Your Free Weekly Astrology Forecast For All Signs February 11


11th – Moon, Neptune, Chiron, Mars & Mercury all conjunct in 12th trine Saturn in 8th

14th – Jupiter in 3rd trine Venus in 11th

15th – Mars/Chiron conjunct in 12th sextile Pluto in 10th trine Saturn in 8th and square Jupiter in 3rd

16th – Moon in 2nd trine Pluto in 10th

  • Messages indicate what action you should take now
  • Emotions around earnings and worth surface
  • You could be caught up in a social whirl this week

It’s all a little bit spiritual, this week Aries thanks to the super-conjunction in Pisces which takes place on the 11th, which is of course in your 12th house of all things hidden and soul promises. Because you are the sign most associated with taking action, sitting around contemplating the meaning of life, the universe and everything really isn’t your style. You need to be doing something to express your increased insight into your soul purpose. Lucky for you that Mars your ruler is one of the planets caught up in the conjunction. So, by paying close attention to your intuition, you should be able to take precisely the right action at the right time. And who says you’re not in touch with your spiritual side?

On the 14th, Jupiter in your 3rd is going to make some seriously amazing moves on Venus in your 11th. Single rams could meet someone special via friends or at a social event. For all of you, this signals your diary could be full and news about long term goals could arrive. The following day Mars which is now conjunct Chiron in your 12th looks across to Pluto in your 10th of career and status, trines Saturn in your 8th while squaring Jupiter in your 3rd. Time for a major transition which could well involve your career. Look to where you may have been holding yourself back when it comes to promotions or accepting success. Emotional buttons around self-worth and money could be pushed on the 16th when the Moon in your money sector trines Pluto. One wants to give, one is saying ‘I’m not worthy’. Acceptance of abundance and self-worth is your task this week.


11th – Moon, Neptune, Chiron, Mars & Mercury all conjunct in 11th trine Saturn in 7th

14th – Jupiter in 2nd trine Venus in 10th

15th – Mars/Chiron conjunct in 11th sextile Pluto in 9th trine Saturn in 7th and square Jupiter in 2nd

16th – Moon in 1st trine Pluto in 9th

  • Friendships lead to partnership and support
  • Increases in work and money highlighted
  • Do you feel on an equal footing with others?

The super conjunction of the 11th takes place in your 11th house and makes a magical trine to Saturn in your partnership zone. If you’re seeking a partner then friends could hold the key in more ways than one. Certainly your social circle is your main source of support now and your calendar may reflect the emphasis on groups, colleagues and social situations in general this week. There’s also an opportunity to rectify any imbalances in your social life. If you’ve been stuck at home too much recently then this transit is urging you to make the effort and get out. Don’t stay home this week.

On the 14th Jupiter still in your money zone makes the most fabulous trine to Venus your ruler in your 10th of career and status. An opportunity to expand both your bank balance and your reputation at work could arrive. There’s a deeper soul lesson being enacted out with that and that’s whether you’re comparing yourself with others unfavourably. The aspects of the 15th begin this with Mars conjunct Chiron in your 11th, sextiling Pluto in your 9th of expansion and adventure, trineing Saturn in your 8th and squaring Jupiter in your 2nd. Do you feel you can’t keep up with others either financially or socially? Do you feel you’re in competition with them and constantly being awarded a ‘runner up’ prize? Look to any feelings around social inferiority and deal with them especially around the 16th when the Moon in your 1st trines Pluto in your 9th. Are you projecting your own insecurities onto other people? Put them to one side now because all the universe wants for you this week is to step into a larger world.


11th – Moon, Neptune, Chiron, Mars & Mercury all conjunct in 10th trine Saturn in 6th

14th – Jupiter in 1st trine Venus in 9th

15th – Mars/Chiron conjunct in 10th sextile Pluto in 8th trine Saturn in 6th and square Jupiter in 1st

16th – Moon in 12th trine Pluto in 8th

  • Luck and expansion could be on the way
  • Make sure what’s on offer is all it appears to be however
  • Your actions make others see you differently now

How you’re seen by others especially when it comes to your career could feature this week, Gemini. Chances are you may have already been engaged in a major image overhaul or been contemplating one for a while now, if so now’s the time to put the finishing touches to the new ‘you’ and act and dress to impress. People in a position of influence will be watching you carefully so be mindful of how you’re coming across. Something you’ve worked long and hard for could be yours now thanks to the superconjunction in your career zone which makes a superb trine to Saturn in your work sector. Rewards could be yours. However, if you’re offered something new make sure you have it all in writing and check the details. You don’t want to accept what you think is a job in the boardroom to end up working in the boiler room instead and other people could misrepresent what’s actually on offer.

However, you can expect a big shift to be underway thanks to Jupiter in your 1st making another fabulous trine to Venus in your 9th on the 14th and this one could be in your personal life. The next day Mars and Chiron conjunct in your career zone sextile Pluto in your 8th of change and transformation, trineing Saturn in your 6th and squaring Jupiter in your 1st. Don’t get in your own way when it comes to career progress and back up what you say with appropriate action now. On the 16th the Moon in your 12th of secrets and spirituality trines Pluto in your 8th. Others may see you differently. Again, look at how you’re coming across and don’t stand in the way of your own transformation.


11th – Moon, Neptune, Chiron, Mars & Mercury all conjunct in 9th trine Saturn in 5th

14th – Jupiter in 12th trine Venus in 8th

15th – Mars/Chiron conjunct in 9th sextile Pluto in 7th trine Saturn in 5th and square Jupiter in 12th

16th – Moon in 11th trine Pluto in 7th

  • Get ready for a soul-expanding journey
  • Your understanding of what’s possible for you transforms
  • Some relationships may conflict with one another

You’re setting off on a journey of soul expansion now, Cancer. This may be an inner journey where you deal with soul matters or you may set off on an actual adventure. Your ruler the Moon forms part of the superconjunction of the 11th along with Neptune, Chiron, Mars and Mercury and they all trine Saturn in your 5th of love and attraction. Whatever begins now has long-term implications and that includes romance especially when Jupiter in your 12th trines Venus in your 8th on the 14th. You could meet someone with whom you feel a deep spiritual connection.

It’s all about making an inner adjustment and re-assessing what you think is possible for you to achieve in any area of your life. Mars and Chiron remain conjunct on the 15th and sextile Pluto in your partnership zone while trineing Saturn in your 5th and squaring Jupiter in your 12th. On some level relationships have to transform now and you could go from single to being committed or vice versa. On the 16th, the Moon in your socially expansive 11th trines Pluto in your 7th. Just ensure that some relationships don’t conflict with others now as you could find partners and loved ones feeling left out if you’ve turned into a social butterfly. But so long as you aren’t neglecting anyone, this week is a time to spread those wings – literally and metaphorically.


11th – Moon, Neptune, Chiron, Mars & Mercury all conjunct in 8th trine Saturn in 4th

14th – Jupiter in 11th trine Venus in 7th

15th – Mars/Chiron conjunct in 8th sextile Pluto in 6th trine Saturn in 4th and square Jupiter in 11th

16th – Moon in 10th trine Pluto in 6th

  • Transformations around home wash away what no longer serves
  • Partnerships of all kinds feature
  • How’s your work profile this week?

Change is on the agenda for you this week, Leo especially on the home front. Many of you could be upgrading to a better residence thanks to the massive line up in your 8th of transformations and shared resources which trines Saturn in your 4th of home and emotional security. If you are planning to move now is a good time to start looking. Many of you who do will find a better property for your money than you thought – and that includes those of you looking to rent as well. When you unpack you can expect to settle in for a long time.

Partnerships are also featured thanks to Jupiter in your 11th making a trine to Venus in your partnership zone. Friends and social encounters could hold the key to meeting potential partners while for those of you already coupled-up, this transit brings opportunities for enjoyment for both of you. On the 15th, Mars and Chiron conjunct in your 8th form a sextile to Pluto in your 6th of work, trine Saturn in your 4th and square Jupiter in your 11th while on the next day the Moon in your 10th of career and status also trines Pluto. Look to your work environment which could be offering you an opportunity to increase not only your bank account but your reputation. Extra responsibility and the rewards that entails are on the way.


11th – Moon, Neptune, Chiron, Mars & Mercury all conjunct in 7th trine Saturn in 3rd 14th – Jupiter in 10th trine Venus in 6th

15th – Mars/Chiron conjunct in 7th sextile Pluto in 5th trine Saturn in 3rd and square Jupiter in 10th

16th – Moon in 9th trine Pluto in 5th

  • Communication in close relationships ebbs and flows
  • Your ability to make in-roads at work increases
  • Don’t mix business and pleasure

The superconjunction of the 11th takes place in your partnership zone and trines Saturn in your 3rd of communication. Single Virgos looking to meet someone special could meet them via a ‘comm’ – commuting or communication. However, those of you in relationships need to make sure your partner understands where you are coming from now. You could find disconnects and miscommunications or alternatively just silence dominating.

You’re still being favoured by Jupiter in your 10th house of long term career who makes a trine to Venus in your work zone on the 14th. As I’ve said before, your 6th isn’t a house that Venus is happy in but this aspect may fast-track benefits at work. On the 15th, Mars and Chiron will be conjunct in your 7th and sextile Pluto in your 5th, trine Saturn in your 3rd and square Jupiter in your 10th. A casual romance could suddenly become that much more serious or you could be tempted by someone successful or that you might consider ‘out of your league’ thanks to the Moon in your 9th trineing Pluto in your 5th on the 16th. If the latter remember – that’s your definition not theirs. However, don’t mix business and pleasure this week. Keep where you work a hotbed of just that – not passion.


11th – Moon, Neptune, Chiron, Mars & Mercury all conjunct in 6th trine Saturn in 2nd 14th – Jupiter in 9th trine Venus in 5th

15th – Mars/Chiron conjunct in 6th sextile Pluto in 4th trine Saturn in 2nd and square Jupiter in 9th

16th – Moon in 8th trine Pluto in 4th

  • Make sure you stay in the present this week
  • Take action when it comes to opportunities
  • Emotions impact on your home life

If you’ve been sitting hoping for a bank-account boosting opportunity, Libra then this is the week it could arrive thanks to the superconjunction in your 6th of work making a fabulous trine to Saturn in your money sector all on the 11th. It’s all part of an intense cycle aimed at you having something to bank on for the future – whether it’s increased financial security or just an enhanced appreciation of your own worth. Look to what’s going on in the here and now and take care of day-to-day business to really benefit from this planetary line-up.

On the 14th, Venus your ruler in her favourite house the 5th, makes a fabulous trine to Jupiter in your 9th. It’s all about getting ready to move when soul-expanding opportunities come your way. Are you ready? The following days there’s a complex pattern forming between Mars and Chiron still conjunct in your 6th which will sextile Pluto in your 4th, trine Saturn in your 2nd and square Jupiter. The following day the Moon in your transformational sector trines Pluto again in your 4th. Don’t resist changes on the home or work front and again, be ready to move when it comes to opportunities for change because unless your life changes how can it get better?


11th – Moon, Neptune, Chiron, Mars & Mercury all conjunct in 5th trine Saturn in 1st 14th – Jupiter in 8th trine Venus in 4th

15th – Mars/Chiron conjunct in 5th sextile Pluto in 3rd trine Saturn in 1st and square Jupiter in 8th

16th – Moon in 7th trine Pluto in 3rd

  • You have an ethereal aura this week that others may find compelling
  • Something close to home transforms for the better
  • You won’t take no for an answer this week

You are becoming the focus of intense attraction and creativity energy now, Scorpio and the question is: how are you going to use this? You could be projecting a compelling and mysterious aura which others are drawn to which is only set to intensify over the next few weeks. How you react to all this attention and what you attract is all part of your soul growth right now.

Watch for changes on the home front (for the better!) when Jupiter in your 8th trines Venus in your home zone on the 14th. On the 15thm your ruler Pluto in your 3rd is all entangled up in a complex pattern which involves Mars and Chiron conjunct in your 5th still, a trine to Saturn in your 1st and a square to Jupiter in your 8th. What you are willing to accept for yourself and from other people is about to undergo a radical shift. What is more you are unlikely to take ‘no’ for an answer and this may merely fuel your determination to have what you want. The Moon in your 7th of partnerships trines Pluto on the 16th. Expect to hear something that stirs you deeply connected to someone close to you. If single you may experience a deep yearning to connect to a kindred soul. Remember the message about attraction. You can manifest your desires now.


11th – Moon, Neptune, Chiron, Mars & Mercury all conjunct in 4th trine Saturn in 12th 14th – Jupiter in 7th trine Venus in 3rd

15th – Mars/Chiron conjunct in 4th sextile Pluto in 2nd trine Saturn in 12th and square Jupiter in 7th

16th – Moon in 6th trine Pluto in 2nd

  • You turn to what feels familiar
  • Communications around close relationships flourish
  • Don’t let emotion erode self-esteem

As you are the explorer of the zodiac it’s strange to write about you clinging to the old and familiar, Sag. But this is what could be happening now as you feel an intense pull towards places and things that may you feel safe and secure. Have you turned into a closet Cancerian? The answer is the massive planetary line-up in your 4th of home and emotional wellbeing, a superconjunction which takes place on the 11th and which trines Saturn in your 12th of soul path learnings. It’s all about learning what you need to sustain you in the long term and you’ll find yourself turning to people, places and even foods that are comforting and familiar in order to do this. On the 14th, Jupiter your ruler in your 7th makes a fabulous trine to Venus in your 3rd. Expect news regarding partners (or potential partners) or other close relationships to dominate.

The complex pattern on the 15th sees Saturn squaring Jupiter. Remember – Jupiter wants to expand and Saturn restricts. This is all entangled with Mars and Chiron conjunct again in your 4th and Pluto in your 2nd. Are you feeling that you don’t have the resources you need to live the way you want? The answer is not in struggle but in long-term planning now. You may feel that you don’t have what it takes to accomplish this on the 16th when the Moon in your 6th trineing Pluto in your 2nd pushes some emotional buttons at work. Just know you have the skills to get the job done – on an inner and outer level now.


11th – Moon, Neptune, Chiron, Mars & Mercury all conjunct in 3rd trine Saturn in 11th 14th – Jupiter in 6th trine Venus in 2nd

15th – Mars/Chiron conjunct in 3rd sextile Pluto in 1st trine Saturn in 11th and square Jupiter in 6th

16th – Moon in 5th trine Pluto in 1st

  • Make yourself clear now
  • Self-worth boosting events occur
  • Use creative ideas for self-improvement

The emphasis continues to be on communication now thanks to the superconjunction taking place in your 3rd on the 11th and trineing your ruler Saturn on the 11th. What you say could be having a huge impact on those around you – perhaps more so than you think so make sure you are conveying your thoughts and ideas clearly. If you’ve ever wanted to write – now’s the time. You could be receiving some positive feedback from the universe about your current soul path progress thanks to Jupiter in your work sector trineing Venus in your money zone on the 14th. Material rewards could be on their way or you could simply have your mojo boosted.

Pluto in your 1st sexiles Mars and Chiron conjunct in your 3rd and trines Saturn in your 11th while squaring Jupiter in your 6th. It’s a complex aspect but friends or work colleagues could provide you with an opportunity if you let them. If you’ve been feeling you’re not getting the opportunities others have then this is your soul-call to take action to address any short-falls. The Moon in your 5th on the 16th makes another fabulous trine to Pluto in your 1st. You could be afire with ideas now. Don’t just sit on them – use them. They have the ability to transform your world.


11th – Moon, Neptune, Chiron, Mars & Mercury all conjunct in 2nd trine Saturn in 10th 14th – Jupiter in 5th trine Venus in 1st

15th – Mars/Chiron conjunct in 2nd sextile Pluto in 12th trine Saturn in 10th and square Jupiter in 5th

16th – Moon in 4th trine Pluto in 12th

  • Protect what you value this week
  • What are you taking for granted?
  • Something lost resurfaces

It’s all about values and what you value this week, Aquarius. And that extends to how much you value yourself. The world reflects our worth in how other people treat us. So, how are you being treated? The superconjunction of the 11th which trines Saturn in your 10th is offering you a huge opportunity to take a big step up the career ladder or just to consolidate an enviable reputation. If you read this and say ‘What – me?!then there is some serious work to be done. Protect what you have worked hard to achieve – and that includes your own talents and abilities. Don’t take yourself for granted now.

If you’ve done the inner work then the outer world may validate this in the form of a marvellous manifestation now as Jupiter in your 5th of creativity, romance and attraction beams a trine to Venus in your 1st on the 14th. Look at what you attract around this time to see how the world is reflecting your values back at you. On the 15th, the complex planetary alignments could see money and career issues back in focus. If you’re offered a new job or promotion make sure it’s not only what you want but what you deserve.

Something that’s been missing in your life could return to you on the 16th thanks to the Moon in your 4th making a trine to Pluto in your 12th. This could be just a missing piece of the wonderful puzzle that is you – the realisation you truly ARE worth it.


11th – Moon, Neptune, Chiron, Mars & Mercury all conjunct in 1st trine Saturn in 9th 14th – Jupiter in 4th trine Venus in 12th

15th – Mars/Chiron conjunct in 1st sextile Pluto in 11th trine Saturn in 9th and square Jupiter in 4th

16th – Moon in 3rd trine Pluto in 11th

  • You represent spiritual action this week
  • Watch your spending when it comes to the home
  • Social events could be emotionally charged

Did you ever think you could become a warrior, Pisces? Think about being a spiritual one this week and for the next month as the superconjunction in your 1st on the 11th begins the massive astro-focus on you. You are charged with leading the charge towards increased awareness and enlightenment. Meditate. Write in your journal. Get out those tarot cards. Take up yoga or sign up to volunteer and save the planet. No matter how it manifests for you, you are part of the vanguard of spiritual change this week. You’re getting an extra boost with this with Venus in your spiritual sector trineing Jupiter in your home zone on the 14th. Just make sure this doesn’t translate to spending to much making your crib more spiritual.

Social events, friends and long term goals move into focus on the 15th thanks to Mars and Chiron conjunct in your 1st and sextiling Pluto in your 11th while trineing Saturn in your 9th and squaring Jupiter in your 4th. Your social life wants to expand and new people could be entering your life. You may however want to conduct your social activities around the home. On the 16th the Moon in your 3rd trines Pluto. Expect invitations to social events that could lead to emotionally charged encounters. Don’t label them ‘good’ or ‘bad’. If you’re a true spiritual warrior you should know it’s all down to experience.

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