Hack Your Planet! Gemini: 7 Simple Steps for Life Success

Along with Virgo, you have quick-silver Mercury as your ruler – planet of communication, movement and ideas. However, you are an air sign and of course, Virgo is an earth sign, so if you are a Gemini or have Gemini rising, this Mercury will express himself differently than he does for your Virgo counterparts. So, what’s your secret to getting the Messenger of the Gods working for you? Here are seven simple hacks to harness his power:

¶ Know your strengths – and your weaknesses. Gemini Mercury is all about the ideas themselves and big picture thinking. How this idea gets executed is not your problem as having thought it up – you’re now off thinking up your next big idea! The thing is we need the ‘big picture/broad strokes’ people and we need the details people. This is air/earth sign Mercury. Air comes up with the ideas, earth brings them down to physical form. You therefore need a job that calls for you to create the concept but then someone takes it on from there. Or else if it is a personal project, you need to surround yourself with others to take your vision and turn it into reality. Play to your strengths.

¶ Wednesday is Mercury’s Day! Schedule that meeting, interview, presentation or business or product launch for this day. Send out enquiries, applications or submissions on this day too for maximum results and please as Mercury is your ruler, stick to the Retrograde Rules!

¶ Maintain your focus. Air Mercury can give you so many ideas it can be difficult for you to decide which one to focus on. Or you start and then abandon it in favour of another. To succeed, you have to focus your considerable talents and energy into one project at a time and see it through. This leads me to Hack #4 which is . . .

¶ Don’t be a ‘gunna’. You talk a lot about your ideas and plans and wow your audience with them. People are impressed and tell you this is great. But success eludes you as you don’t follow through. Yes, you are right. You DO have more talent in your little finger than others out there who have made it with less than you have to offer. But the reason they are successful and you are still talking up those plans is that they took the necessary action. Please don’t be a ‘gunna’.

¶ Say what you mean and mean what you say. You are such a sexy flirt Gemini! Who isn’t going to respond to all that charm and witty repartee especially when it comes all wrapped up in that cute package that is you! The problem is that just like your opposite sign of Sagittarius, you may not know when to quit. If a little is good then lots more has to be better, doesn’t it? You have flirting down to an art form but others may not know that for you it can just be a feel-good game. Your only desire is to make the other party feel great about themselves. Trouble is, they are taking you seriously. Don’t flirt too much unless you fully intend to follow through.

¶ Twin soul romance! You are the sign of duality so for love to last you are looking for that double-jeopardy twin flame. The one that can keep up with your thinking and presents an intellectual challenge that keeps you on your toes – plus that cute package to boot! No, your standards are not too high and you are not being unrealistic. You just know what you need. Please do not compromise on this just for the sake of being with someone or due to pressure from others otherwise unhappiness will be the result.

¶ Learn to love words. When it comes to the power of words you are the Magician. Harnessing this power will bring you success. Even if you don’t consider yourself a writer have a go at some kind of writing down and communicating your ideas. Above all – share them. Your words bring others closer and inspire. Teaching is another profession you can excel at and even if you don’t formally teach pass on your knowledge to others. Learn how words can move people – join Toastmasters for example. You will not only connect with stimulating, like-minded people brimming with their own ideas but you will learn to communicate your own more effectively. No matter whether they are written or spoken, the power of your words will get you what you want as you can win minds – and hearts in the process!