Neptune Direct in Pisces – The Time of Soul Awakening

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On the 11th November Neptune turned direct in its ruling sign of Pisces after a period of five months retrograde. Neptune is due to remain in Pisces until 2025 and during that time we will see the planet of spirituality and soul progress return to retrograde motion and then go forwards many times. To understand what this means for humanity’s soul growth we have to first understand the true spiritual nature of Neptune and the promise of soul refinement and new awakenings that he brings us on a collective level.

Neptune is the harbinger of great spiritual awakenings and our ability to transcend our differences and appreciate the inter-connectedness of all life. Neptune stirs our compassionate nature. We could say he has the potential to bring out the best in us. If we look at the last time Neptune was in Pisces we saw not only the emergence of the spiritualist movement and the Pre-Raphaelite painters but also the abolitionist movement to end slavery and abolish serfdom in counties like Russia. Neptune will once again highlight issues around injustice and inequality and also inhumanity – most probably now extending this to include our animal souls here on Earth. Because Neptune rules water expect pollution and also water as a resource to become big issues between now and 2025. Because Neptune rules the ‘hidden’ – things that exist but which we may be unaware of, we can therefore also expect to see more revelations into the nature of ‘reality’ and our universe via new discoveries in Quantum physics. Neptune is here to remind us that everything is connected. We are all one.

On a personal soul level, I believe Neptune acts as our spiritual evolver. When he is retrograde we get the opportunity to review our evolution so far and if we are open, to integrate the lessons into our being. Then we he turns direct we can literally ‘direct’ the next stage of our evolution – provided we really have learned the lessons however. This opens us up to being more than we ever dreamed possible – evolving into conscious guardians of our planet.

Between now and June 2013, we have an opportunity to take the next step in this evolutionary journey before Neptune turns retrograde once more leading to another period of soul refinement as we assess our progress once again. I believe we are now in a crucial phase of our soul evolution which will result in a massive change of consciousness globally as we reconnect to hidden aspects of ourselves and beyond that connect to the reality where consciousness, Quantum physics and spirituality all meet – the true gateway to soul awakening which Neptune opens.

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