Capricorn – Love lessons

The most responsible of lovers, Capricorns like a firm and steady relationship. Trust is important and the longer they love the more they give. Sex is more important to a Capricorn than might be obvious as it is one of the few ways a Capricorn can relieve stress. However you are most likely to stay in a relationship that does not work as you consider commitment as sacrosanct. Strong, sexy and rock solid, you are great at making your lovers feel safe and secure. At least once in a lifetime you are likely to be drawn to a sensual madness of earthy passion that may test your sense of responsibility!

Your love lesson

Your love lesson is to build a strong spiritual and sensual foundation – not one just for commitment’s sake. While it is fantastic that you do stick to your commitments, if something does not work it does not honor you or them if you stay purely because you said you would. We are all a unique shard of the divine and equal and are able to create our reality. If you stay with someone because you feel sorry for them it dishonours their divinity, as well as your own. Build solid foundations in your unconditional love of self and others. Love is free and you need to learn that you are accepted because of your essence, not just for what you achieve or provide.

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