Just What Is Astrology? Art or Science?

Is astrology scientific?

It’s a question that surfaces again and again. If astrology isn’t a science, then what is it? Of course, many are quick to de-bunk astrology – after all, no large scale studies have ever been taken into the accuracy of predictions and astrology after all as one astrologer pointed out ‘you cannot prove astrology in a lab.’ Fair enough. But it’s worth remembering that much of theoretical physics cannot be proved in a lab – because it’s theoretical. After all, billions of Euros were spent to build the Large Hadron collider to prove a theoretical particle – the Higgs boson – actually existed!

Astrology therefore tends to be categorised under the unflattering term ‘pseudo-science’ which irritates astrologers many of whom have spent years studying their craft. But leaving all that aside for one moment – what then is it?

First of all let’s take a journey back through history. For thousands of years astrology and astronomy were one and the same thing. It was a science of observation. Of course only the very rich and royalty has access to this information and the astronomer/astrologer you consulted was one and the same person. This continued for centuries right up until fittingly enough, the discovery of Uranus in the 18th century. Uranus is the planet of revolution, change and innovation. It was the first planet to be discovered with a telescope. Up until that point we thought the solar system ended with Saturn because this was as far as we could observe with the naked eye. The invention of the telescope changed all that and with this Uranian invention, we changed not only how we viewed the solar system but also the way we viewed it. With the invention of this scientific instrument – the telescope – astronomy and astrology were now seen as two different things – one scientific – the other esoteric and unproven.

There is another aspect to this – many astrologers argue that astrology is just too complex to be categorised or measured scientifically. This is taking the opposite view of dismissing astrology as ‘pseudo-science’ by saying what we astrologers do it so profoundly complex laypeople can’t possibly understand it which to me is nothing but arrogance!

I believe astrology is not merely a science or an art but a soul tool we have been given to empower us and to understand the reasons why events happen to us and why we react in the way that we do. Astrology allows us to delve into those deep questions that human beings have asked themselves since the dawn of time: ‘Why am I here?’ and ‘What’s my purpose?’ – and gain answers.

Astrology is about far more than just predicting the timing of events in our lives although it is incredibly useful for doing this. Astrology is a spiritual tool we can use to access a deeper wisdom and insight that expands our consciousness as we move through life and into a new era of being. So think of astrology not as an art, or as a science but something meta-physical – beyond the physical and physics – and combines mythology, psychology, astronomy and a need to probe beyond the surface to understand what makes people and the universe work. And after all – isn’t looking beyond the surface and exploring human potential a trait astrologers share with scientists and artists everywhere?

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