Taurus – 4 essential life hacks (Taurus rising)

taurus tips to change your life


“There is a stubbornness about me that never can bear to be frightened at the will of others. My courage always rises at every attempt to intimidate me.”

― Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice

1/ Taurus is one of my favourite signs. Both my mother and son are Taureans,  as well as two of my closest friends. The wonderful thing about you Taurus is that once you love you tend to love forever. It takes awhile to let folks into your heart but when you do that’s it. The beauty of a Taurean is that you are loyal beyond compare and will never let a friend down. Devoted to the point of your own detriment  you will protect those you love even if you don’t approve of their actions. If one of your closest robs a bank in a bear suit you’ll hide their furry bum in your car and make a quick getaway. You will however not be pleased and tell them how stupid they are and ask them to give the money back rightfully, angry they put you in such a position. Your loyalty is a gift but take the time to look closely at your friends and loved ones to see if your relationship has changed or if someone is no longer good for you. Is there anyone in your life who has just been a pain and caused trouble for years? Keeping friendships out of blind loyalty has probably been one of your downfalls but you have the power to change this.

2/ Tenacity of spirit is a great Taurus gift. You have the ability to get through tough times and remain a rock of support to those closest to you. That’s the good news. The philosopher Nietzsche said ‘Many are stubborn in pursuit of the path they have chosen, few in pursuit of the goal’ and although he was a miserable sod, he has a point when it comes to you. This is one of the major things you need to look out for. When you commit to something you do it doggedly and nothing can deter you. In fact even if you know it’s the wrong thing, you will often stand by your decision. Shaking things up from time to time, breaking patterns and wrestling yourself out of stuck routines will change your life. Look at any of your routines and focus your stubbornness on changing them. Just simple changes will bring you back into your power.

3/ When you’re in love you love totally. You tend to be faithful and expect the same of your partner. The longer the relationship goes on the safer you feel. The next life hack is perhaps one of the most important. Love makes you cosy and when you feel safe you can do your own thing and can have the tendency not to put the effort in. Perhaps this is some kind of test? Whatever it can bring about difficulties for you and not to mention your loved one. In the beginning of a relationship you can be one of the most sensual and romantic signs, a few years in you get comfortable. Partly this is because you love quite unconditionally and once you’re in you’re in but it can be very daunting for a loved one to feel neglected or ignored. This is never your intention but take time to look at all your close relationships and how much ‘quality’ time and effort you are putting in. Dressing up, making a romantic gesture all go a long way to ensuring your long term stability.

4/ Focus. Take advantage of your true grit. If you use that strong and unwavering spirit on going after a goal you cannot fail. Be the Bull and use your power to force yourself to do what you have to do. Every day do one thing towards your dream. Write down what you are going to do and cross it off the list. Tell the people closest to you, what you are going to achieve in a week and you are more likely to do it. Make space to plan and take action. Turn your focus into a daily action and daily routine. Give yourself the commitment you so freely give others.