Your Free Weekly Horoscope Forecast for All Signs November 5th


6th – Grand Fire Trine – Uranus in 1st trine Moon in 5th trine Mercury in 9th trine Uranus in 1st

6th – Mercury retrograde in 9th

10th – T-square – Uranus in 1st opp Moon in 7th square Pluto in 10th square Uranus in 1st

11th – Neptune direct in 12th

11th – Jupiter in 3rd trine Moon/Venus conjunct in 7th

  • Unexpected events fuel unique soul growth opportunities
  • Break free of restrictions
  • Where attention goes energy flows

You’re one of the zodiac’s instigators and initiators, Aries, so you are one of the signs most likely to benefit from this week’s planetary line up which ushers in soul-growth opportunities fuelled by events that we may not necessarily expect. There’s a lot of focus for you this week on your 1st house so for you it may not only impact you in an intensely personal way but any changes that happen could have long-term effects on not only how others see you but how you see yourself.

It all kicks off with a Grand Fire Trine on the 6th which has Uranus in your 1st trineing the Moon in your 5th and Mercury in your 9th. On the same day Mercury will turn retrograde. You may unexpectedly receive a second chance at an opportunity you thought had slipped from your grasp. This time – don’t let go.

On the 10th, the T-square which forms also includes Uranus in your 1st opposing the Moon in your partnership sector and Pluto in your zone of career and status. Look for cooperation in all situations and you’ll find barriers to progress vanishing.

On the 11th, Neptune planet of secrets and spiritual connections moves direct in your 12th. What truths have you learned and what has been kept from you. Someone is about to show their true colours.

On the same day an incredible aspect forms between Jupiter in your 3rd of communication and transport and a Moon/Venus conjunction in your 7th of partnerships. For all signs it’s a call to focus your attention on a specific area. For you Aries this could represent a lucky break in career or partnership terms. We’re back to that word again – working in partnership. Despairing singleton Rams could find their status changing. Whatever you do – don’t go it alone now.


6th – Grand Fire Trine – Uranus in 12th trine Moon in 4th trine Mercury in 8th trine Uranus in 12th

6th – Mercury retrograde in 8th

10th – T-square – Uranus in 12th opp Moon in 6th square Pluto in 9th square Uranus in 12th

11th – Neptune direct in 11th

11th – Jupiter in 2nd trine Moon/Venus conjunct in 6th

  • Spiritual insights ignite inspiration
  • Work opportunities boost the bottom line
  • Make sure you know what’s going on behind-the-scenes

There’s a profound theme of sharing around you this week, Taurus and it’s actually all about sharing your ideas and yourself. Not that you’re a sign that associated with being stingy but you may just not appreciate how much others do value you. Spread yourself and your ideas around especially the insights you may receive when it comes to who you share you space, resources or even bed with. The reason for this is a great deal of focus on your spiritual 12th thanks to the Grand Fire Trine of the 6th which has Uranus in your 12th trine the Moon in your 4th and Mercury in your 8th. On the same day Mercury turns retrograde. You may well evaluate what you think you know now and replace this with what you currently believe.

Be prepared for inspiration which could put you in the best position to take advantage of sudden changes on the work front. You may have had a hunch something was going on. Keep your ear to the ground and make sure you know what’s going on behind the scenes. This has nothing to do with listening to gossip but making sure that when it comes to events that could impact you, you are firmly in the loop especially around the 10th when the T-square again draws in Uranus in your 12th which will oppose the Moon in your work sector and square Pluto in your 9th of expansion. You are perfectly positioned to make changes work in your favour. The following day Neptune will turn direct in your 11th removing blockages (or what you thought of as blockages) to your goals.

For all signs this week the highlight will be the sparkling trine between Jupiter in your 2nd and a conjunction between the Moon and Venus your ruler, in your 6th also on the 11th. For you this could smooth over any tensions at work, release blockages and even give you an opportunity to increase your wellbeing or worth. Focus your energy on what you have and watch the bottom line increase.


6th – Grand Fire Trine – Uranus in 11th trine Moon in 3rd trine Mercury in 7th trine Uranus in 11th

6th – Mercury retrograde in 7th

10th – T-square – Uranus in 11th opp Moon in 5th square Pluto in 8th square Uranus in 11th

11th – Neptune direct in 10th

11th – Jupiter in 1st trine Moon/Venus conjunct in 5th

  • Who are your soul partners?
  • Love or creative opportunities appear to transform your world
  • You are valued more than you think

Think love, creativity, transformation, goals and dreams this week, Gemini. You’re about to receive a boost in one of these areas – or maybe more! Your 11th house of friends, colleagues and goals is the focus of much of this week’s planetary activity which kicks off what is a star-studded month for every sign. The Grand Fire trine of the 6th brings the focus to bear on those goals as Uranus in your 11th gets entangled with the Moon in your 3rd of communication and Mercury your ruler in your partnership zone. On the same day Mercury turns retrograde. For you, making the most of the week’s opportunities means not only focussing on those goals but on who you consider to be a soul partner. It could be your soul partner is the missing piece of the puzzle whether you have one – or not. Watch what happens after the 11th when Neptune  turns direct in your 10th of career and status. Been selling yourself short or just plain unappreciated? Look to how others start to treat you now as you should see a shift as they realise your value both professionally and personally.

It’s all about what you believe is possible for you now which is further emphasised by the T-square of the 10th. This time Uranus faces off the Moon which has now moved to your 5th and squares Pluto in your 8th of transformation. What happens could take you by surprise. This may not be a bad thing however.

If you’re single then love could come shining through thanks to Jupiter still in your 1st which trines the Moon which meets Venus in your 5th on the 11th. At the very least you’ll feel sensual and extraordinarily creative. Use this energy to express this to the world. In doing so what you attract may surprise you but that’s just the point this week. If you don’t have a dream how can your dream come true?


6th – Grand Fire Trine – Uranus in 10th trine Moon in 2nd trine Mercury in 6th trine Uranus in 10th

6th – Mercury retrograde in 6th

10th – T-square – Uranus in 10th opp Moon in 4th square Pluto in 7th square Uranus in 10th

11th – Neptune direct in 9th

11th – Jupiter in 12th trine Moon/Venus conjunct in 4th

  • Push forward with career or soul path plans
  • Does anyone make you feel insecure?
  • What nurtures you spiritually?

When all is said and done, Cancer you’re as keen to get on and take advantage of opportunities as any other sign out there. Did you know that years ago your sign was considered the wandering star of the zodiac due to its association with the Moon, sea and tides? Cancerians were the restless souls always seeking to embark on some new adventure. Then of course, Sagittarius became the sign associated with the explorer. Perhaps this week it’s the start of reclaiming your role as the pusher of boundaries and frontiers. So, long as you have your secure base to retreat to if you need it, why not?

You’ve got some fabulous aspects this week encouraging you to step out into a larger world and take advantage of transits designed to expand your career or soul path plans. The Grand Fire Trine between Uranus, the Moon your ruler and Mercury ignites your entire money, career and work sector. This is your green light especially if it involves something from you past as Mercury turns retrograde the same day. Go back and revisit it. You could have a very different result this time.

Lucky for you that you are adept at change as there could be unexpected events around you that while they are for your long term benefit may require you to act quickly or drop what you’re doing to take full advantage of them. It’s all due to Uranus which on the 10th forms a T-Square with the Moon in your 4th of home and emotional security and Pluto still in your partnership zone. The following day Neptune turns direct in your 9th of expansion. You may suddenly see options you just weren’t aware of existed before lit up and beckoning. Go straight for them. The only person holding you back now is yourself.

On the 11th the Moon meets Venus in your 4th again and beams a stunning trine to Jupiter in your 12th. If you’re feeling rattled but all this Uranian upheaval here is your anchor as you’ll connect to what sustains you spiritually. No matter what’s going on around you, your spiritual truth cannot be taken away from you. Now you feel secure, step out into the adventure.


6th – Grand Fire Trine – Uranus in 9th trine Moon in 1st trine Mercury in 5th trine Uranus in 9th

6th – Mercury retrograde in 5th

10th – T-square – Uranus in 9th opp Moon in 3rd square Pluto in 6th square Uranus in 9th

11th – Neptune direct in 8th

11th – Jupiter in 11th trine Moon/Venus conjunct in 3rd

  • What do you need to expand your world?
  • Unexpected changes could occur on the work front
  • Relationships and friendships of all kinds are highlighted

What do you need to do to get a larger slice of life, Leo? Do you think life is letting you express your full potential? Don’t tell me you’re slogging away in the background somewhere? You need to take a close look this week at what area of you life needs an upgrade and focus your energy accordingly. Lucky you because the Grand Fire Trine of the 6th features the Moon in your 1st, Mercury in your 5th and Uranus in your 9th, all urging you on not to accept anything less than a starring role in your life. On the same day, Mercury turns retrograde so have a good look at what’s worked for you in the past and back-track.

There’s a change afoot in your work and wellness sector as well which will become apparent around the 10th when a T-square forms which again includes Uranus which will oppose the Moon in your 3rd and square Pluto in your 6th. Leo’s who have been feeling a little below par will find their energy returning. However, unexpected changes could sweep you along to a new way of working. Neptune turns direct in your 8th of shared resources and yes – sex on the 11th. Dare we say it – you’re only interested in sex with depth now. Anyone offering to share something (that includes themselves!) has a deep past-life connection with you. Time for transformations on the karmic zone. Don’t resist them and don’t question.

Relationships and connections of all kinds are highlighted when Jupiter planet of expansion and luck in your 11th trines a fabulous Moon/Venus conjunction in your 3rd. A person or a group of people could provide the catalyst that enables you to strut your stuff and show the world what you have to give it – your own unique self. Get ready for star billing and don’t forget to thank your supporting cast.


6th – Grand Fire Trine – Uranus in 8th trine Moon in 12th trine Mercury in 4th trine Uranus in 8th

6th – Mercury retrograde in 4th

10th – T-square – Uranus in 8th opp Moon in 2nd square Pluto in 5th square Uranus in 8th

11th – Neptune direct in 7th

11th – Jupiter in 10th trine Moon/Venus conjunct in 2nd

  • Shared resources or environments undergo revision or change
  • What do you feel you are owed?
  • Money or assets could increase

Mercury your ruler turns retrograde in your 4th of home and emotional security on the 6th, the same day as he’s caught up in a Grand Fire Trine which also pulls in Uranus in your 8th and the Moon in your 12th. You may be more emotional than usual as a result – especially when it comes to things that you share be they resources or your living space. Don’t pull the silent treatment if you’re upset. It’s important to make sure others understand your position.

You may also feel others owe you something – anything from an explanation to money. When a powerful T-square occurs on the 10th again featuring Uranus but now the Moon in your money sector and Pluto in your house of love and creativity, expect re-negotiations to take place especially if you feel you’re being short-changed. Neptune turns direct in your partnership sector on the 11th (a different zone of your chart to the one which governs love affairs). You could suddenly discover a partnership prospect you’ve over-looked. If partners or close friends have been keeping secrets from you they could well be exposed now.

Also on the 11th you could well feel the benefits of the fabulous Moon/Venus conjunction in your 2nd which trines Jupiter in your 10th in your back account. Your money or assets could increase thanks to an unexpected windfall or career move. Share and share alike, that’s the message for you this week.


6th – Grand Fire Trine – Uranus in 7th trine Moon in 11th trine Mercury in 3rd trine Uranus in 7th

6th – Mercury retrograde in 3rd

10th – T-square – Uranus in 7th opp Moon in 1st square Pluto in 4th square Uranus in 7th

11th – Neptune direct in 6th

11th – Jupiter in 9th trine Moon/Venus conjunct in 1st

  • Focus on long term goals especially if they involve partners
  • Back up important documents
  • You could be in for a lucky break

Uranus  has a few interesting alignments to make this week, the first of which occurs on the 6th when he forms part of a Grand Fire Trine between the Moon in your 11th and Mercury in your 3rd. On the same day, Mercury also turns retrograde. It’s time to focus on your long term goals now especially if they involve partners or people close to you. Perhaps your goal is having a partner? If so, be careful what you wish for now.

As you’re the sign in love with love, the focus continues on those all-important close relationships all week. On the 10th, the intense T-square which forms not only includes Uranus again but also the Moon now in your 1st and powerful Pluto in your house of home and emotions. If you’re single please don’t indulge in ‘Why I am always the bridesmaid?’ thoughts. This is your push to do something about it.

With Mercury retrograde in your 3rd make sure all essential documents and files are backed up and allow plenty of time to get where you’re going as the 3rd house also rules transport.

On the 11th a fabulous soul-enhancing aspect between Venus your ruler which meets the Moon in your first, and Jupiter planet of luck and expansion in your 9th occurs. Jupiter is extremely happy in this sector of your chart so watch for a lucky break in a key area and be ready to take advantage of it when it shows up. Neptune turns direct in your 6th, clearing up a work or wellbeing situation that may have had you puzzled. It’s a fast-moving week and you need to pay attention. Radiate positivity and that’s exactly what you’ll attract.


6th – Grand Fire Trine – Uranus in 6th trine Moon in 10th trine Mercury in 2nd trine Uranus in 6th

6th – Mercury retrograde in 2nd

10th – T-square – Uranus in 6th opp Moon in 12th square Pluto in 3rd square Uranus in 6th

11th -Neptune direct in 5th

11th – Jupiter in 8th trine Moon/Venus conjunct in 12th

  • Avoid power plays at work this week
  • Reassess your values
  • Watch what the universe wants you to receive

What happens this week at work might have you thinking you’ve been unwittingly scripted into a reality TV show about powerplays or else an episode of Mad Men, Scorpio. The upheavals could include anything from being told at short notice to move your desk to being told to either sit in the MD’s chair or collect your P45. Rest assured you can cope with whatever the universe sends your way and if you get kicked upstairs to the boardroom know it’s because you belong there. It’s all down to Uranus, planet of the unexpected, currently sitting in your work zone who kicks off the week as part of a Grand Fire Trine across your entire career and money sector on the 6th. On the same day, Mercury also part of the trine turns retrograde getting you to re-assess your values or what you believe is important and that could just be your integrity.

For you, the real power aspect is the T-square of the 10th as it not only involves Uranus but Pluto your ruler in your 3rd and the Moon in your 12th. Watch for power plays at work and try to stay out of them (even though we know you are the Grand Master of Manoeuvring Behind the Scenes). Let everyone else bring out the long knives while you sit and watch.

However, if I’m painting a complex or even gloomy picture, don’t be misled. The universe wants you to receive something this week so watch out for it especially when Venus and the Moon meet in your 12th on the 11th and make a fabulous trine to Jupiter in your 8th of transformations, shared resources and sex.  Neptune turns direct on the same day removing clouds and ‘fogginess’. Whatever it is its going to exceed your expectations – so fire up your passion and leave the power struggles to others.


6th – Grand Fire Trine – Uranus in 5th trine Moon in 9th trine Mercury in 1st trine Uranus in 5th

6th – Mercury retrograde in 1st

10th – T-square – Uranus in 5th opp Moon in 11th square Pluto in 2nd square Uranus in 5th

11th – Neptune direct in 4th

11th – Jupiter in 7th trine Moon/Venus conjunct in 11th

  • Something you had thought finished comes alive again
  • You could benefit from the generosity of others
  • Creative blockages come tumbling down

Sagittarius – we have ignition! There’s a huge focus this week on your 1st house and also your 7th which involves your ruler Jupiter. But first, let’s look at the fabulous aspect which kick-starts the week – a Grand Fire Trine which has Mercury in your 1st beaming away at restriction-busting Uranus in your 5th and the Moon in your 9th where adventures begin. On the same day Mercury will turn retrograde. So, the adventure could well involve something returning that you thought over and done with, here for a second time around and maybe just a different outcome this time.

There’s a theme of others wanting to share what they have with you this week. On the 10th, watch for the T-square which highlights your 11th of friends, connections and goals. This also involves Uranus which opposes the Moon now in your 11th and squares Pluto in your 2nd of money. Neptune turns direct in your 4th of home and emotional security. Anything that’s been out-of-kilter on the home front should be set to rights. If you’ve been wondering where your best place on earth may be you may be shocked and delighted to discover it’s right where you are.

Your ruler Jupiter may just help here. On the 11th he will make an extremely fortunate alignment with a Moon and Venus conjunction in your 11th. This could just fuel the generosity others want to show you right now especially those close to you. Single archers should be out and about as love could appear out of nowhere. But then you’re a sign which loves surprises.


6th – Grand Fire Trine – Uranus in 4th trine Moon in 8th trine Mercury in 12th trine Uranus in 4th

6th – Mercury retrograde in 12th

10th – T-square – Uranus in 4th opp Moon in 10th square Pluto in 1st square Uranus in 4th

11th – Neptune direct in 3rd

11th – Jupiter in 6th trine Moon/Venus conjunct in 10th

  • What needs to be examined?
  • Work and/or status boosting opportunities arrive
  • Your energy is at a peak this week – direct it wisely

While other signs may use the energy for the Grand Fire Trine which occurs on the 6th to push toward their goals, you may find yourself directly the energy towards matters of the soul this week, Capricorn. You may find yourself examining the year so far and the changes that have been going on in your life and looking at the bigger picture – especially when it comes to the actions of others. Mercury turns retrograde on the 6th giving you the ability to probe beneath the surface when it comes to uncovering motivations. No matter how hard they may try to keep it hidden, the truth will have a habit of surfacing.

The T-square of the 10th has Pluto in your 1st squaring off Uranus in your 4th which opposes the Moon in your 10th. Expect emotional turbulence and you having to cope with the fallout from that. Your energy will be at a peak so make sure you use this to your best advantage especially when it comes to matters concerning your security. Neptune turns direct in your 3rd of communication on the 11th – people may have been employing stalling tactics or pretending not to understand your meaning.  Agendas will be revealed and if you don’t like them you won’t hesitate to convey your meaning clearly.

Just in time, Jupiter in your work zone makes a superb trine to the Moon/Venus conjunction in your 10th of career and status also on the 11th. Promotions, pay rises, business wins or that job you’ve been coveting could be yours. It’s a big month and this week is just the start of it. Pace yourself.


6th – Grand Fire Trine – Uranus in 3rd trine Moon in 7th trine Mercury in 11th trine Uranus in 3rd

6th – Mercury retrograde in 11th

10th – T-square – Uranus in 3rd opp Moon in 9th square Pluto in 12th square Uranus in 3rd

11th -Neptune direct in 2nd

11th – Jupiter in 5th trine Moon/Venus conjunct in 9th

  • Bring your goals into alignment with your soul expression
  • Who are you in touch with this week?
  • Love could be larger than life or from far away

There’s no point in having goals Aquarius unless they express who you truly are. Trying to manifest something that out of alignment with your soul purpose is a waste of time and energy. You’ll get it to find you didn’t want it after all. The Grand Fire Trine of the 6th has you looking at what you’ve been trying to achieve and seeing if it now fits with who you’ve become. Mercury which forms part of this turns retrograde on the same day. The message: review your strategy.

Who you’re talking to also plays a big role this week thanks to Uranus your ruler in your 3rd which forms part of most major aspects for you. As well as forming part of the Grand Fire Trine, Uranus features in the T-square of the 10th when he opposes the Moon in your 9th and squares off Pluto in your 12th. You need to pay close attention to your contacts and communications now. They could come from far away or even from people you’ve known in the past – or a past life. Neptune turns direct in your 2nd on the 11th. This is all about seeing what resources you have available to you and how best to utilise them. Your resources also include your skills and talents and beliefs. Neptune may have refined these during his retrograde period.

Jupiter in your 5th of creativity and romance trines Venus planet of love conjunct the Moon in your 9th of expansion, luck and long distance travel. Love could appear on the horizon from far away (there’s those words again) or else turn up in the form of someone who appears larger than life. If in doubt – choose the path of adventure. There’s no point in playing it safe now.


6th – Grand Fire Trine – Uranus in 2nd trine Moon in 6th trine Mercury in 10th trine Uranus in 2nd

6th – Mercury retrograde in 10th

10th – T-square – Uranus in 2nd opp Moon in 8th square Pluto in 11th square Uranus in 2nd

11th – Neptune direct in 1st

11th – Jupiter in 4th trine Moon/Venus conjunct in 8th

  • Unexpected opportunities arise from the past
  • Security and home issues take precedence
  • Are your goals and dreams directed at transformation?

Look to your assets, your bank account and what you value the most this week, Pisces. Unexpected opportunities to increase your assets could arrive with a past connection attached. It’s all due to Uranus planet of change in your 2nd house which dominates most aspects for you this week. On the 6th, a Grand Fire Trine forms between Uranus, the Moon in your 6th of work and Mercury in your 10th. The same day Mercury turns retrograde. Status and bank account boosting news could arrive from a source you may have forgotten or dismissed.

The T-square of the 10th also features Uranus who now opposes the Moon which has moved to your 8th of transformations, endings and shared resources and Pluto in your 11th of friends, groups and goals. Are your goals directed towards transforming your life on every level? And by that I mean on a soul level. Worldly success is one thing but to give your goals added ‘omph!’ you need to include the alchemical changes you need to make within in order for them to become real. After all, if you won’t change within how can you expect your world to change without?

On the 11th Neptune your ruler moves direct in your 1st house. You may have been feeling you’ve been on a journey into another world – perhaps you have! The result however may have been yuo feeling shut-off from the ‘real’ world. Welcome back. You’ve changed. Watch how people react to you now and if the resonance is no longer there realise you have moved on while they’ve stayed put. Keep moving.

Jupiter in your 4th makes a superb trine to the Moon and Venus conjunct in your 8th the same day. Someone could literally offer you something that is theirs with no strings attached. Share and also be generous. You can afford to Pay it Forward now.

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