Your Free Weekly Astrology Overview May 6

7th – Mercury in Taurus trine Pluto in Capricorn (exact)
8th – Mercury/Mars conjunct in Taurus (exact) conjunct Sun in Taurus trine Pluto in Capricorn
8th – Five planet stellium in Taurus – Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars
9th – Venus enters Gemini
10th – New Moon in Taurus
10th – Annular Solar Eclipse. The path of annularity will begin in WA & move east across the central Pacific Ocean

 Whispers of fresh starts and new beginnings inspire
 Changes in how we view the material world could transpire
 Our place on Earth and links to the environment offer soul growth

We’re in a Garden of Earthly Delights this week as the planets line up to link us in more closely not just to worldly affairs but to remind us of our place here on Earth. News regarding that stuff which supposedly makes the world go around money and the various bodies associated with it could dominate thanks not only to an incredible five planet line up in earthy Taurus but also due to the fact that the Sun, Mars and Mercury in there will all trine Pluto on the 8th. What needs to change may now be apparent but it may take longer for the actual change to transpire.

On a personal level we’re all being asked to connect more deeply to the world around us, take more pleasure in our environment and look at our resources both in terms of our money and our worth as these are intrinsically linked. Often it’s not about what we earn or what we have but what we think we are worth that determines how our soul path unfolds and also how we view the material world. Do we really need to struggle so hard after money and material goods if we are certain of our worth in the world? Knowing this not only stops the struggle – and as Buddha would remind us ‘struggle creates suffering’, but brings about gratitude for what we already have and a positive attitude that we will receive what we believe we deserve. The ruler of all these issues, Venus shifts out of her sign Taurus and into Gemini on the 9th so if you have been delving into these issues expect news to arrive that allows you to put into practice what you have learned. It’s all part of the greater shift towards looking at our world differently by changing our personal viewpoint.

The fabulous, sensual new Moon in Taurus reminds us that life is supposed to be rich in taste, touch, smell, music and pleasure. It’s eclipsed and this is all about the start of a new cycle in some way for everyone. The themes will be Taurean in nature and ruled by Venus so even if you are not a Taurus (and who wouldn’t want to be right now?) you may receive insight into what form this may take in your own life by reading about Taurus, Venus themes (she’s not just about love and attraction but also art, music, creativity and beautiful, sensual experiences and she rules our bank accounts!). Watch closely what happens in the five days leading up to and after the eclipse. The fresh start will link you not only more closely to the gifts the planet has for you, but to the themes of the Goddess Venus herself.

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