Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn – What Do You No Longer Need?

On April 12, Pluto, planet of change and transformation, will turn retrograde in earthy Capricorn and remain that way until September 20. So, what can we all expect during this powerful transit? Pluto is the ruler of the sign of Scorpio whose original symbol was not the sting-in-the-tail scorpion we see today, but the phoenix, the fiery bird of resurrection that arises from its own ashes. It really is a far better symbol of what Pluto embodies as this planet pushes us towards much needed change and transformation on a collective and on a personal level. Unfortunately, just like the phoenix pierces its own heart to bring about its re-birth, transformations usually involve endings and sometimes painful ones, even if their outcomes are ultimately good for us!

When any planet turns retrograde it is often at its most potent. We see this three times a year when Mercury ruler of communication and transport turns retrograde. Very often these retrograde periods provide us with the means to review progress so far – a Mercury retrograde for example is an excellent time to revise projects but not a good time to buy a new computer or car! A Pluto retrograde affords us the opportunity to do a stock-take on how far we’ve come in a certain area and what still needs to be let go of for the transformation to complete. In the same way that a Mercury retrograde can result in the loss of important information or travel delays, so a Pluto retrograde can bring up issues around the negative planetary influences it embodies. The present global financial crisis began when Pluto put its first toe tentatively into Capricorn as Capricorn rules the financial and banking system. Capricorn also rules what we would call the ‘establishment’ and Pluto is all about power, manipulation and control. If we look closely at what’s been happening in our world since 2008 we will see a major theme is the question: Just who is in control? We are seeing that the control we have given over to ruling bodies, banks and corporations has resulted in the problems we are facing today. This Pluto retrograde period will allow us greater insights into their true motivations in order to clear the way for lasting change.

On a personal level we may well be faced with people and events that show us where we have given up personal control in our lives. Pluto invites us to set new boundaries and take control back to become more empowered in our lives. We’re also invited to look at what we no longer need in our lives and to discard it in order to make room for something better to take its place. You may feel the need to de-clutter or change something long standing.

Change is inevitable but that doesn’t mean it is always easy. What we may witness during the next few months is a power struggle emerging as the old structures fight for things to remain the same and do so by attempting to exert more control. It’s time to really be the change we want to see in the world on an individual level. Pluto retrograde gives us the opportunity to create the kind of world, and life we want for our future.

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