The Pisces Stellium – How Seven Planets Herald Soul Discovery

Something very unusual and significant starts occurring in the sign of Pisces over the next few weeks. What is known in astrology as a stellium will form. This is when three planets or more occupy a particular sign. What makes this stellium so unusual and amazing is that at its peak there will be not one but SEVEN planets in Pisces. The stellium begins in February and on the 28th February we will see six planets in Pisces – the Sun, Neptune Pisces’s ruler, Mercury, Mars, Venus and Chiron. The stellium will reach its peak on March 11th when a new Moon occurs in Pisces, bringing the total number of planets in there to seven.

Obviously, astrologers around the world have been sitting up and taking notice as this incredible alignment begins to form. So, what does this mean for us collectively and individually? I believe that the positive aspects of this line up can herald a time rich in discovery for all of us. We need to look at what Pisces rules to see where the impact will occur. Pisces and its ruler Neptune rules things that exist but which cannot be seen. The realm of Pisces is therefore one of faith and theory – also beauty, compassion and peace. We could see incredible discoveries in theoretical physics or increased media attention on spiritual matters. Pisces rules actors so prominent celebrities could be going on the record about their beliefs or we may see Hollywood and the media producing films which reflect these themes.

Compassion and empathy also fall under Pisces rulership. Now, don’t forget warrior planet Mars is caught up in this stellium. This is a call to us all to look for peaceful, non-aggressive solutions to problems. Collectively, our compassionate nature could be stirred by stories in the media or we may be called to examine where we have lost touch with our empathy.

Pisces ruler Neptune rules the oceans and issues around conservation and global warming could come to prominence. We may also see events in South East Asia unfold which reflect this. Don’t forget – the negative side of Pisces and Neptune is getting caught in illusion or refusing to see things for how they really are. We may be confronted with more denial as to the causes of global warming – despite events that clearly point to the fact that we are undoubtedly to blame!

On a personal level this is our opportunity to discover those hidden aspects of ourselves that we have either ignored or failed to tap into. We may be presented with opportunities which initially present themselves as challenges but are really sent to enable us to prove to ourselves just what magical, brave and creative souls we are. It all depends on whether we embrace the event as a soul growth opportunity or go back to doing things the way we always have done. Babies born during this period will be coming in with important soul work to do that involves healing us on a planetary scale.

So, feel the empathy and creativity of this incredible alignment and use the inspiration you receive to get in touch with your spiritual purpose now.

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