The Year of the Comet – How ISON will light up the sky in 2013

2013 is the year where the heavens will literally be on fire. Not only do we have the Grand Soul Alignment happening in July, but this year brings us the biggest and brightest comet of all time – ISON.

Astronomers are predicting that ISON will be the greatest event in the sky of the past 1,000 years and will be so bright that it will outshine the Moon and we may well be able to see it in daylight! By the time we head into autumn we should be able to see it with binoculars or a telescope if we are lucky enough to have one. When we get to December however, we will all be able to see this incredible event with the naked eye and the dark nights of winter are just going to work in our favour.

ISON was only discovered last year. For students of astrology, the visit of any comet brings change and transformation and a great comet which ISON is, heralds these themes but played out on a massive scale. The Bayeux tapestry which depicts the Battle of Hastings in 1066, clearly shows a great comet in the sky. The next great comet occurred in 1577, the year when Sir Francis Drake set sail around the world. So, comets often usher in not only political changes but changes in how we view our world.

ISON appears to be travelling from the region of space occupied by a planetoid known as Sedna which is named after the Inuit sea goddess and associated with climate change and the environment. We may well see an escalation of these issues as ISON gets closer to us and these could well be the issues we have to confront collectively. On a personal soul level, ISON could be asking us to take care of our inner environment and look at where we may have soul pollution in terms of our thoughts and resulting actions, or where we need to live a more responsible life. There’s an internet meme doing the rounds at the moment that goes: ‘Dear humanity, save yourselves. I’ll be fine. Love, the Earth’. When we clean up our own thoughts and lives we live more consciously and take more responsibility for ourselves and the impact we have on our environment so this may be closer to the truth ISON has for us than we may think!

As ISON travels towards our Sun it will pass through the sign of Cancer and then into Leo, Virgo and then on into Sagittarius where it will make what is known in astrology as a ‘station’ and then turns back on itself. Keep checking back for how this incredible once in a millennium event will be impacting on your sign.

Comets are traditionally associated with disruption but often this is because something needs to change. The ancients used to say the appearance of a comet was a sign that ‘God had changed his mind’. We all need to change our attitude towards our true home – the Earth and to be aware of how our thoughts create our world and our future. ISON opens up possibilities that were not there before and gives us the ability to change.

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