Magic in the Sky: What’s the difference between a Talent Square and Mystic Rectangle?

Talent square astrology

With so much going on with the planets for all of us right now, many of you will have noticed new and exciting aspects in your astrology forecasts. While most of us are familiar with trines, oppositions and conjunctions, as we head towards July’s Grand Soul Alignment, we are going to see more and more aspects such as the Talent Square and the Mystic Rectangle forming. So, what are they exactly and what do they mean for us?

A Talent Square forms when three planets are at 90 degrees from one another and two are in opposition. This can also be called by some astrologers as an Achievement Triangle and used in the past to be referred to as a ‘T-square’ and considered a hard or difficult aspect. We now look on the Talent Square very differently as by observing many successful individuals, astrologers have come to realise that this aspect contains huge potential and creative energy. The squares create a certain amount of tension while the opposition can create its release. Far from being negative, we now know that the Talent Square gives us the impetus to create something and pushes us forward towards our goals. Often what we perceive as obstacles are the very things that cause us to reach down deep within and unlock the resources of our soul. If life was always easy we would never stretch ourselves, grow or to quote the recruitment slogan ‘Be all we can be’. In many ways, the Talent Square can be more potent than the Grand Trine as depending what planets are involved in a Grand Trine, they can sometimes make life too easy – with the result we don’t make much effort! We can say this is just like having a talent but because you are a trust fund baby you don’t need to go out and earn a living – so you never find out what you are capable of. If you have a Talent Square in your natal chart or are under the influence of one, then know with effort you can unlock your gifts and soar higher than you ever imagined!

A Mystic Rectangle occurs when two sets of planets in opposition to one another are separated by a sextile. If you look at this aspect in a chart it looks like an envelope. This ‘envelope’ contains real magic as it indicates a rich supply of talent within and that talent is somehow ‘protected’. When we see a Mystic Rectangle in a birth chart it usually means the person who has it wants to use their gifts in a harmonious way. When it occurs as a transit it means we are being given an opportunity to arrive at a spiritually satisfying solution by using our gifts. The key to this is to use them in a way that benefits others in some way – and in doing so we will receive our rewards.

What is happening at the moment with what I am referring to as the Grand Soul Alignment in July and the lead-up to it, is that aspects like these are forming to ask us all to get in touch with, utilise and release our own unique gifts in whatever area of our lives they lie. We don’t all have to be CEO’s of our own company, win an Olympic Gold medal or write a best-seller to be talented. Your talent can be in creating a wonderful home, in making family and friends feel loved and supported, in the care you give to your pets, the garden you create, the conscientiousness you bring to your job. It really doesn’t matter so long as you express it fully and nobody’s contribution is any more or less important than another’s no matter what your job description or earning power.

Unlocking the messages aspects like Talent Squares and Mystic Rectangles brings us closer to our soul purpose, so keep an eye out for them and if you are interested to know if you have one (or more!) in your natal chart one of our experienced astrologers will be happy to help you.

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