Harness the Power of Your Money Planets – Aries

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Your Money Planet – Aries

When it comes to money, we’ve all got planets working for – and against us. Check out your astrological financial profile for your sign to make the most of your ability to attract and make that stuff which makes the material world go around – money.

It’s the fame rather than the fortune which propels an Aries to make money. With Mars as your ruler you’ve usually no shortage of ideas or the get-up-and-go to act on them. Your bank account is actually ruled by Mars’ opposite sign – Venus and sadly, Venus loves to indulge herself. Between these two planets you may find that money goes out as fast or faster than it comes in and that any attempts at budgeting (what’s that?!) are usually undone by impulse buys. It’s not just you you’re spending big on, either. Aries are usually generous to a fault and that impulse buy that maxes out the credit card is just as likely to be for a loved one as it is for themselves.

To make and hang on to their money, Aries first of all needs to find a way of earning it that they are passionate about. Be ruthlessly honest with yourself about what it is you are happiest doing – not what may impress others or what may be expected of you. Usually for Aries this entails running their own show in some way or being their own boss. Once they have that they usually find attracting money is easy – hanging on to it is another matter. Aries needs to guard against impulse buys and hasty decisions with regards to investing (if they can even get themselves to think that far ahead). When it comes to important financial decisions, take your time and start to cultivate the ‘I’ll think about it’ mentality when it comes to buying the first glittering thing that takes your eye. Go for a walk, look at other items, stop for a coffee or even sleep on it over night. If it’s got your name on it, it will still be there when you come back. Start to practice this by going to the shops and leaving your credit cards behind and also get out of the habit of paying with cards. When you have to count out cash and think about how many hours you’ve had to work to earn it, you may stop and reconsider its value or whether you really want to spend that hard-earned money on it after all.

Aries loves a challenge and while the word ‘budget’ = ‘boring’ in your book, if you start to look at financial planning as just another mountain to be conquered, chances are you’ll rise to the occasion.

If you’re a financially challenged Aries then you can get your money planets working for you by first of all doing what fires you up. Passion is a money magnet! Second, create a tactile (Venus loves touch!) relationship with money by physically handling it and using cards as little as possible. Put a £50 note (or other high denomination bill) in your purse and keep it there. Take it out. Touch it but try to hang on to it as long as possible without breaking into it. How long can you last? Third – and probably most important, start saving. It doesn’t matter how little it is to start with, the important thing is you are doing it. Put the money somewhere where it is going to be difficult for you to withdraw it on an impulse if you fall off the financial wagon. Just think, even a small amount put away on a regular basis could mean you have the seed money to start up that business and work for yourself in the future – or provide you with the deposit for that dream home. Who said financial planning had to be dull?

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