Your Free Weekly Astrology Overview March 4

4th – Jupiter in Gemini opp Moon in Sagittarius (exact)

5th – Venus conjunct Chiron in Pisces (exact)

10th – Moon conjunct Neptune in Pisces (exact)

10th – Seven planet stellium in Pisces – Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Neptune and Chiron

  • News and events demonstrate interconnectedness
  • The opportunity to heal with love
  • Peak experiences are around the corner

The fact we are all part of a global village may become abundantly clear this week as news and events emphasise our connectedness especially with the Moon in Sagittarius opposing Sag’s ruler Jupiter in Gemini on the 4th. There is no such thing now as telling ourselves that events which happen on the other side of the planet have nothing to do with us or have no effect on us. All the world’s a stage and we will see all too clearly the parts we have been playing which have contributed to what’s going on. There is no such thing as an innocent bystander on a soul level this week.

On the 5th, Venus meets Chiron in Pisces ahead of the massive seven planet stellium in there that is in the process of forming. As a society and as part of our soul process we’re being asked to look at what needs healing and to do so with love and on a personal level to heal deep inner wounds via love in action – in other words, creativity.

On the 10th the Moon meets Neptune in Pisces casting an out-of-this-world illusion over everything. We may react by either feeling a deep connection to what’s going on around us or feeling as if it’s all a dream. This is the day the seven planet stellium forms in Pisces with the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Neptune and Chiron now all in there. Look for spiritual truths amidst the otherworldliness and expect revelations to follow. There could even be announcements of scientific breakthroughs or we could be confronted with facts that might seem impossible. Whatever occurs, it’s all part of the quantum soul shift that began back in December. As the Buddhists believe – life is just a dream and the events of this week may just point towards that truth.


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