Your Free Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs March 11



11th – New Moon in 12th

11th – Seven planet stellium in 12th. Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Neptune and Chiron

12th – Mars enters 1st

15th – Moon in 2nd sextile Mercury/Neptune/Chiron conjunct in 12th

15th – Sun/Venus conjunct in 12th

17th – Mercury direct in 12th

  • The culmination of a spiritual journey or phase
  • Initiate projects
  • Your bank account needs soul focus

This is the week where the planetary intensity which has been slowly building in Pisces, peaks. For you this is all taking place in your spiritual 12th and you’ll feel the emotional impact when the new Moon on the 11th boosts the number of planets in this sector to seven. This represents the culmination of a spiritual journey or soul growth period for you so you need to be looking carefully at what area this has taken place in. This could be the revelation of inner truths or you just now seeing a situation for what it is. As long as you realise its significance for you, you are now free to embark on a fresh soul-growth adventure when Mars your ruler enters your 1st on the 12th. You should feel the energy shift from an inner focus to what you want to achieve in the outer world. It’s the time to initiate projects and for those single rams, you could meet Mars in person when you attract someone in with distinct go get ‘em qualities. The Sun/Venus conjunction of the 15th makes for wonderful romantic encounters.

The same day the Moon in your money zone sextiles Mercury, Neptune and Chiron all tangled up still in your 12th. Time to infuse money matters with spiritual truth. Look at where you could manage your resources better (and that includes inner resources such as your talents and abilities). It’s not a question of how much money you have but whether you are using it wisely that matters.

Mercury turns direct in your 12th on the 17th removing delays, communication mishaps or that feeling of just not knowing where other people are coming from. Time to communicate your new soul truth to those around you and to put procrastination and delays behind you.


11th – New Moon in 11th

11th – Seven planet stellium in 11th. Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Neptune and Chiron

12th – Mars enters 12th

15th – Moon in 1st sextile Mercury/Neptune/Chiron conjunct in 11th

15th – Sun/Venus conjunct in 11th

17th – Mercury direct in 11th

  • What needs to stay and what needs to go?
  • How connected do you feel to those around you?
  • Don’t be content with being an extra in your own life

Every sign will be aware of the peak planetary experience taking place in a particular area of their charts this week. For you Taurus, this takes place in your 11th of friends, contacts, events and goals. The 11th sees this process reach critical mass with the new Moon in this sector bumping up the planets to seven. Look to your larger social circle and take note of what changes have been going on within it (this can also include professional contacts and networks). Have you been caught up in a social whirlwind or else feeling that you’re a social wallflower? Perhaps your circle of friends no longer holds the meaning it once did or have your goals radically shifted? If you reach the conclusion that people or what you’ve been striving towards no longer appeals then use that knowledge to start to initiate some changes. Mars entering your soul refining 12th on the 12th could have you facing some truths you’ve been avoiding but the good news is that you’ll no longer be putting energy into things that no longer work for you and the Moon in your 1st on the 15th sextiles the Mercury/Neptune/Chiron conjunction letting you see which connections have meaning and which you need to let go of.

Follow your heart now as your ruler Venus meets the Sun on the 15th while Mercury turns direct on the 17th. Because the 11th rules large scale social events and groups this is all about you no longer being content to wait on the sidelines but become the focus of whatever is going on. In a memorable scene in the film The Holiday, Arthur (Eli Wallach) tells Iris (Kate Winslet) ‘In the movies we have leading ladies and we have the best friend. You, I can tell, are a leading lady, but for some reason you are behaving like the best friend.’ So, don’t be an extra in your own production. Time to take the leading role and watch everybody else line up to be your co-stars.


11th – New Moon in 10th

11th – Seven planet stellium in 10th. Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Neptune and Chiron

12th – Mars enters 11th

15th – Moon in 12th sextile Mercury/Neptune/Chiron conjunct in 10th

15th – Sun/Venus conjunct in 10th

17th – Mercury direct in 10th

  • Are you clear about what it is you want to achieve in the long term?
  • Push forward with goal plans
  • Love or work success could boost your status

With Jupiter planet of expansion still in your sign it’s only fitting we should talk about expansion and success. However, the real astro-action this week is all in your career and status area as the planetary build-up finally peaks in there with the new Moon on the 11th. There are now seven planets in total in there and their purpose has been to allow you to redefine what success means to you and also to get very clear about what it is you want to achieve in the long term. It’s time to be proud of what you’ve achieved so far and also to accept any rewards that may be forthcoming. People may look up to you now and if the thought of that makes you feel uncomfortable then some self-appreciation work may be in order. It’s all about how you’re seen or wish to be seen now so make sure it’s in the best-possible light especially when Mars which enters your 11th on the 12th pushes you out onto the social centre-stage and instead of just thinking about your goals gets you doing something to manifest them.

The Moon in your 12th on the 15th stirs up emotions with regards to your achievements (or lack of) when it sextiles Neptune, your ruler Mercury and Chiron. If you’re dissatisfied with what you’ve achieved so far silence the inner critic and use the next two days to come up with a new plan of action although you may not need it as the Sun meets Venus in your career zone on the same day and that promotion, raise, new job or enticing new lover could be yours. If you do see the need for a change Mercury finally moves forward on the 17th and restrictions to progress – whether self-imposed or otherwise, should be removed. It’s really just all about knowing what you want now.


11th – New Moon in 9th

11th – Seven planet stellium in 9th. Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Neptune and Chiron

12th – Mars enters 10th

15th – Moon in 11th sextile Mercury/Neptune/Chiron conjunct in 9th

15th – Sun/Venus conjunct in 9th

17th – Mercury direct in 9th

  • Have you discovered your quest?
  • Make your career move
  • Love could lead you into a larger world

With the planetary build up in your 9th of expansion, adventure, learning and luck peaking on the 11th thanks to your ruler the Moon, it’s now time to see what the journey you’re on is all about. Because whether you’ve decided to embark on an actual physical trip is not the point. The lesson is about opening up and broadening your horizons and letting in new possibilities in a key life area. So, which one is it? If you’re not certain yet then time to read Joseph Campbell or any of the other greats who have deconstructed the mythic journey for us because that’s what this is.

The seven planet stellium dissolves on the 12th when Mars enters your 10th of career and status. Perhaps all this discovery is something you can use to make a key career move because now is the time to push forward with those plans that may have been on hold these past weeks. On the 15th, the Moon now in your 11th of friends and social events makes a shy sextile to the Neptune/Chiron/Mercury conjunction in your 9th which on the same day and in the same house the Sun meets Venus. Love could lead you into a larger world which involves healing past wounds. If someone from your past returns now wanting a second chance you may find that you have both changed and this time around achieve a different outcome. It’s time to take a chance.

Mercury moves direct on the 17th removing delays and snafus especially with regards to contracts, travel, study and legal matters. Really for you, the adventure is just beginning now.


11th – New Moon in 8th

11th – Seven planet stellium in 8th. Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Neptune and Chiron

12th – Mars enters 9th

15th – Moon in 10th sextile Mercury/Neptune/Chiron conjunct in 8th

15th – Sun/Venus conjunct in 8th

17th – Mercury direct in 8th

  • Transformations and endings brings new beginnings
  • Time to move forward after delays
  • Passion is unleashed

The new Moon on the 11th brings the planetary total in your area of transformations, endings and resources you share to a soul-refining seven. Whatever is changing in your life is doing so to make way for new beginnings. Perhaps by now you see quite clearly what has to change but if you are resisting you need to bear in mind that whatever ends now has been lived out so don’t stand in the way of change.

Time to move forward into a new and exciting future and you’re getting the push in that direction when Mars enters your 9th of expansion on the 12th. Whatever you are feeling right now, you are feeling incredibly deeply. You may find yourself veering between extremes – there is no middle ground. On the 15th the Moon in your career zone sextiles Mercury, Neptune and Chiron conjunct in your 8th still and you may see changes coming through which affect your long term career direction.

Passion however is the order of the day as the Sun also meets Venus and don’t forget the 8th rules sex as well. If there’s no one lighting your fire right now, take care to channel all that energy into a creative or exercise activity otherwise you’ll end up making war instead of love. You’ll breathe a sigh of relief when Mercury direct on the 17th announces the final curtain on the transformation process. Move forward now.


11th – New Moon in 7th

11th – Seven planet stellium in 7th. Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Neptune and Chiron

12th – Mars enters 8th

15th – Moon in 9th sextile Mercury/Neptune/Chiron conjunct in 7th

15th – Sun/Venus conjunct in 7th

17th – Mercury direct in 7th

  • How are you ‘partnered up’?
  • Passions could ignite
  • You seek inspiration in others

The planetary focus these past few months has been in your partnership zone and this peaks now with the new Moon in there on the 11th bringing the number of planets to an soul-partnering seven. How you feel ‘partnered up’ – or the lack of that has been your soul refinement task during this period so look at what you’ve been learning and remember that sometimes learning about being with someone special involves learning about ourselves first. You may have decided a current partnership needs re-defining or that your own needs have changed. If you’ve no-one to call your own you may be clearer than ever about the kind of person you need. If you are single don’t fall into the ‘pity me’ trap or think ‘they’ll do’ just because you feel lonely. Remember, this area of your chart also rules business partners and close personal friends. To get a thing you must already have it in some shape or form so concentrate on who or what supports you to bring more of it into your life.

Passions however could ignite thanks to Mars moving into your transformation and relationships where sex is important area on the 12th. Remember – Mars is all about action! On the 15th the Moon in your expansion zone beams across to the Mercury, Neptune and Chiron conjunction a message that you’re ready for the next stage of your soul adventure. If you’re seeking inspiration then look to others and emulate them to draw to you what they have. You’re getting some serious help here as the Sun also meets Venus that day so watch for beautiful encounters that could turn into something long term especially when Mercury turns direct on the 17th, finally removing misunderstandings and obstacles to getting together. Time for soul fusion.


11th – New Moon in 6th

11th – Seven planet stellium in 6th. Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Neptune and Chiron

12th – Mars enters 7th

15th – Moon in 8th sextile Mercury/Neptune/Chiron conjunct in 6th

15th – Sun/Venus conjunct in 6th

17th – Mercury direct in 6th

  • Your work focus peaks
  • Be the instigator of change
  • If you were rich, what would you do?

You may have found the past few months nothing less than hard work, Libra and the reason for that is the planetary line-up building in your work and wellness are. It now peaks when the new Moon occurs on the 11th. Remember, all work is spiritual work whether you believe your current job represents your soul purpose or not. What this line-up is all about is getting in touch with what you do everyday and connecting to the truth that even ‘dream’ jobs contain mundane tasks which have to be taken care of. More on this in a moment.

Being the sign of partnerships you’ll be relieved when the focus starts to shift from all this soul work to soul work with others when Mars moves into your partnership zone on the 12th. On the 15th a couple of significant transits occur the first being the Moon in your transformation sector making a wonderful pass at the Mercury/Neptune/Chiron conjunction in your 6th and allowing you to face any lingering issues around wellbeing and work you’ve been carrying around unnecessarily. Take the initiative with self-healing now. On the same day Venus your ruler meets the Sun in there and wants you to answer a very interesting question which again, goes back to those housekeeping tasks I was talking about earlier. If you were rich what would you do? I’m not talking about the big house you’d buy or that walk-in closest full of Jimmy Choos. Those are things you would buy not what you would do. Believe me, lunching and shopping would pale after a while and your soul would yearn for expression. Seeing as money would no longer be an issue what is it you would then do? Answer this question and you have your soul purpose. When Mercury moves direct on the 17th then go off in pursuit of it because at the end of the day, you don’t need money to do what you’re here to do.


11th – New Moon in 5th

11th – Seven planet stellium in 5th. Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Neptune and Chiron

12th – Mars enters 6th

15th – Moon in 7th sextile Mercury/Neptune/Chiron conjunct in 5th

15th – Sun/Venus conjunct in 5th

17th – Mercury direct in 5th

  • Get ready to release the sexiness mojo
  • Your focus shifts to work tasks to be accomplished
  • Is a love affair more serious than you think?

How have you coped all these weeks with being the sex goddess or god of the zodiac, Scorpio? Are you now ready to relinquish your crown and let another sign have some of the fun? The law of attraction should have been working in your favour with the new Moon bringing a total of seven planets in your romance, creativity and children sector. New beginnings in a key area are indicated so look to these themes to see the new growth beginning to show.

Your former ruler Mars pops into your 6th of work on the 12th reminding you its not all fun and games. However, you’ve now got the energy at your disposal to focus on work tasks or even job changes. However, direct it wisely and don’t burn the candle at both ends as this could result in inflammations and flare-ups of illnesses. On the 15th the Moon in your partnership zone sends a loving glance to the Mercury/Neptune/Chiron conjunction in your 5th while on the same day the Sun meets Venus in there. Romance is in the air or a current flirtation could be revealed as something a lot more serious. Those of you engaged in creative pursuits could plug into the universal consciousness and channel some seriously significant work now. Mercury finally moves direct on the 17th removing delays to romance and perhaps delivering that contract or green light for others. You should now have attracted exactly what you need to fuel the new stage of your soul growth. Stay in love with love.


11th – New Moon in 4th

11th – Seven planet stellium in 4th. Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Neptune and Chiron

12th – Mars enters 5th

15th – Moon in 6th sextile Mercury/Neptune/Chiron conjunct in 4th

15th – Sun/Venus conjunct in 4th

17th – Mercury direct in 4th

  • Home matters come to the fore
  • Balance wellbeing and work
  • Mother and mothering themes dominate

It’s all about where you live and what makes you feel secure now, Sag. This may feel a little strange as you’re traditionally the adventurer of the zodiac. Now your soul growth lessons are to be found close to home when the new Moon in that sector takes the planetary line-up there to a heart-centered seven and it’s where your heart feels safe that you need to focus on now.

You’ve been asked to look at your foundations and what sustains you emotionally these past few months and this is all in preparation for the next stage of soul expansion which is going to take place around love, romance, creativity, children and also in a few months’ time transformations, but for now fiery Mars enters your 5th bringing the impetus you need for creative projects or heating up romance. On the 15th the Moon in your work house makes a beautiful trine to Mercury, Neptune and Chiron which remain conjunct in your 4th. If you’ve been thinking of working from home this is your cue and on the same day the Sun meets Venus in there. What it is to be mothered or nurtured is going to feature now and your mother will be in your thoughts. If your relationship with her wasn’t the kind of mothering you needed this is your opportunity to heal any lingering wounds around this. For those of you looking to move Mercury direct on the 17th gives the all-clear for signing leases and property deals or upgrading your home in some way. But at the end of the day the best security is always found in those you love.


11th – New Moon in 3rd

11th – Seven planet stellium in 3rd. Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Neptune and Chiron

12th – Mars enters 4th

15th – Moon in 5th sextile Mercury/Neptune/Chiron conjunct in 3rd

15th – Sun/Venus conjunct in 3rd

17th – Mercury direct in 3rd

  • How are you planning on reaching out?
  • Have you discovered your unique voice?
  • Express your inner truth

The focus has been on your area of travel and communications these past few months and this week it peaks thanks to a new Moon in there taking the number of planets up to seven which should really give all you Sea Goats something to talk about. So what are you saying? Every sign has been given a soul growth opportunity in a specific area and for you it’s all about discovering your own unique voice and way of self-expression and seeing the power this has in your life. The other important thing to remember is that unless you like talking to yourself all the time, it’s all about reaching out to others. Tell people what you are thinking – after all, no matter how close someone is to you they’re not a mind reader.

There’s a shift starting to happen as the day after the stellium peaks Mars moves into your home environment. Not a good place for him to be as you had better watch out for conflicts and mischief around the home. When it comes to the latter make sure all doors and windows are locked. As for the former, let’s hope you’ve learned something from all this emphasis on words and how to choose them wisely and you may avoid any misunderstandings. On the 15th the Moon in your 5th of romance, children and creativity beams a helping hand to Mercury, Neptune and Chiron all conjunct. Backtrack if necessary with loved ones or on any issues to do with children. The Sun/Venus conjunction on the same day will smooth things over and help you reach an amicable solution in disagreements.

Your power is in your vulnerability so speak your inner truth. Mercury finally moving direct gets those papers signed and matters finalised allowing you to move forward free of encumbrances. Walk your talk now.


11th – New Moon in 2nd

11th – Seven planet stellium in 2nd. Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Neptune and Chiron

12th – Mars enters 3rd

15th – Moon in 4th sextile Mercury/Neptune/Chiron conjunct in 2nd

15th – Sun/Venus conjunct in 2nd

17th – Mercury direct in 2nd

  • Money and assets are in focus
  • Watch what you say
  • What is it you need to feel secure?

The new Moon in your money sector heralds the opportunity for a fresh start when it comes to money and what you value, Aquarius. It also marks the peak of the soul lesson cycle we’ve all been going through where we have been asked to see a particular area of our lives with more clarity than in the past and probe for the reasons behind what we do. With the planetary line up reaching seven in your money and assets sector you need to look at your relationship to money and also your values. Hopefully this has lead to you valuing yourself and your abilities as you are your own best asset. It’s not always about how much money you have in the bank.

The focus shifts on the 12th when Mars enters your 3rd of communication and you need to watch what you say especially as Mercury remains retrograde until the 17th. On the 15th the Moon in your 4th makes a sextile to the Mercury/Neptune/Chiron conjunction in your 2nd allowing you to heal any remaining issues around lack of self-worth or for that matter receiving abundance. You’re getting that extra bit of help thanks to a wonderful Sun/Venus conjunction on the same day – Venus rules your bank account so you could see a bonus or windfall heading your way. Really it’s all about what you need to feel emotionally secure and no amount of money can give you that. What you really value and what truly sustains you only comes from within.


11th – New Moon in 1st

11th – Seven planet stellium in 1st. Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Neptune and Chiron

12th – Mars enters 2nd

15th – Moon in 3rd sextile Mercury/Neptune/Chiron conjunct in 1st

15th – Sun/Venus conjunct in 1st

17th – Mercury direct in 1st

  • What is new and different about you now?
  • You move from the spiritual to the material worlds
  • Love is all around you

Of all the signs you have been feeling the great planetary build-up more than most Pisces as it has been taking place in your first house so you have had a chance to get up-close-and-personal with the planets. The new Moon in your 1st on the 11th brings this to a close and peaks the planets at an incredible seven. How the world sees you may now be very different to how you were perceived a few months ago and chances are you feel different too. Are you reflecting these inner changes by altering your outer appearance? You may find yourself drawn to different styles, clothes and colours that you would never have considered before – and are now loving them. Your attitude has changed and you are now ready to move from a point of inner soul-refinement to one of interacting as this new being with the material world. Mars enters your money zone on the 12th and you may find yourself overcome with a burning desire to pursue and possess the green energy of money. There is nothing wrong with that but guard against get-rich-quick schemes and hasty investments.

Spiritual truths hit home on the 15th when the Moon in your communication sector speaks volumes to Mercury, Neptune and Chiron conjunct in your 1st. Whatever is said resonates deeply with you and this could be someone else’s revelation.  On the same day the Sun meets Venus in your sign asking you to look around you if you’re looking for love as it is closer than you think. Mercury finally turns direct on the 17th. If you’ve been delaying unveiling this fabulous, soul-refined new you, delay no longer. Love will find you if you show yourself now.

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