Gemini Love Hacks! Boost Your Planetary Passion!

If you have a Gemini Sun, Gemini ascendant or a personal planet in Gemini (Moon, Gemini’s ruling planet Mercury, Venus, or Mars) then inside you contain a smart, funny, quick-witted and idea-driven Gemini. You may feel there’s more than one side to you and this duality just adds to your attraction. You are a born communicator and you need to be doing something with all those ideas and opinions (you have them on everything). Consider writing. For you when it comes to love, a mental turn-on is every bit as important as the physical one.  You don’t have time for people who can’t keep up with you – which isn’t easy considering your thoughts change direction every nano-second. The perfect partner is therefore one that can satisfy every facet of your personality and seeing as there may be several, it could take a while to find them. In the interim however, you should have no problem attracting admirers. So, how do they measure up by sign?

Gemini + Aries: Seeing as you are one of the signs who believes that instant gratification takes too long, you’ll love the fact that Aries has the same philosophy and their ‘I must have you – now!’ directness is very much to your liking. The two of you can generate more cosmic collisions than the Large Hadron Collider at CERN. Aries offers the variety in and out of the bedroom that you crave. However, you must always be upfront with them. They will tolerate some embroidery of the truth (you know you can and do exaggerate at times), but not outright lies. Also, boundaries may be an issue as Aries like to take control. The chemistry is searing but if you want love to last you are going to have to learn when to say no and let them know when they are over the line. Thing is, they’ll respect you for it. Nobody likes a pushover.

Gemini + Taurus: If you’re the social butterfly then your Taurus is the one who stands there smiling indulgently while you dazzle everyone with your charm and wit, and perhaps even bankrolls the party. The thing is, they are happy to because you fill their life with charm, great conversation and even better sex. Yes, you may be able to run circles around them when it comes to ideas and you are far more outgoing than they are, but actually you appreciate the fact they come with charm, great conversation, even better sex and quite often a decent bank account as well. And you can rely on them. Your Taurus lover will introduce you to the good things of life while you will introduce them to all kinds of new ideas. It’s not a bad trade-off. If all this sounds a bit like a business that’s the downside to this liaison as it can tip into an arrangement – one that is mutually beneficial but an arrangement nonetheless. If your Taurus lover is married, you need to think long and hard about how long you are prepared to spend in an ‘arrangement’ – and stick to that. Keep passion alive (you have plenty of it) and don’t let love become a business.

Gemini + Gemini: Okay. As the sign of the Twins if you pair up with another Gemini this basically means there are four of you in the relationship. Does this feel a little crowded even for gregarious you? The thing is, no-one knows a Gemini like another Gemini. So, all the mind-games and tricks you can get away with when you’re with other signs – well, your Gemini lover knows them all and probably has a few new ones of their own. They have your playbook. And you have theirs. The secret to making it work would have to be a mutual agreement to total transparency and then you can sign up for an entire lifetime of ever-changing scenery, ideas and amazing sex. You have their attention, they have yours and for the two of you (or the four of you as the case may be), that’s as good as a commitment as you’re going to get.

Gemini + Cancer: Family ties are strong with Cancer and you may end up feeling you’re taking second or even third place in their affections. Don’t worry as they have plenty of love to go around as you’ll soon discover. You can only really run foul of their family loyalty if you put them in a ‘Them or me’ situation – and I strongly suggest you never do as you have no hope of winning. If their family (or your in-laws as they may turn out to be) really do rub you up the wrong way, then your only strategy is to grin and bear it and attempt to limit your time in their company. Is it worth it? Well, yes. You know you have someone who sincerely cares and who treats love-making as a feast for the senses. The only way this one can really hit the skids is if your Cancerian has picked up clingy, emotionally manipulative behaviour from that family dynamic (most likely from mummy). Then you really may have problems as no way do you do whiny, needy, stifling behaviour.

Gemini + Leo: Oh, how you can make the lion purr, Gemini! Both of you enjoy verbal foreplay and Leo can match you riposte for riposte. Of course, there’s the fact you both enjoy the spotlight but with Leo you’re happy to share it. You’ll test Leo out to see if he or she measures up in the wit and intelligence department and everything about them from their smile to that glorious head of hair and golden glowing sex god or goddess aura, means it’s green lights from there all the way to the bedroom. You could turn out to be one of those dazzling, must-invite couples who are constantly in demand. Remember Leo’s pride however and don’t ever use your wit to dint that. Remember you’re a consort and that means Leo sees you as a reflection of them so you need to ensure they love what they see – and continue to do so. The attraction isn’t likely to wear off if you couple up permanently. Be prepared for a batch of smart, gorgeous, talented kids.

Gemini + Virgo: You have a ruler in common but how it expresses itself in Virgo is very different to how Mercury expresses himself in Gemini. You have lots of ideas and big picture thinking. Virgo also has ideas but concentrates on the details. You can talk up a storm together and then argue about how actually said what afterwards. You’re sometimes so scarily alike you wonder if you were separated at birth but next moment end up feeling you have nothing in common and what on earth are you doing with them? However, it’s this very polarity and the fact that when it’s working it just feels so right, that keeps you hooked. Respect each others ideas and points of view – and also their space and property. They are tidier than you are and you may have to work at ensuring your ‘stuff’ does not intrude into their designated territory – and not get mad when you can’t find whatever it is you are looking for because they tidied up. You’ll never run out of conversation and if you do argue, know your Virgo actually does want this one to work because who else would they find to talk to about anything?

Gemini + Libra: Romance factor: 10/10. Smarts: 9/10 (you know there’s nobody smarter than you so why pretend but Libra comes close) Style: 10/10. Sex: Sorry, I don’t think there are enough numbers to rate that one and we have to go to 10 to the power of something to even come close to the sheer, mind-and-body-boggling lust factor here. Your Libra loves to love, loves to have fun, party, gossip and revel in the sheer pleasure of pleasing you. And you are so willing to please in return. With all this amazing energy rushing around the path of true love may not run smoothly but that just adds to the excitement for you. You could literally be left gasping and breathless in more ways than one. There’s more than a touch of glamour, glitter and star-struck romance going on. For better or worse the two of you could end up in the public eye in some way. Overall feel-good factor: 10/10.

Gemini + Scorpio: Scorpio will have you on the back-foot right from the start. They have your number. They know the key to keeping your attention is to drip-feed you bits of information about them and always leave you guessing. That way you’ll inevitably come back for more. Don’t even try to second guess them as they are way ahead of you. Feels strange, doesn’t it? You thought you were the Grand Poobah of Mind Games and suddenly, you feel like the apprentice in the presence of a true master or mistress. And that’s a turn-on in itself. If you can live with the feeling that you are no longer in control then this one has real potential. The key to this is to take a leaf out of Scorpio’s book. Cultivate your own sense of mystery and hold back a bit. Now who’s doing the running? Fun and oh-so-hot, isn’t it?

Gemini + Sagittarius: Your opposite sign can match you word-for-smart-word plus has that freewheelin’, happy-go-lucky attitude you love. Sag doesn’t take anything too seriously and unfortunately this could well extend to you. Mind you, sex with you sizzles like with no-one else so you are guaranteed to command Sag’s attention in the bedroom at the very least. I should not need to tell you to give your Sag plenty of space and freedom – or at least the illusion of it. Although Sag is often labelled a ‘flighty’ sign – they are after all half-horse, it’s the feeling of being restricted that gets them galloping for the hills rather than restriction itself. Sag is fiercely loyal and for all their jokes and pratfalls, they have sensitive hearts. Allow them to think they are free to come and go as they please and you’ll find they are content to remain by your side. Deep down they know that nobody ‘gets’ them quite as well as you do.

Gemini + Capricorn: What could keep you hooked in here is a desperate desire to figure your Capricorn out. You love a challenge and here he or she is. When it’s on it’s full-on and chances are your Capricorn goes for all the traditional forms of dating that make you feel special. Then there’s the sex of course. Just when it’s all going great they withdraw – either due to their work (or so they claim), or else they ‘need their space’. Hang on a minute, wasn’t that the excuse you got from the Sag next door? First of all understand that Capricorn is never in a hurry. All will unfold on their schedule and not yours as frustrating as this may be. Plus they keep a lot hidden – from themselves mostly and are often clueless as to their needs. Trying to get them to ‘talk about it’ will prove fruitless and probably only make them withdraw more. If they tell you it’s not you, it’s them – they’re bang on the money. If you’re willing to play the waiting game, hang on in there but most Gemini’s may write this one off to too much like hard work and your attention may drift to easier conquests.

Gemini + Aquarius: You may finally have to admit that you’ve discovered the partner who is as smart or perhaps even smarter than you. Your Aquarian is so unusual in some way, so witty and clever, that they may even border on genius. Of course this is all part of the attraction. He or she could also turn into your perfect travel companion and sometimes this is linked to their career as you could be going with them. No matter what, the two of you will be planning the next big adventure even as you sit in the departure lounge at the airport about to embark on the current one. This is the sign however that may well have an Ivory Tower, Man Cave or Fortress of Solitude to which they retreat from time to time and woe betide you if you disturb them while they are in there. This is the genius re-charging or coming up with more out-of-this-world ideas. When this happens leave them to it and hang out with your friends until they re-emerge again. Never try to change them as they are all about being themselves. The benefits of this connection are almost too many to list so your efforts will not only be appreciated, but well worth it.

Gemini + Pisces: More complex than a Capricorn. Capable of bigger-picture thinking than a Sag. Plus there’s all that heartfelt sensitivity going on. Before you start running around telling everyone you’ve found the perfect lover, please slow down. There is more to your Pisces than meets the eye. The main thing being they are human just like everyone else. The problem with this one is they appear to be the perfect package and you in your enthusiasm and excitement erect that pedestal and raise them up on it. Only of course for them to come crashing down off of it when their all-too-human frailties emerge – and believe me, they have plenty of them. Pisces can spin an illusion which not only has you fooled but them as well. I’m not saying this is deliberate. It’s just their way. There’s plenty about your Pisces to love so if you want a serious shot at this my advice is to take things slowly, the 90 day rule applies here, and ensure you fall in love with the real person – warts and all, that hides behind that Pisces glamour of perfection. I know it’s not easy but it’s your best strategy for love.