Pisces – Love lessons

Pisces in love

Love for you Pisces is a blessing and a curse! Pisces love like no other but the danger is you can do it with a huge pair of rose tinted glasses. You love love! You crave love and most importantly you understand the transformative power of love. You know that love is all there is, that love is the true alchemy in life – that it turns everyday experience into the transcendent. Thanks to your ruler, dreamy Neptune, you can also find yourself falling for a beautiful illusion. Pisces can fixate on love or find yourself lost up a one-way street.

Your love lesson

Your love Pisces lesson is to know that we are all one and that separation is an illusion. No-one has power over you, love is not limited, it is everywhere! If you find yourself losing your identity or living for one person or an idea of love you need to remember your innate wisdom. You are the last sign in the zodiac and within you, you have all the wisdom of the other signs. You are here to understand completion and that completion will probably not be found within another until you value your own beautiful sensitive soul. You may have more power than any other sign to have the most extraordinary love experience and that is because you know that your (and everyone’s) true essence, is love!

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