Cancer – Love Lessons

Security is your key word. For you love is something safe and cosy. Your home and your mate are very important to you. When first dating you don’t give everything away – even if you are desperate for contact you might not answer the phone. You crawl sideways to achieve your goal. This isn’t such a bad strategy and can capture you the lover you desire who is intrigued by your mysterious ways. Once someone has crawled under that tough old shell they get the joy of the private soft you but that also comes at a price as it can make you feel very vulnerable not to have your usual protection. You are fantastic at nurturing your partner and relating to their emotions but it’s important to avoid manipulation to get what you want.

Your love lesson


Your love lesson is to understand that you are safe in and out of your shell. Finding and trusting your identity in love without feeling in peril is essential for your long-term happiness. When you have a strong relationship with yourself you are naturally protected. Become your own best friend and honour your vulnerability but also know that your sensitivity to others is your strength. You are also strongly imprinted by your early experience so look at the patterns in your parents’ relationship and seek to evolve and heal anything you have picked up from those formative experiences.

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