The Personal Revolution. Uranus – Planet of Individuality and Self-Expression

Uranus the planet of unpredictability and Genius

Uranus, ruler of Aquarius, the 11th house in the horoscope and associated with change, revolution, thrills, innovation and individuality moves direct in the sign of Aries on December 13th. We can expect sudden and abrupt changes to follow – but don’t worry. This is just Uranus’s way of clearing a path of progress. When Uranus was discovered this ushered in a period of immense social, political and also technological change. Europe was swept with revolution and the industrial revolution occurred in Britain. While this was a period of great upheaval we cannot ignore the ultimate good that came from this – we saw greater equality emerging in societies and the abolition of concepts such as serfdom which had been entrenched since the Dark Ages! Laws were passed giving ordinary people rights they never had before. All this was due to Uranus.

I’ve spoken a lot about the upcoming spiritual and soul evolutionary shift that is taking place, so what part does the revolutionary planet have to play in this? On a collective level we’re all being asked to expand our awareness of what it is to be part of a whole – connected to not just to each other and every life form on this planet but to also see that we are part of a universal consciousness and as part of this every single thought we think, every action we take, matters. The hidden lesson in this is that while we are connected, we as individuals are unique and we matter! Uranus is the planet of individuality, don’t forget. He’s all about being unafraid to ‘walk our talk’, to be an original. With the understanding we are all part of a whole comes the knowledge we are free to be who we are meant to be. To express our own individuality and to allow others to express theirs in return. People who are allowed to explore their potential, who express who they are and who don’t allow other people’s ideas of what they should or shouldn’t do, look like, or even try, are happy people leading abundant and fulfilled lives. Happy people are busy doing just that – being happy and they are happy seeing other people express themselves and reach their potential too. So, just imagine how the world would be and how you would be within it if you were surrounded by so many people who were happily doing their thing? It would be a pretty amazing place, am I right?

Uranus is the planet of individuality. His message is: ‘Things must change and I must change them’. We can’t wait for someone else to do it. Remember, the 11th house of the chart which Uranus rules also rules our goals! We are the creators of our own life and this is what Uranus asks us to do. To be the change we want to see in the world. We do that by being unafraid to be ourselves and by refusing to listen to the limiting beliefs of others. So step into your power on the Uranus direct. Be the unique individual you were always meant to be and start a personal revolution that inspires others to follow you.

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