Star Sign Seduction – Seduce Your Partner By the Stars – Taurus

Want to know how to win the heart of your lover by appealing to their individual brand of astro-sexiness? Then check out our Star Sign Seduction tips for every sign.


Get that verbal banter happening. Strangely enough the way to sensual Taurus’s heart and bedroom is going for the mental seduction first. Taurus gets turned on by flirtatious banter but just make sure if you want to succeed you let them have the last word as ultimately they like to be in control. Many people don’t realise the Taurus pride runs as deep as a Leo – it’s just not on show. Taureans like luxury and comfort as they are ruled by Venus and aesthetics are important to them. They can be a little stubborn and set in their ways and sometimes don’t like stepping outside their comfort zones. However, they will go that extra mile if they think the prize is worth it. With a Taurus it’s all about the quality of the connection.

Taurus Man

Of all the signs in the zodiac here is the one where the way to his heart really is going to be via his stomach. Cook him a special dinner, make sure he’s hit with the smell of something delicious the moment he walks in (that’s you as well as the cooking!). Put on something subtly sexy. It’s all about feel so go for sensual flowing fabrics that feel wonderful to the touch and cling rather than acres of flesh on show. You can’t go wrong with silk or satin. Music is usually the food of love for Taurus and again, it’s a sultry and subtly dirty beat that will get him going. The great thing about Taurus man is that he’s easy to please. Just think of it as arranging a four-course dinner with you as the dessert. Entice him with a subtle touch or brush of your hand. When you move to the bedroom, please don’t ruin the moment with body hang-ups. The other great thing about Taurus is he usually thinks you are fine just the way you are and is just happy you’ve picked him out as the one you want to share yourself with. A sensual and considerate lover, Taurus will spend hours playing with your body and he likes to complete a job to both his and your satisfaction – and doesn’t mind how long that takes.

Taurus Woman

Think Venus. Taurus woman is the goddess herself. She’s all about sensuality as opposed to raw passion. You had better be serious as this is one sign of the zodiac who won’t tolerate inconsistency or a flake. If passion is on the agenda then clear your schedule and make sure your phone is turned off as she won’t tolerate interruptions or distractions. Remember, if you are going to worship a goddess she demands your undivided attention. Make sure you have little luxuries to hand – chocolate dipped strawberries, champagne, rose petals on the bed will win her heart. She is into sensuality so take your time in the bedroom and worship every inch of her. Once she gives you her heart it’s usually forever.

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