Your Free weekly Astrology Overview December 10

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10th – Golden Yod – Mars in Capricorn quintile Saturn/Moon conjunct in Scorpio bi-quintile Jupiter in Gemini bi-quintile Mars in Capricorn

12th – Mercury enters Sagittarius

13th – Uranus Direct in Aries

13th – New Super Moon in Sagittarius

13th -14th – Geminids Meteor Shower

16th – Mercury in Sagittarius opp Jupiter in Gemini

  • Changing priorities provide future building blocks
  • Barriers to progress come tumbling down
  • A universal call to transformation

Get ready for the start of an incredible two weeks that takes us to the soul-enhancing climax of 21.12.2012. We are now officially at the start of a period of global transformation which will impact on each of us personally. The question we are all being asked by this week’s aspects is: how open are you to change?

Many of you will already be aware of an aspect called a Yod. One of these will occur on the 21st December. Yods are all about release brought about by opposing forces. Because they are formed by planets that usually have nothing in common with one another the changes brought about by a Yod can be both positive and negative depending on our readiness and ability to change. Where there is resistance to change the negative aspects of the Yod will tend to manifest. Much is being made of the 21st December Yod due to the associations with the Mayan calendar and the fact that the last time a Yod formed between the planets in question it resulted in political upheavals both positive and negative.

Ahead of the Yod of the 21st comes something quite different. A much rarer Yod known as a ‘Golden’ Yod which as its name suggests, brings the promise of transformation but without so much challenge attached. This forms on the 10th between Jupiter in Gemini, the Moon and Saturn conjunct in Scorpio and Mars in Capricorn. Jupiter is all about expansion, Mars wants to take action and is prepared to take a warriors stance on that if necessary. Saturn wants to maintain the status-quo but is now sitting in Scorpio the sign of transformation. The fact the Moon is mixed up in this suggests that Saturn may now see that the time for transformation is at hand and step out of the way and let the other planets do their stuff. It’s all about us changing our priories on a collective and soul level to embrace what is truly important and to build something better for our futures. For more information on how this will effect you personally see the forecast for your sign for this week.

On the 12th, Mercury enters Sagittarius bringing soul-expanding messages while the focus remains on expansion and the removal of barriers thanks to a new Super Moon in Sag and Uranus turning direct in Aries the very next day. Sudden changes, green lights and even upheavals could occur but don’t worry – they are occurring to enable us all to alter course onto the path we were always meant to tread.

The new Super Moon ensures we will have perfect viewing conditions for the Geminids meteor shower of the 13th-14th provided we have clear skies. They carry a message about what we’re communicating and also to whom. Expect surprising news to dominate.

On the 16th, Mercury in Sagittarius will oppose Sag’s ruler Jupiter in Gemini. It’s all about the BIG messages we want to send out there. On a soul level this is all about thinking universally and emphasising the kind in humankind. See every person and every living thing as part of a great connectedness. Planet Earth is calling – and it’s a spiritual wake-up call. How are you going to answer it? That’s your soul task this week.


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