Aries Love Compatability

I believe that we can be compatible with any sign. 21st Century Astrology tells us that our soul can grow and be tested by many different experiences. Here is a traditional view on compatibility. Of course to really tell you need to get a proper chart done.

Aries relationship vibration

Aries is the spark of creation, the first point of the zodiac. An Aries person represents the right to be, to live the way they choose, to conquer, fight and win. In a relationship they need independence, excitement and plenty of space to grow. Their love is ardent, and they are passionately romantic but they need someone who challenges them and feeds them enough oxygen to keep them ablaze.

Compatible elements: Fire & Air

Aries is a Cardinal Fire sign. Without Air, Fire could not exist. Fire leaps, dances and burns in Air’s presence. Air sign people need Fire sign people to help them stop living inside their minds and take direct action to make their dreams come true.

Personally I have found that Aries go well with water as this creates steam!

Best match: Libra

As a bit of a ditherer, Libra loves Aries straightforward, quick, decision-making and Aries admires Libra’s effortless diplomacy and charm – traits they find difficult to muster themselves! Aries likes being the boss, and Libra is often relieved that someone is willing to take charge. Aries appreciates Libra’s innate social skills and ability to get along with all sorts of people, where Libra learns how to stick up themselves from Aries’ brave, independent nature.

Worst match: Taurus

Aries people do things quickly, they’re spontaneous, take action then move on to the next adventure. Taurus likes to let ideas settle before they even work out how to approach the situation. Aries is off exploring pastures new, while Taurus is just getting used to the taste of the new grass in the first field.

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