Like a Diamond in the Sky – The Grand Soul Alignment of June & July Begins

This June we will see the start of some very special planetary transits which deserve some explanation as they are leading up to events which could affect us all on a soul level. I am calling this the Grand Soul Alignment – a planetary formation which will peak on July 29 when the planets form a Star of David pattern but which begin this month on June 15 when we may all get a taste of what’s to come.

These kinds of aspects are extremely rare and because they involve all the astral bodies, this means all of us will be affected due to the fact that while we may not have a planet in our birthsign when the aspect pattern forms, our planetary ruler will be caught up in the formation! Very often, the planets are being ‘kind’ when a huge shift is about to take place. Because when the transits peak it can add up to the experience being overwhelming for many of us, we get given a foretaste of what’s ahead so we can all start to adjust and process the new energy ahead of this energy reaching a peak. This is what starts to happen on June 15th when we will see the planets form what looks like a five-sided diamond in the sky comprised of a Mystic Rectangle, Cradle, Kite, Double Grand Trine and Double Talent Square.

So, on an individual and collective level what does this mean? We could be headed for a large-scale event which has a huge impact on all of us and through our experience of this – whether we are actually there or experience it via the media, we are called to embrace new spiritual truths or even a new ‘soul family’ on some level. The Mystic Rectangle which forms includes Neptune planet of spirituality and all things hidden but which nonetheless exist in some form and Neptune sextiles Pluto also part of the Rectangle. Mercury and Venus are conjunct in Cancer on this day and the Moon, Cancer’s ruler, is in Virgo and not only forms an angle in the Rectangle but also part of the Cradle. There’s a need for caring and nurturing with attention to detail here. Pluto forms part of the Cradle too, indicating that whatever happens the transformation is necessary – this is rebirth. Two Grand Trines and a Double Talent Square are asking us on an individual level to own our gifts for these are what we will need to develop in order to carry us forward into what I am calling the New Soul Order.

If we look closely at this aspect on June 15 it is not yet fully formed as some facets of the diamond shape are missing. This is what I was referring to when I mentioned the planets are giving us just so much to deal with and digest ahead of the following month’s even more intense aspects when the diamond completes and a Star of David forms. This was considered one of the most magical astrological formations by the ancients. Few people realise that the ancient Hebrew prophets were in fact the greatest of all astrologers. They believed a Star of David was a sign from God that amazing things were about to happen and this was his way of letting us know that something historically significant was about to happen. In this case that a great king was about to be born – hence naming the aspect after the Hebrew King David and it is still associated with his birth thousands of years later!

The Cradle aspect of June 15 followed by the Star of David and the completion of the Diamond tells us something profound is coming into being. This could well be the birth of an individual or an event which changes everything. But for all of us, I truly believe the events over the next two months will result in all of us who are on the path to spiritual truth embracing a New Soul Order, owning our individuality and sharing our gifts with one another as never before.

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