Surviving Mercury Retrograde This June!

This month on June 26, Mercury performs his thrice-yearly trick of appearing to go backwards in the sky. He will remain in backwards motion until July 20. If you’re a regular visitor to AK or check your astrology forecasts on a regular basis then you know these retrograde periods can add up to madness and mayhem when it comes to communications (and the devices we use to communicate) and travel and transport. It’s never a good idea to sign important papers in a Mercury retrograde and we always need to factor in that extra time when travelling as Mercury is apt to throw in the odd cancellation.

What is particularly interesting from an astrological point of view with this Mercury retrograde is that when it occurs, a significant number of other planets are also in retrograde motion. These are Saturn, Chiron, Neptune and Pluto. During the time Mercury remains retrograde, Saturn will move into forward motion on July 8 in Scorpio, while unpredictable Uranus turns retrograde in Aries on July 17, just before Mercury turns direct again. There’s a deep and serious aspect to this Mercury retrograde which ends just ahead of the Grand Soul Alignment of July. And this retrograde takes place in Cancer – at the very heart of our emotional wellbeing and feeling of safety.

So what makes this Mercury retrograde so different to the others? First we need to remember that Mercury retrogrades are not all about computers freezing, lost papers and missed connections – even if they may seem like that at times. Mercury allows us to re-vise, re-visit and re-view things in order to make them better in preparation for a re-launch when he turns direct again. Because of the deep spiritual messages coming from the Neptune retrograde and the transformative element of Pluto, we can say that this Mercury retrograde will be very different due to not only these planets’ influences but also Chiron’s – we will be given a huge opportunity to examine past issues as they come to the surface to be healed. Remember – Saturn rules the past and timing as well as Karma. So, what emerges now under this retrograde is happening at the right time and needs to transform whether it is something intensely personal or something going on in the wider world.

All of this takes tremendous soul courage. But the incredible thing about all these planets being retrograde at the same time means we are going to appreciate the fact that we are not alone in this. If we have the courage to let others know what we are experiencing and processing we are going to be rewarded by their responses – although their experiences may be slightly different, we’re going to see we’re all going through the same thing. When so many planets are involved, everybody is going to be influenced one way or another.

The ultimate gift of this Mercury retrograde is going to be that we all get to re-vise, re-visit and re-view our personal soul journeys up to this point – and based on this, decide where we want to go next. And the wonderful thing is, we can do this knowing that so many others are on the same path as us.

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