Your Free Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs December 10

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10th – Golden Yod – Mars in 10th quintile Saturn/Moon conjunct in 8th bi-quintile Jupiter in 3rd bi-quintile Mars in 10th

12th – Mercury enters 9th

13th – Uranus Direct in 1st

13th – New Super Moon in 9th

13th -14th – Geminids Meteor Shower

16th – Mercury in 9th opp Jupiter in 3rd

  • Transformations happen when you are ready
  • How far can your dreams take you?
  • Luck is on your side

We know your motto is ‘Instant gratification takes too long’, Aries. One of your major soul tasks is learning that changes happen when you are ready – not when you want them to! And while you may think you are ready the universe may have other ideas. The good news is that provided you are well and truly ready – and this involves getting out of your own way – then this week offers one of the best chances to manifest the change you’ve been waiting for. Your ruler Mars is caught up in a rare aspect known as a Golden Yod on the 10th. For more information on this please read your weekly overview. For now, Mars in your 10th of career and status makes a fabulous aspect to the Moon and Saturn conjunct in your transformation and shared resources sector and expansive Jupiter in your 3rd of transport and communication. Good news could literally propel you into a new job or soul-boosting situation which expands your possibilities.

In fact, you’ll only be limited by what you think is possible for you now as Mercury moves into your 9th of luck and expansion on the 12th followed by a Super Moon in there the next day. On the same day Uranus finally turns direct in your 1st removing delays – just be warned however – sometimes Uranus works in mysterious ways. In other words – unpredictably. Don’t get hung up on how you can achieve something.

The Geminids meteor shower which also occurs on the 13th – 14th again highlights messages, communication and travel. It’s a message to you not to get so focussed on the goal you lose the gift of the journey. The journey is the goal as it is the journey which provides the lessons and experience for soul growth.

Mercury in your 9th opposes Jupiter in your 3rd on the 16th. Luck is on your side now. Whatever presents itself – take a chance, let go and go for it.


10th – Golden Yod – Mars in 9th quintile Saturn/Moon conjunct in 7th bi-quintile Jupiter in 2nd bi-quintile Mars in 9th

12th – Mercury enters 8th

13th – Uranus Direct in 12th

13th – New Super Moon in 8th

13th -14th – Geminids Meteor Shower

16th – Mercury in 8th opp Jupiter in 2nd

  • Faraway so close connections could change your life
  • Your words transform your prosperity
  • Secrets emerge unannounced

Which Taureans out there have seen the stunning Wim Wenders film Faraway So Close, which was the sequel to his angelic Wings of Desire? It starred amongst others Peter Falk playing himself and amazingly enough Mikhail Gorbachev – perhaps a testament to this director’s vision and message. If your answer is no then this week could be a good time to watch as many of the themes of this film may come into your life although I am not promising they will be angels or Russian leaders (although anything is possible!). It’s all about connections and also timing – in the film Willem Dafoe plays a character called Emit Flesti. Re-arrange these letters and yes, Time Itself. The rarest of rare Golden Yods on the 10th has Mars in your expansive 9th making serious moves on an emotionally for once laden Saturn conjunct the Moon in your transformation sector and Jupiter planet of adventure in your 2nd of assets. Someone near but from faraway could not only change your life but prove to be a real asset in some way. The timing on this is right now.

On the 12th, Mercury enters your transformation sector ahead of a new Super Moon in there on the 13th. On the 13th-14th the Geminids meteors will appear from your money sector. You can use your communication skills to transform your self-worth and prosperity now especially as on the 16th this area gets another boost from the powerful Mercury/Jupiter opposition.

Watch out however for secrets that may suddenly pop out of the closest and yell ‘Boo!’. You may be left looking at someone in a less than favourable light as a result of Uranus turning direct in your secrets and spirit sector on the 13th. Whatever emerges needs to have the cold light of day shone onto it. You’ll soon see that all that’s left is a shadow that’s not worth worrying about.


10th – Golden Yod – Mars in 8th quintile Saturn/Moon conjunct in 6th bi-quintile Jupiter in 1st bi-quintile Mars in 8th

12th – Mercury enters 7th

13th – Uranus Direct in 11th

13th – New Super Moon in 7th

13th -14th – Geminids Meteor Shower

16th – Mercury in 7th opp Jupiter in 1st

  • You need a grander stage on which to perform
  • A new era in close connections begins
  • Blockages to goals can magically vanish – subject to conditions!

Whatever you are doing or going this week, Gemini the message from the planets is that you are destined for the spotlight in some way thanks to some intense focus on Jupiter planet of expansion in your 1st. There’s no being a wallflower or lurking in the back room for you now. In fact, many might say you are channelling your Leo friends. Something may thrust you centre stage and all I can say is – it’s about time. On the 10th, Jupiter gets caught up in a rare aspect known as a Golden Yod. It’s like a regular Yod – but well – golden. In other words, it doesn’t contain the polarities we usually associate with Yods. This one will be pushing you to make a change in either your work or personal life especially as some equally intense action occurs in your sector of partners and close personal relationships thanks to Mercury entering there on the 12th and a new Super Moon in there on the 13th.

Uranus moves direct in your house of goals and friendships on the 13th heralding a new era where you may see surprising new connections form that enable you to reach out and grab whatever it is you’ve been striving for. However, there’s a caveat to this which is you can’t afford to be attached to any particular way of achieving what you want and have to be open to changing direction, new methods and also new people. Remember – we can entertain angels unawares.

The 13th– 14th also brings the Geminids meteor shower – so called because they appear to emanate from your sign. Thanks to the new Moon we should have perfect viewing conditions for this unless the sky is overcast. Think of this as a magic shower of inspiration for you.

On the 16th Jupiter in your 1st opposes Mercury your ruler in your 7th. If finding that special someone is top of your Christmas list then you could just get a helping hand. Don’t forget – your blessings may arrive in disguise.


10th – Golden Yod – Mars in 7th quintile Saturn/Moon conjunct in 5th bi-quintile Jupiter in 12th bi-quintile Mars in 7th

12th – Mercury enters 6th

13th – Uranus Direct in 10th

13th – New Super Moon in 6th

13th -14th – Geminids Meteor Shower

16th – Mercury in 6th opp Jupiter in 12th

  • What you attract is what you need – not just what you want
  • Career opportunities beckon
  • Your dharma holds the key to soul freedom

Hope you appreciate the difference between what you want and what you need, Cancer. The universe always sends what we need – this can also be what we wanted but didn’t know it so don’t necessarily worry about re-gifting! Watch what happens on and around the 10th when a superb Golden Yod focuses attention on your partnership, love and spiritual truths sectors. What you need in terms of love, partners and creativity is tinged with a spiritual lesson. Be alert to what this is as lessons often present themselves in hidden form.

Career opportunities beckon and your dharma (the work which you were sent here to do) holds the key to progress now on both the soul and the mundane levels. If you have been struggling recently with finding your true calling then Mercury entering your 6th of work and Uranus turning direct in your 10th of career and status may provide the answer – especially when the Moon your ruler appears super-sized also in your 6th on the 13th providing the illumination you’ve been seeking.

The Geminids meteor shower will streak across the winter skies on the 13th-14th and the new Moon should ensure perfect viewing conditions. They highlight your spiritual and soul truth sector – again this relates to what you are here to do. Mercury in your 6th opposing Jupiter in your 12th on the 16th brings messages relating to your direction. Use this insight and unlock your future.


10th – Golden Yod – Mars in 6th quintile Saturn/Moon conjunct in 4th bi-quintile Jupiter in 11th bi-quintile Mars in 6th

12th – Mercury enters 5th

13th – Uranus Direct in 9th

13th – New Super Moon in 5th

13th -14th – Geminids Meteor Shower

16th – Mercury in 5th opp Jupiter in 11th

  • Opportunities open up around home and work
  • You’re the party animal now!
  • Soul expansion provides the week’s focus

Don’t just dream it – do it, this week, Leo. This is not the week to stay home. Whatever your dream get out there because the planets are aligning to bring you amazing synchronicities. The Golden Yod should have you ignoring any stray thoughts about staying home and cocooning (unless it’s in front of a roaring log fire with your squeeze). Watch for opportunities opening up on the career, goals and work front.

The theme of soul expansion is carried through the week and if finding that special someone to cuddle up with is on your list then Jupiter in your 11th of social connections and Mercury in your 5th of love affairs may provide the perfect setting in which to meet someone. Watch what happens from the 13th when Uranus planet of thrills and the unexpected finally moves direct in your 9th of adventure and luck combined with that stunning new Super Moon again in your 5th of love. Accept that last minute invite. You never know who you’ll meet or where you’ll end up.

The Geminids meteor shower of the 13th and 14th will dash across the sky in your friends and goals sector ahead of the Mercury/Jupiter opposition on the 16th. Really the message is out there for you to see. Don’t stay home. Reach for the stars instead.


10th – Golden Yod – Mars in 5th quintile Saturn/Moon conjunct in 3rd bi-quintile Jupiter in 10th bi-quintile Mars in 5th

12th – Mercury enters 4th

13th – Uranus Direct in 8th

13th – New Super Moon in 4th

13th -14th – Geminids Meteor Shower

16th – Mercury in 4th opp Jupiter in 10th

  • The change you have been waiting for arrives
  • Feeling ‘at home’ becomes increasingly important
  • You strike ‘gold’

If you’ve been feeling you’ve been spinning your wheels or just waiting for a change you know is coming, then this week should give you the green light, Virgo. It starts off in spectacular fashion thanks to a very special alignment known as a Golden Yod which is going to impact on your areas of communication, travel, big opportunities and also – yes – love! If you’ve been hoping for a change in any of these areas then get ready especially after Uranus planet of surprises and the unexpected, turns direct in your transformation sector on the 13th.

Before that your ruler Mercury will enter your 4th of home and emotional wellbeing on the 12th. Feeling ‘at home’ – whether it is literally where you are living, with the people around you or even where you work is going to be increasingly important now especially as the new Super Moon occurs in this same sector on the 13th.

Lucky for you that the Geminids meteor shower which will appear from the career and status sector in your chart also begins on the 13th. The new Moon means that we could have ideal viewing if the skies are clear. The focus is now squarely on your security and what you need to do to achieve that. On the 16th Mercury in your 4th moves to oppose Jupiter in your 10th which could bring about circumstances which ensure you’ll feel at home wherever you are from here on in.


10th – Golden Yod – Mars in 4th quintile Saturn/Moon conjunct in 2nd bi-quintile Jupiter in 9th bi-quintile Mars in 4th

12th – Mercury enters 3rd

13th – Uranus Direct in 7th

13th – New Super Moon in 3rd

13th -14th – Geminids Meteor Shower

16th – Mercury in 3rd opp Jupiter in 9th

  • Long awaited rewards could manifest
  • You begin a new journey
  • Sudden changes in relationships could surprise

The fact that you have been doing some serious soul work but have yet to reap the benefits of it may have left you feeling seriously short-changed recently, dear Libra. If you’ve been nursing fears that the universe has forgotten about you when it comes to dishing out the rewards for a job well done then the events of this week should start to set things to rights. The Golden Yod of the 10th sees Mars in your home sector and a strangely emotional tie-up between Saturn and the Moon plus Jupiter in your 9th of expansion and luck. Don’t be afraid to make changes or take a chance. The message is the rewards are waiting for you but you may have to take a small but calculated risk to get them. When Mercury enters your 3rd of communication and transport on the 12th you may know exactly what direction you need to head in.

The following day Uranus planet of change, thrills and events we need to experience for our growth, will move direct in your partnership sector. Partnerships and other close relationships may undergo change without warning. The same day a new Super Moon lights up your 3rd again announcing the start of a new phase or soul learning journey symbolised by the Geminids meteors in your 9th. Winter skies and a dark Moon may provide perfect viewing for this event. This takes place just ahead of the superb Mercury/Jupiter opposition on the 16th which again involves your 3rd and 9th houses. Start the journey towards those rewards – you won’t have to travel far to find them.


10th – Golden Yod – Mars in 3rd quintile Saturn/Moon conjunct in 1st bi-quintile Jupiter in 8th bi-quintile Mars in 3rd

12th – Mercury enters 2nd

13th – Uranus Direct in 6th

13th – New Super Moon in 2nd

13th -14th – Geminids Meteor Shower

16th – Mercury in 2nd opp Jupiter in 8th

  • Wise words either received or spoken transform situations
  • Work undergoes a reform
  • What are you ready to receive?

What you’ve learned may be put to the test this week, Scorpio – or at least how you are able to express what you’ve learned. There’s an emphasis on communication but waiting for the right moment to do so. The rare Golden Yod which forms on the 10th has Mars in your 3rd of yes – communication aspecting the Moon/Saturn conjunct in your 1st and making a transformational pass to Jupiter in your 8th. Something may be put at your disposal or a situation may change due to you suddenly having exactly the right combination of words and deeds at your disposal given that extra helping hand by Mercury entering your 2nd on the 12th.

The focus now shifts to work-related issues when Uranus planet of sudden change goes direct on the 13th. There’s a reform in the offing in your daily work – you may find either a shift in the organisation or people around you. Ultimately, even if these changes take you by surprise you’re due to benefit in some way. In fact, the soul message of the week is all about what you are ready to receive. The new Super Moon occurs on the 13th in your 2nd of money, assets and values while the Geminids meteor shower of the 13th-14th streaks out from your sector of transformations before receiving that extra emphasis from the Mercury/Jupiter opposition on the 16th. Open yourself to abundance and see what it is the universe wants you to receive.


10th – Golden Yod – Mars in 2nd quintile Saturn/Moon conjunct in 12th bi-quintile Jupiter in 7th bi-quintile Mars in 2nd

12th – Mercury enters 1st

13th – Uranus Direct in 5th

13th – New Super Moon in 1st

13th -14th – Geminids Meteor Shower

16th – Mercury in 1st opp Jupiter in 7th

  • Life enrichment occurs
  • You present a different image to the world
  • What you attract is a reflection of you

The rare Golden Yod of the 10th features your ruler Jupiter in your partnership zone making some serious moves on the Moon/Saturn conjunction in your 12th and Mars in your 2nd. It’s all about enrichment – no necessarily your bank account although that is a distinct possibility, but about life enriching experiences which may present themselves now.

The face you show to the world may be undergoing a change thanks to Mercury which enters your 1st on the 12th and a new Super Moon on the 13th. Uranus planet of sudden changes and challenges finally moves direct in your 5th of creativity and love on the 13th. It’s not just your image or what you’re saying that is under revision. What you attract now is going to be a reflection of this new you and it may be very different to what has manifested in the past. The Geminids meteor shower will appear from your partnership zone against what should be near perfect viewing conditions thanks to the new Moon provided the skies are clear. On the 16th Mercury in your 1st will oppose Jupiter in your 7th. Be the magnet of your desires – what manifests may be your unconscious ones.


10th – Golden Yod – Mars in 1st quintile Saturn/Moon conjunct in 11th bi-quintile Jupiter in 6th bi-quintile Mars in 1st

12th – Mercury enters 12th

13th – Uranus Direct in 4th

13th – New Super Moon in 12th

13th -14th – Geminids Meteor Shower

16th – Mercury in 12th opp Jupiter in 6th

  • Colleagues, connections and co-workers feature
  • Delays around home are resolved in your favour
  • Secrets emerge which empower

Mars in your 1st forms part of an extremely unusual Golden Yod which makes a cosmic alignment to Saturn your ruler conjunct the Moon in your 11th and Jupiter in your 6th. Co-workers, colleagues, networking and even your boss could feature prominently in ways that could impact on your long term way of working. If you have been frustrated by delays on the home front the good news is that Uranus planet of the unexpected and sudden change finally turns direct in your home zone on the 13th. Blockages may get removed but not in the way you expect. Uranus transits can feel like a roller coaster but any curves and loops are intended to broaden our soul experience and put us on the right track.

There’s an intense emphasis on your 12th house of spiritual growth and soul secrets which begins with Mercury entering that sector on the 12th. A new Super Moon also occurs in there on the 13th heralding a new awareness. It’s about unlocking a secret you need to know. The Geminids meteor shower should have the perfect dark skies it needs to put on a good show thanks to the new Moon and will appear in your work sector ahead of the Mercury/Jupiter opposition on the 6th. Those secrets I’m talking about could be work related and empower your soul progress now.


10th – Golden Yod – Mars in 12th quintile Saturn/Moon conjunct in 10th bi-quintile Jupiter in 5th bi-quintile Mars in 12th

12th – Mercury enters 11th

13th – Uranus Direct in 3rd

13th – New Super Moon in 11th

13th -14th – Geminids Meteor Shower

16th – Mercury in 11th opp Jupiter in 5th

  • Goals which fulfil you emotionally are in focus
  • You benefit from the past
  • Large events offer personal transformation

Someone from the past could test you this week, Aquarius but not only are you able to put them in their place your career could be set to benefit thanks to the unusual Golden Yod which starts the week. Mars in your 12th means you’re not going to be a push-over while Saturn and the Moon conjunct in your 10th hint at long term plans coming to fruition pushed along by Jupiter in your love and creativity sector.

On the 12th, fast-moving and quick-thinking Mercury enters your social zone to be followed by the new Super Moon in there on the 13th. On the same day your ruler Uranus finally turns direct in your house of communication. Unexpected invitations to large scale events could lead to an area of your life transforming. Certainly if you’re a single water bearer unhappy with that situation places where people gather – especially those involving music and entertainment, could well be where you meet that festive season passion. Thank the Geminids meteor shower streaking across the winter night sky from your 5th – thanks to the new Moon keeping the sky dark we should have excellent viewing conditions provided the skies are clear on the 13th-14th. The Mercury/Jupiter opposition on the 16th just wants to keep the good news – and the good times rolling. Enjoy.


10th – Golden Yod – Mars in 11th quintile Saturn/Moon conjunct in 9th bi-quintile Jupiter in 4th bi-quintile Mars in 11th

12th – Mercury enters 10th

13th – Uranus Direct in 2nd

13th – New Super Moon in 10th

13th -14th – Geminids Meteor Shower

16th – Mercury in 10th opp Jupiter in 4th

  • Fate is pushing you out into the world
  • Career making moves can be made
  • Does your home reflect who you are?

Fate is at work this week Pisces in the form of a Golden Yod whose job it is to open you up to a fabulous new soul-adventure. On the 10th the planet of action Mars will be in your 11th of new connections and goals, lining up for a fated encounter with Saturn and the Moon conjunct in your 9th of expansion, adventure and luck, while Jupiter in your 4th of emotional security is telling you that you have the launch pad from which to set out – and a safe harbour to return to if needed. Don’t let fears or insecurity stand in your way as unlike other Yods which are often referred to as the ‘finger of God’ this one is pointing in the direction of your dreams.

If those dreams are tied in with long term career goals then this also receives a boost this week thanks to Mercury and a new Super Moon in your career and status sector. On the 13th, Uranus planet of revolution, originality and sudden changes turns direct in your 2nd of assets and self-worth, Increasing your worth on every level begins with being unafraid to be yourself.

The Geminids meteors will appear from your home sector asking you if the place you call home is really a reflection of where you’re coming from now. All this takes place ahead of the Mercury/Jupiter opposition on the 16th. Where you’re coming from and where you’re going to are stations on your soul journey. How long you stop at each one is entirely up to you.

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