Find Your Soul Mate With Astrology – North Node in Gemini


If you have your birthchart (please see Find Your Soul Mate With Astrology on how to do this) and it shows your North or True Node in the sign of Gemini then you have chosen to walk the path of the Spiritual Messenger.

Your Soul Path Journey: Is to explore all kinds of ideas and then find a way to communicate what you have discovered. No matter what age you are you need to retain the capacity to greet everything new with the curiosity and openness of a child. Not only will you learn so much that will enrich your life beyond measure, you will enrich the lives of everyone you come into contact with.

Your South Node: Is in Sagittarius – sign of the explorer and of higher learning. Sagittarians think big and that’s what you’re being asked to do whether you are reading up on some higher philosophy, planning on taking a trip or just setting some goals for yourself.

How Your Soul Mate Will Recognise You: It’s your openness and the fact you are a great listener. You really are truly interested in other people’s stories and don’t feel the need to talk about yourself all the time (even though paradoxically you have plenty to say!). You will know this is a true soul mate if they encourage you to communicate what you know in some way, to create, write and also travel. They will spark new creative ideas in you which they will encourage you to do something with.

It’s Not A Soul Mate When: You are engaging in over-the-top, impulsive or risk-taking behaviour under the guise of ‘having fun’ or being a ‘free spirit’. You become brutally opinionated and even cruel with what you are saying. You are commitment phobic and suddenly closed to new ideas. This is your cue to leave and leave very fast.

Remember, every connection we make is here to teach us something about ourselves. North Node in Gemini is all about exploring ideas and where they can take you. You need to think big and never be petty minded. Your task is to realise that the only limits that exist are in your mind and to do something with your ideas – whether your soul mate is around to encourage you or not!

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