Your Free Weekly Astrology Overview November 12th

13th – New Super Moon in Scorpio

13th – Total Solar Eclipse in Scorpio

15th – Retrograde Mercury enters Scorpio

17th – 18th – Sun, Retrograde Mercury and North Node conjunct in Scorpio square Neptune and Chiron conjunct in Pisces

17 – 18th – Leonids Meteor Shower

  • A doorway to total transformation opens
  • Astrological aspects convey spiritual truths
  • A phase of total enlightenment is possible both globally and personally

There’s a massive focus in the sky this week on Scorpio and also Pisces. The new Super Moon of the 13th, (which unfortunately we won’t be able to see from Earth because it’s a New Moon), which occurs in Scorpio will form a total eclipse of the Sun. It’s the start of a massive focus on the sign of the Phoenix – the symbol of transformation and re-birth and heralds what we all need to be looking at on a soul level.

On the 15th, retrograde Mercury edges back into Scorpio giving us the opportunity to look at when we’ve neglected to step through a transformational door in the past. What regrets do you have? In Quantum physics when we are faced with two paths this is known as a Y-node – depending on which path you took your life could have gone one way or another. Watch Sliding Doors for a perfect example of this. In the multiverse theory of course you took both. You could find yourself back at a Y-node again. Which one will you choose this time? It’s a doorway to total transformation which is opening up for us all on a soul level fuelled by this week’s aspects designed to open us up to spiritual truths. On the 17th – 18th, the Sun, retrograde Mercury and the North Node all meet in Scorpio and square off Neptune and Chiron conjunct in Pisces. Here are not just spiritual truths emerging but our deepest wounds on a soul level globally.

For those Scorpios that have a birthday this week expect a ‘fated’ 12 months. For those babies born this week – they will have a fated life with profound work to do spiritually.

The Leonids Meteors also at the same time remind us that the task for us all this week is not to look away from what is revealed but to understand that by looking and coming closer we can bring about a healing. If past wounds surface don’t slap on a spiritual Band-Aid and tell yourself it doesn’t matter. If we all want enlightenment and freedom this week is all about soul honesty and that begins we admit to the areas of life that need healing in both ourselves and our world. The end of suffering begins with stepping closer, feeling empathy and then seeking to end the pain. At the end of whichever path you take is the door marked ‘Enlightenment’. As the Navajo say ‘All roads lead to the top of the mountain. Some take a little longer to get there.’

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