Your Free Weekly Horoscope Forecast for All Signs December 3


3rd – Jupiter at Opposition in 3rd

3rd – Grand Fire Trine – Uranus in 1st trine Moon in 5th trine Sun in 9th trine Uranus in 1st

3rd – Sun in 9th opposition Jupiter in 3rd (exact)

6th – T-square – Sun in 9th opp Jupiter in 3rd square Moon in 6th square Sun in 9th

  • Sudden changes lead to big decisions
  • What you want to do vs. what you need to do. Which will win?
  • You’re afire with inspiration this week!

Get ready to be fired up this week, Aries. On the 3rd, Jupiter the planet of expansion, adventure and yes, luck will be at his closest point to Earth in your 3rd of communication, siblings and transport. In fact, there’s a huge emphasis on your 3rd house this week and the Jupiter opposition forms just a part of it. Expect words and messages to flow and also opportunity to follow. If you’re looking to review your transport needs this is a great time to do so.

Also on the 3rd, a Grand Fire Trine sets you alight thanks to Uranus in your first making a trine to the Moon in your 5th trineing the Sun in your 9th. You could be faced with a sudden change for the better which requires a quick decision. This is not time to hesitate. Go for it! The 3rd is really the focus of the week for you as the Sun in your 9th opposes Jupiter in your 3rd. Reach out and touch somebody or perhaps everybody. This is all about your individual voice and how you choose to express that. Something comes to fruition now you’ve been waiting for.

A major T-square occurs on the 6th which again features the Sun and Jupiter opposition but which also squares your Moon in the 6th of work and wellbeing. You may find a conflict between what you want to do – in other words creative inspiration, new experiences and expansion vs. what you are expected to do – mundane tasks.  However, you’re being given a unique opportunity to transform the day-to-day stuff in a way that leaves you free to soar with the eagles. Take care of the small stuff and discover it’s all small stuff.


3rd – Jupiter at Opposition in 2nd

3rd – Grand Fire Trine – Uranus in 12th trine Moon in 4th trine Sun in 8th trine Uranus in 12th

3rd – Sun in 8th opposition Jupiter in 2nd (exact)

6th – T-square – Sun in 8th opp Jupiter in 2nd square Moon in 5th square Sun in 8th

  • What is the legacy the universe wants you to receive?
  • The spiritual side of transformation dominates the week
  • Karmic books must balance

It’s all about values, being valued and the transformational power of what others may share with you this week, Taurus. On the 3rd, benevolent Jupiter will be at his closest to the Earth in your 2nd of assets, values and self-worth. Watch for the themes this house represents as there is a distinct focus here for this week along with an emphasis on transformation and shared resources. The Grand Fire trine of the same day highlights your 12th of spirituality, your 4th of home and emotional security and your 8th. You could be the recipient of someone’s generosity which leads to a shift in your life path that can only benefit you in the longer term.

But it’s your values – or what you value that may undergo the most radical transformation of all especially as the Sun opposes Jupiter in your 8th on the same day it makes its close path. You may find buried treasure that’s been located in you all along. This is your divine inheritance.

There’s a deeper soul message here that transcends mere material assets. On the 6th you’ll experience a powerful t-square once again involving the Sun in your 8th opp Jupiter in 2nd and squaring the Moon in your 5th. The karmic books must balance now. Debts, be they financial or of a soul promise kind, need to be paid. Watch for who crosses your path, who offers you something or even who gives you new insights. These events were set in motion a long time ago.


3rd – Jupiter at Opposition in 1st

3rd – Grand Fire Trine – Uranus in 11th trine Moon in 3rd trine Sun in 7th trine Uranus in 11th

3rd – Sun in 7th opposition Jupiter in 1st (exact)

6th – T-square – Sun in 7th opp Jupiter in 1st square Moon in 4th square Sun in 7th

  • What is it you want in terms of partnerships?
  • Home issues need careful handling
  • Think in the long term now

The subject of you and others may dominate this week, Gemini thanks to Jupiter still in your 1st making some serious aspects to your partnership sector. Jupiter makes his closest approach to Earth on the 3rd and on the same day will oppose the Sun in your 7th. Partnerships and all close personal relationships are given a refinement opportunity. If you’re flying solo at the moment this is cosmic-door opening moment to new possibilities and also for you to state to the universe what qualities you need now in terms of someone special thanks to a Grand Fire Trine mixing things up between thrill-seeking Uranus in your 11th, the Moon in your 3rd and the Sun again in your 7th. Accept all invites, get out and about and above all, let go of what you think you want and trust the universe to send what you need instead for a world-rocking experience.

Issues around home and well-being may need careful handling on the 6th thanks to a T-square which forms again between the Sun in your 7th, Jupiter in your 1st and the Moon in your 4th. Emotions may seem overwhelming when it comes to your security and what you hold dear so make sure you deal with any issues to do with your home environment from a position of strength. You may need to set some emotional boundaries. T-squares always contain the energy to solve any problems or tension they create and the key to this one is looking and planning in the long term. Bear in mind that anything that rattles this week won’t last and can be put to rest by careful long-term thinking and creating the kind of future and living environment you want.


3rd – Jupiter at Opposition in 12th

3rd – Grand Fire Trine – Uranus in 10th trine Moon in 2nd trine Sun in 6th trine Uranus in 10th

3rd – Sun in 6th opposition Jupiter in 12th (exact)

6th – T-square – Sun in 6th opp Jupiter in 12th square Moon in 3rd square Sun in 6th

  • Diligent work holds rewards
  • Be careful how you communicate
  • You spot opportunities others miss

Clever and observant Cancerians will be in a unique astrological position this week. Your intuition may be guiding you towards opportunities that others would either disregard or overlook altogether. It’s all down to lucky Jupiter planet of expansion in your 12th of spirituality and secrets making some seriously soul-enhancing moves to the Sun in your 6th of work and wellbeing. It’s all about seeing the potential that’s around you and above all, playing your hunches especially when it comes to improving your working life. Some of you may just get a feeling a position you’ve wanted may be opening up and it may be time to remind that company you’ve always wanted to work for you’re still interested in joining them. Others may suddenly find a new work path revealed that has been hidden until now. It’s all thanks to Jupiter being at his closest point to Earth this week and also the fabulous Grand Fire Trine on the 3rd which involves the Sun, the Moon your ruler in your money sector, and Uranus in your career and status zone pushing you out into the world to strut your stuff. Expect hard work to pay off now.

The Moon also features in the T-square which takes place on the 6th. This time the Moon is in your 3rd of communication, transport, siblings and contracts while the Sun still in your 6th opposes Jupiter. You should be careful how you communicate. Don’t get emotional and if paperwork is involved read the small print! Some of you may sign work related contracts. Avoid ‘get rich quick’ schemes however or anything that smacks of the short-term – and that includes making a hasty decision or being pressured to. This is all about long term planning now. Above all, make sure any contracts contain a get-out clause. You don’t want to sign anything in haste and then repent at your displeasure.


3rd – Jupiter at Opposition in 11th

3rd – Grand Fire Trine – Uranus in 9th trine Moon in 1st trine Sun in 5th trine Uranus in 9th

3rd – Sun in 5th opposition Jupiter in 11th (exact)

6th – T-square – Sun in 5th opp Jupiter in 11th square Moon in 2nd square Sun in 5th

  • Goals appear that much closer
  • Watch for the unexpected when it comes to love
  • Older people assist with transformations

What you have been imagining for the future will appear to be much closer this week, Leo thanks to some amazing action both in your sign and between Jupiter and the Sun in your 5th and 11th houses respectively. On the 3rd, Jupiter will be at his closest to Earth in your house of goals and connections while opposing the Sun in your 5th of love, children and creativity. On the same day watch as a Grand Fire Trine ignites passion thanks to the Moon in your 1st, the Sun again in your 5th and Uranus, planet of evolution by thrills in your 9th of adventure, expansion and luck. You’re a soft kitty this week who just wants to be loved but who is prepared to give so much in return. If you’re looking for love then you could find it where you least expect it.

Your long terms goals will appear tantalizingly within reach as these alignments may just drop a few opportunities to reach them bang in your lap/

On the 6th, the T-square which forms includes the Sun and Jupiter again but this time also the Moon in your 2nd of money, assets and values. When it comes to reaching goals or expanding your worth, look to older and more experienced people in your circle for assistance. You’ll find people are more than willing to help. Be generous with what you have now – even if it’s just your emotions and you’ll discover people will be more than generous to you in return.


3rd – Jupiter at Opposition in 10th

3rd – Grand Fire Trine – Uranus in 8th trine Moon in 12th trine Sun in 4th trine Uranus in 8th

3rd – Sun in 4th opposition Jupiter in 10th (exact)

6th – T-square – Sun in 4th opp Jupiter in 10th square Moon in 1st square Sun in 4th

  • Watch for over-emotional reactions
  • What lifts you higher?
  • Home improvements could dominate the week

Get ready for a status-boosting situation to arrive, Virgo thanks to Jupiter making some serious aspects in your area of long term career and reputation. You’re being asked to stretch yourself this week. To reach higher for something that might have been just beyond your grasp up until now. Jupiter will be at his closest point to Earth on the 3rd and will also oppose the Sun which is in your 4th of home and emotional security. On the same day a Grand Fire Trine pulls in the Sun but also Uranus in your transformation sector and the Moon in your 12th. Whatever manifests has the potential to alter your long-term prospects so be ready as this also carries an element of surprise. Other Virgos could find home improvements are on the agenda – or even an improved or larger home. If you find yourself upgrading your living space by moving you can unpack and relax. You’re going to be there for some time to come.

On the 6th the T-square also impacts on your home sector as it forms between the Sun, Jupiter and this time the Moon in your 1st. It’s all pointing to this being a very emotional experience for you. Don’t forget that when good things happen they can have just as big an impact on our emotions as when we are faced with challenges. It fact, they can be more challenging because everybody expects us to be happy – not sitting on an emotional rollercoaster screaming! Allow yourself the luxury to feel whatever you are feeling. This way you’ll release any tension, keep your cool and also let the good times roll.


3rd – Jupiter at Opposition in 9th

3rd – Grand Fire Trine – Uranus in 7th trine Moon in 11th trine Sun in 3rd trine Uranus in 7th

3rd – Sun in 3rd opposition Jupiter in 9th (exact)

6th – T-square – Sun in 3rd opp Jupiter in 9th square Moon in 12th square Sun in 3rd

  • Are you in partnership with yourself?
  • News could arrive that sends you on an exciting new phase
  • Your words have real power this week

Regardless of whether you are coupled-up or not, the Grand Fire Trine which occurs on the 3rd may have you looking at your partnership needs and what it feels like to be partnered. It forms part of a week that is intended to expand and push you out into an exciting new phase of experience. It’s all down to Jupiter in your expansive 9th at his closest point to Earth while opposing the Sun in your 3rd.

The Grand Fire Trine has Uranus in you 7th in that all-important partnership zone, trineing the Moon in your 11th and the Sun in your 3rd. Remember, whether you have a significant other in your life or not, the one partnership that lasts a lifetime is the one you have with yourself. When we work on that one we become the kind of partner we want to attract.

A lot of the planetary focus this week is also directed at your 3rd house of communication. Not only could this bring in some exciting news but you will also find your ability to communicate and find exactly the right words is enhanced. Consider taking this one step further – join a Toastmaster’s group or start a blog. Your words have real power this week to influence, heal and above all, evolve your relationships.


3rd – Jupiter at Opposition in 8th

3rd – Grand Fire Trine – Uranus in 6th trine Moon in 10th trine Sun in 2nd trine Uranus in 6th

3rd – Sun in 2nd opposition Jupiter in 8th (exact)

6th – T-square – Sun in 2nd opp Jupiter in 8th square Moon in 11th square Sun in 2nd

  • Your money or assets undergo reform
  • People will look to you for guidance or to set an example – are you ready to be a role model?
  • Nothing will be done by halves this week!

Do you see yourself as a role model, Scorpio? This may be one of the situations that this action-packed week presents as people look to you for your advice, opinions or just cite you as a shining example. The planetary question is: Are you ready? Expect larger-than-life experiences to dominate. Whatever happens this week nothing will be done by half-measures thanks to expansive Jupiter in your transformational 8th making his closest pass to Earth and opposing the Sun in your money and self-worth sector on the 3rd. On the same day the Sun gets busy with Uranus in your 6th of work and wellbeing and the Moon in your career-oriented 10th making a fabulous Grand Fire Trine. Your money, status or assets may undergo a radical shift – usually for the better but this may arrive without warning.

On the 6th, the Sun once again features in the T-square with the Jupiter opposition and the Moon now in your 11th of work colleagues, networks and connections and yes, your long term goals and dreams. You have the resources at your disposal but the key to the T-square is realising your assets. Look around you for people who share your values. Not only are you on the same path but they will consider you worth investing in. Help is at hand.


3rd – Jupiter at Opposition in 7th

3rd – Grand Fire Trine – Uranus in 5th trine Moon in 9th trine Sun in 1st trine Uranus in 5th

3rd – Sun in 1st opposition Jupiter in 7th (exact)

6th – T-square – Sun in 1st opp Jupiter in 7th square Moon in 10th square Sun in 1st

  • Looking for a fellow wild-heart? This is your week!
  • News could boost your mojo creatively or send your heart racing
  • You receive acknowledgment for a job well done in the past

Jupiter your ruler is beaming at you this week as he makes his closest pass to Earth from your 7th of partnerships on the 3rd. He’s also opposing the Sun currently in your 1st sign and getting you to look at all partnerships and close relationships. If you’re a single Sag, you could well encounter someone who feels like a kindred spirit thanks to an additional boost from the Grand Fire Trine which encompasses the Sun in your 1st, Uranus in your 5th and the Moon in your 9th all aligning for some world-expanding and soul-expanding action. Other Sagi’s could well see their creativity at a peak or travel opportunities beckon.

Something you accomplished in the past could well return now in the form of a pat on the back or more tangible reward that enhances your reputation depending on how you approach the T-square of the 6th. Once again the Sun and Jupiter are involved except now the Moon is in your 10th adding an emotional boost. It’s all about feeling good about who you are and how you’ve responded to the growth opportunities of recent months. If you’ve passed with flying colours expect results better than you anticipated. If you tried to skip a few steps – learn from this and you’ll achieve better results next year.


3rd – Jupiter at Opposition in 6th

3rd – Grand Fire Trine – Uranus in 4th trine Moon in 8th trine Sun in 12th trine Uranus in 4th

3rd – Sun in 12th opposition Jupiter in 6th (exact)

6th – T-square – Sun in 12th opp Jupiter in 6th square Moon in 9th square Sun in 12th

  • Work and wellness feature
  • Sudden changes occur on the home front
  • Past debts (karmic or otherwise) have to be cleared now

Mighty Jupiter is busy in your work and wellness sector this week, Capricorn heralding opportunities for expansion on the work front. On the 3rd he will not only be at his closest point to Earth but will make a power opposition to the Sun in your 12th of spirituality and soul secrets. On the same day a Grand Fire Trine forms giving you a burst of energy to tackle transformations on the home and work fronts. Changes may occur suddenly but thanks to these aspects you have the resources to deal with them. Remember – Jupiter is the planet of expansion and luck and has the ability to perform last minute rescues. Situations which have been causing you concern could suddenly reverse themselves releasing you back onto the path to soul freedom.

You should now be aware of the bigger picture of what is going on in your life. The T-square of the 6th will bring about events which highlight this. Once again the Sun and Jupiter are involved but now we have the Moon in your 9th. You know maintaining the status-quo is not an option no matter how hard you may try. Hear the call to break free from restrictions or those who are trying to prevent you from following your empowerment path. It’s all about repaying karmic debts. Sometimes releasing others from them means releasing ourselves first.


3rd – Jupiter at Opposition in 5th

3rd – Grand Fire Trine – Uranus in 3rd trine Moon in 7th trine Sun in 11th trine Uranus in 3rd

3rd – Sun in 11th opposition Jupiter in 5th (exact)

6th – T-square – Sun in 11th opp Jupiter in 5th square Moon in 8th square Sun in 11th

  • Creativity, romance, indulgence – can you have too much of a good thing?
  • Connections and goals go hand-in-hand
  • Friends hold the key to releasing obstacles

With expansive Jupiter planet of luck and excess in your 5th of creativity, indulgence and romance, what you have to decide this week Aquarius, is whether or not you can have too much of a good thing. Your Christmas shopping spree may turn into buying more things for yourself than others. Jupiter will be at his closest to Earth on the 3rd and opposing the Sun in your 11th of friendships and goals. These two may go hand-in-hand now but if your goal is romance and enjoyment you can expect both. Just remember that Jupiter is a planet that just doesn’t know how to say ‘no’.

Your friends, social connections and co-workers hold not only the keys to your social life and popularity as the party season gets underway but also to releasing obstacles that may be blocking your path to your goals. The T-square of the 6th features the Sun/Jupiter opposition but also squares the Moon in your 8th. Look to your social circle to bring about the transformation you’re after and above all, listen to what they have to say if you have the courage to ask them why you don’t have what you want yet. To be open to opportunity you first have to have an open mind.


3rd – Jupiter at Opposition in 4th

3rd – Grand Fire Trine – Uranus in 2nd trine Moon in 6th trine Sun in 10th trine Uranus in 2nd

3rd – Sun in 10th opposition Jupiter in 4th (exact)

6th – T-square – Sun in 10th opp Jupiter in 4th square Moon in 7th square Sun in 10th

  • How does your home benefit you?
  • Time to make your move
  • Older people help or hinder

Pisceans who have a yearning to move home may get the nudge they’ve been waiting for this week thanks to Jupiter at his closest point to Earth in your sector of home and emotional security on the 3rd. He’ll be opposing the Sun in your 10th of career and status heralding the fact it’s time to make your move be it to a new home or another rung up the career ladder. If you’ve been wanting to move that dream home you thought you couldn’t afford could not turn out to be yours or that job or promotion could fall into your lap thanks to the Grand Fire Trine which also falls right across your entire money/work/career sector on the same day. Other Yin and Yang fishes could suddenly discover that their home can benefit them in unexpected ways. If you’ve been wanting to work from home this could be your moment.

On the 6th a T-square also features the Jupiter/Sun opposition but now ropes in the Moon in your 7th. When it comes to close relationships and partnerships older people may either help or hinder. If you’re looking for a partner then someone ‘worldly’ and experienced may be a good catch. Alternatively, someone older could stick their nose in where it’s not needed. Either way, you’re in too much for a good mood to let their issues cloud your horizons. Make that move and leave everything – and everyone that doesn’t support you behind you in the past


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