June Astro Special: Venus and Saturn – Know your personal worth

In June Venus moves into sensitive and nurturing Cancer and while there will make a perfect trine to master-teacher Saturn presently retrograde in the sign of Scorpio. For all of us, no matter what our star sign, this is an important exchange of cosmic energy as it is asking us to know what we are worth or if our self-worth is lacking, to transform that now as Scorpio rules transformation.

This has nothing to do with money but how we value ourselves. Venus rules our talents and skills and Saturn rules our dharma and purpose but also what we can make or create of or four ourselves. Many astrologers will tell you that these two planets have nothing in common, and on the face of it I’d agree. But we must always be aware that it is the interaction of planets in our chart that bring about opportunities for soul growth and often the biggest ones arise when the planets in question seem to have little in common. Venus is all about love and indulgence and Saturn is about hard work. You may think: ‘Well, that’s an astro-clunk if I ever heard of one’. However, Saturn is also our Guardian Angel planet – the teacher who only wants us to excel – even if he does set some hard exams on occasion! The down-side of Venus is that she can be over-indulgent or even over-estimate the value of something. So, you see, together they can enable us to see our true worth – rather than an over-inflated or else under-estimated one!

So, when it comes to being able to own our worth and put a price on our talents, how do we go about doing this? Saturn holds the answer as he urges us to use our skills or talents every day. By doing so we get a sense of real accomplishment and that leads us to have a much better idea of what our talent is worth. If you are afraid to use your gifts for any reason – perhaps because you fear ridicule, you will never know what their value is to other people. Saturn’s energy allows you to work at this – for the long haul if necessary, while Venus nurtures your talents in Cancer. One provides the inspiration, the other the staying power.

Once you begin to exercise your gifts, this allows you to determine what is a fair price for them in the marketplace. And I’m not just talking about the way you choose to earn a living here. I am talking about your innate soul gifts that make up the perfect, magical, unique being that is YOU. When we undervalue any aspect of ourselves we cannot attract the kind of relationships that sustain us. If you believe a part of you is unlovable, then you will attract partners who reflect that belief in some way.

Ahead of the Grand Soul Alignment in July, the Venus/Saturn trine is asking us to nurture and cherish our skills and beliefs simply by practicing them in some way each day. Remember, you will never know what you can achieve until you dare to try! Value yourself and your abilities and the world will reflect those values back at you. This is the lesson that two planets who don’t seem to have much in common want to bring you. But one thing they do share is a desire to let you change the way you look at yourself.

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