Astro Karma – Pisces


Astro Karma – PISCES

Your birthchart is a karmic blueprint of the moment your soul incarnated into this lifetime. The Sun’s position illustrates your strengths and talents but it has a shadow side that describes the karmic challenges you face for the evolution of your soul…

Your karmic lesson: responsibility

When you arrived in this world, the Sun’s bountiful energy was directed through the mystical sign of Pisces. You swim in a world of infinite dreams, ideals and possibilities. Nothing has to be proven or decided because anything can happen in the realm of fantasy and imagination. Having a purpose scares you because you are frightened to stand alone, preferring to merge with, or hide behind, your beautiful illusions. But when you take responsibility for committing to a charitable or worthwhile cause, you will discover that you are the only person capable of expressing enough compassion to inspire others to take action.

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