Chiron Retrograde in Pisces – Healing Wounds of the Spirit & Soul

On the 15th June, Chiron turns retrograde in Pisces. This is what we in astrology call a ‘pivotal day’. Not only do we have a slow-moving planet turning retrograde (and it’s worth mentioning here that Neptune also turned retrograde in Pisces on the 7th), but on this precise day we have a five-sided Diamond aspect forming which is opening a doorway to what lies ahead of us in July and what I am calling the Grand Soul Alignment.

Chiron however, is all about the intensely personal soul wounds we may be carrying around with us. Obviously the ‘wound’ varies from individual to individual. It can be an emotional wound or it can even be a past-life wound which we may have been trying to heal over several lifetimes. Chiron retrograde usually allows us to heal our wound by making us face a crisis of some kind. This can be anything from an actual illness or event which slows us down and removes us from our fast-paced lives to get back in touch with ourselves or it can be an emotional crisis on some level. This may not actually be triggered by someone else however. Feelings from the past may begin to surface – apparently of their own accord and we suddenly realise that we haven’t dealt with or healed them, Perhaps we felt we had to put a brave face on things so we slapped on the spiritual Band Aid and kept on going. Or perhaps it was something so painful we couldn’t face it at the time. Chiron now rips off that plaster (which as we know can be painful in istelf!) in order that true healing can begin.

If you were looking in the Tarot for a symbol for Chiron retrograde aside from the Hermit card in the Major Arcana which would represent Chiron, the actual feelings a powerful Chiron retrograde evokes are best depicted in the 3 of Swords card. The card shows a heart pieced by 3 Swords – an extremely painful image to even look at. Its message is of heartbreak and loss. But behind that is one of healing. I always like to think of the 3 of Swords card as a necessary life-saving operation! Think of a wound that has festered – which often soul wounds do. In order to promote healing the doctor has to drain the wound – or puncture the abscess, otherwise your entire system would eventually become poisoned. A soul wound has that potential – to poison our entire lives if left unattended. Once the operation is completed however, true healing begins and we see this clearly on the Tarot journey where the next card – the 4 of Swords, shows rest and recuperation. Chiron is our soul doctor, coming in to perform spiritual surgery in order to bring us healing and wholeness.

Chiron retrograde may deliver events and opportunities that allow us to examine these wounds and in doing so he speeds us on our soul journey. Some signs will be more affected than others – it all depends on where the planets are in your birth chart but if you have planets close to or between 9 and 13 degrees of Pisces, Gemini, Virgo or Sagittarius you will be especially sensitive to Chiron’s healing influence. One of our gifted astrologers will be happy to explain more about this.

When we heal ourselves we heal our world. What’s more we are able to fulfil our true soul potential. With the up-coming Grand Soul Alignment walking in to our future free of past hurt and pain is the freedom Chiron offers us now.

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