water Trine between Neptune in your 5th and the Moon in your 9th on the 3rd. If you’re suddenly struck with inspiration know where it’s coming from – in-spirit. You’re looking for those on a similar spiritual path to your own now – lucky for you this aspect will help you find them.

Also on the 3rd a Cardinal Grand Cross forms with Pluto your ruler in your 3rd. If there was someone from your past you’ve wanted to hear from watch out – you just may. Remember, some encounters are fated. What we do about them is where free will comes in.


29th – Full Moon in 6th

29th – Venus enters 11th

30th – Mercury enters 1st

1st – Mystic Rectangle – Venus in 11th sextile Mercury in 1st opposition Moon in 7th and trine Uranus in 5th sextile Moon in 7th trine Venus in 11th opposition Uranus in 5th

3rd – Grand Water Trine – Saturn in 12th trine Neptune in 4th trine Moon in 8th trine Saturn in 12th

3rd – Cardinal Grand Cross – Uranus in 5th square Moon in 8th opposition Pluto in 2nd and square Venus in 11th square Pluto in 2nd square Uranus in 5th opposition Venus in 11th

  • New relationships which emerge will prove significant
  • A creative venture or a person could prove your best asset now
  • Opportunities arrive for long term security – yes, even a free spirit needs them!

I hope you’ve got your day-to-day work under control Sag, because the full Moon in your 6th of work and everyday tasks means that if you’ve fallen behind or been a bit slap-dash recently, it’s all about to catch up with you. Sorry, you won’t be able to gallop off leaving it all behind. This time you’ll have to stay and deal with it. You can avoid feeling overwhelmed simply by not putting off things you could do today just because they’re not that exciting. Remember, attending to mundane stuff leaves you free to do the exciting stuff later.

It’s not all routine however thanks to Venus which enters your sector of friendships and goals on the same day and Mercury who enters your sign on the 1st. This is another reason to attend to routine tasks as your popularity peaks. This could be due to a new connection thanks to a Mystic Rectangle which forms on the 1st in your 1st, 5th, 7th and 11th houses. Any new friendships formed this week could turn out to be significant in the longer term. In fact, a person or a creative venture could be your best asset now. Look to the 3rd when a Cardinal Grand Cross forms as to who or what it could be.

The Grand Water trine of the 3rd is asking you to take a good look at what you need to sustain you in the longer term. A secure home base or financial future? People or a person who can rely on? An opportunity could arrive to help you build a more secure future and yes – even a free spirit needs somewhere to call home and someone to call their own.


29th – Full Moon in 5th

29th – Venus enters 10th

30th – Mercury enters 12th

1st – Mystic Rectangle – Venus in 10th sextile Mercury in 12th opposition Moon in 6th and trine Uranus in 4th sextile Moon in 6th trine Venus in 10th opposition Uranus in 4th

3rd – Grand Water Trine – Saturn in 11th trine Neptune in 3rd trine Moon in 7th trine Saturn in 11th

3rd – Cardinal Grand Cross – Uranus in 4th square Moon in 7th opposition Pluto in 1st and square Venus in 10th square Pluto in 1st square Uranus in 4th opposition Venus in 10th

  • Issues around home and status/security surface
  • Are your goals aligned to your soul purpose?
  • Who or what do you need to attract?

The full Moon in your 5th on the 29th may have you thinking about who or what it is you need to attract into your life now. Love? Money? Abundance? Creativity? You’re going to get some help whatever it happens to be this week but first look to your home, security and status as the Mystic Rectangle which occurs on the 1st could mean that something rocks your routine in a way you don’t need right now. Double check the locks and also other people’s agendas on the work front.

It’s not all about making sure you’ve got your bases covered because Venus enters your 10th of status on the 29th while Mercury in your 12th from the 30th has you in a compassionate mood and seeking spiritual solutions to any problems which arise.

The real magic aspect for you this week is the Grand Water Trine on the 3rd between Neptune in your 3rd, the Moon in your 7th and your ruler Saturn in your 11th of friends, connections and your long term goals and dreams. You’re going to get help aligning your goals to your true purpose now as you shed ideas that have held you back thanks to the Cardinal Grand Cross that occurs the same day featuring transformational Pluto in your 1st, innovative and revolutionary Uranus in your 4th, the Moon in your 7th and Venus in your 10th. If you’re not sure which path to take – take the one that makes you feel you are being the best ‘you’ you possibly could be. This is your soul task this week.


29th – Full Moon in 4th

29th – Venus enters 9th

30th – Mercury enters 11th

1st – Mystic Rectangle – Venus in 9th sextile Mercury in 11th opposition Moon in 5th and trine Uranus in 3rd sextile Moon in 5th trine Venus in 9th opposition Uranus in 3rd

3rd – Grand Water Trine – Saturn in 10th trine Neptune in 2nd trine Moon in 6th trine Saturn in 10th

3rd – Cardinal Grand Cross – Uranus in 3rd square Moon in 6th opposition Pluto in 12th and square Venus in 9th square Pluto in 12th square Uranus in 3rd opposition Venus in 9th

  • You encounter something (or someone!) new
  • Possibilities expand
  • Right thinking and planning brings rewards now

The week starts with a push/pull symbolised by the full Moon in your 4th of home and security the same day as Venus enters your sector of adventure, expansion and long distance travel and communication. Do you stay cocooned or do you take the first step towards something or someone new?

It’s a week or potential and possibilities for you, Aquarius. Whether they are realised depends a lot on how ready you are to accept the start of a truly soul-boosting two year period. The Mystic Rectangle of the 1st not only involves Venus but also Mercury which entered your 11th of goals and groups on the 30th; your ruler Uranus in your 3rd of communication and the Moon in your 5th of creativity and love. Doing what you love is not a dream but a reality. On the 3rd, the Grand Water Trine will flow across your entire money, work and career sector re-emphasising this. It’s all about instigating sound planning to build the foundation for those dreams and you’re being shown the way to achieve this.

On the same day a Cardinal Grand Cross amps up the potential for you as it pulls in Pluto in your 12th as well as Uranus in your 3rd, the Moon in your 6th and Venus again in your 9th. This is a time for bold action, revolutionary thinking (at which you excel) and to look at what’s preventing you from following your true calling. Hope the only thing holding you back isn’t you. If so – time to get out of your own way.


29th – Full Moon in 3rd

29th – Venus enters 8th

30th – Mercury enters 10th

1st – Mystic Rectangle – Venus in 8th sextile Mercury in 10th opposition Moon in 4th and trine Uranus in 2nd sextile Moon in 4th trine Venus in 8th opposition Uranus in 2nd

3rd – Grand Water Trine – Saturn in 9th trine Neptune in 1st trine Moon in 5th trine Saturn in 9th

3rd – Cardinal Grand Cross – Uranus in 2nd square Moon in 5th opposition Pluto in 11th and square Venus in 8th square Pluto in 11th square Uranus in 2nd opposition Venus in 8th

  • What is having the biggest impact on your life this week?
  • Your impression of what constitutes your ‘reality’ shifts
  • A sudden change may propel you forward towards a long term goal

Venus in your 8th house transforms what you think about love, this week and reminds you that when you share a passionate experience with another, this is an alchemical event for you both. As a full Moon occurs in your 3rd of communication on the same day (the 29th), expect any romantic encounter to have a profound impact.

On the 30th, Mercury enters your zone of career and status. Expect some reputation-enhancing news.

The Mystic Rectangle of the 1st brings the focus back to sharing – not in the context of relationships this time but in what you share with others and what they share with you especially with regards to living space and costs. Hopefully this doesn’t include an argument over bills.

For you, the week’s main event is the fabulous Grand Water Trine on the 3rd which forms between the Moon in your 5th, Saturn in your 9th and your ruler Neptune in your 1st. If this were the 23rd Century I would say you were off to boldly go on the Enterprise. As it is, you could find yourself on a journey that expands your sense of what ‘reality’ is and what is possible or be profoundly influenced by a person from a very different background or culture.

Also on the 3rd a Cardinal Grand Cross forms which includes Uranus in your 2nd of money, the Moon in your 5th of creativity, abundance and love, Venus in your 8th and transformational Pluto in your 11th of long term goals. The result of all this fabulous activity is that you could suddenly be catapulted forward towards a long term goal at warp speed. All that exploring the spiritual laws behind success could finally pay off.

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