Hack Your Planet Libra: 7 Simple Steps for Life Success!

You share your ruler Venus with Taurus but as you are an Air sign and Taurus is of course, an Earth sign, your Venus influences you in slightly different ways. Yes, you are drawn to many of the same things as Taurus – you love the finer things of life, but the emphasis may be slightly different. Also, being the 7th house of the zodiac which is the house of partnerships and marriage, if you have your Sun in Libra or a Libra ascendant, you will most probably be involved in a cradle-to-grave experiment where you experience all different kinds of partnerships as well as searching for ‘the one’. So, what’s the secret to making the most of your Venus in here – considering this is the planet of romance, creativity and pleasure who always wants to deliver something beautiful into our lives? Read on and discover how to work that goddess to your benefit!

¶ Romance is as necessary for you as air and water. I’m going to save you a lot of heartache and say that falling for someone who is not able to express their romantic side will lead to hurt feelings, frustration, disappointment and heartbreak. If you discover this about someone it may be best to call it a day early on rather than hope they will change. Chances are they won’t – and neither will you.

¶ You can get so caught up with your search for the perfect partner you end up feeling unloved or overlooked by Cupid entirely. This is not the case although it may seem that way. A Libran without a partner is an unhappy Libran but you need to understand there are many kinds of partnerships available for and all are expressions of love. These can be close friends, a business or activity partner – even an animal. If there is no romantic partner on the horizon fall in love with love and your own life by either throwing yourself into a different kind of partnership altogether or loving something you do. When you focus on this instead a funny thing happens. Chances are the love you are generating attracts the right partner for you anyway.

¶ Many astrologers are unaware that you actually have much in common with the sign of Leo. Like you, Leos are instinctively drawn to the finer experiences of life but also they need to shine and be noticed for something they do. You also need your time in the spotlight to be acknowledged for your special gifts – unlike your fellow Venus-ruled sign of Taurus who is happy to work behind the scenes if necessary. You may even choose a creative or front-of-house career. You need to look closely at whether you are getting the recognition you need from your work – and also if it allows you to utilise your talents and gifts. Venus usually rewards us for using our talents with actual material recognition – as well as that acknowledgement you crave – and deserve.

¶ Yours is the sign of balance and a harmonious domestic life is extremely important to you. You want your relationships – especially with those you live with, to run smoothly and will strive for this. Just watch that your desire for peace and harmony does not mean you compromise too much or allow your boundaries to be breached. You are usually more than willing to compromise for the sake of the relationship but sometimes stronger boundaries on your part will bring you the give and take in partnerships that you seek. Check your chart as if you have planets in next door sign of Scorpio, these can help you achieve just that.

¶ Friday is Venus day! Try to schedule sending out creative projects, first dates, makeovers, new outfit shopping or any meeting where you want to make your best impression for a Friday if you can. If you are thinking of getting married, getting married on a Friday means Venus rules the relationship and you have her blessing. Also – dare I say it? Wedding venues are usually cheaper to hire on a Friday!

¶ If you have Venus as your ruler or Venus in Libra you need to remember you have been born to be the goddess’s ambassador here on earth in some way. You do this work by showing how you love the world via sharing your gifts. Venus will in turn reward her ambassador for being her representative her – and a job well done.

¶ Look and dress the part. As mentioned earlier, there’s a touch of star quality and showbusiness about you that you share with the sign of Leo. For you however, sometimes your confidence may not be what it should be. Strangely enough you will find that the more you dress for the role you are aiming for, the more confident you become and the less daunting the task. Want to attract that lover? Spend some time meditating on what would most attract your ideal potential partner in terms of how you are dressed and look. If you are aiming for a new, better job or to change career direction – dress how people who have already attained that do. Want to master a spot or skill? Emulate the look of someone you admire who is at the top of their game. For you, a little dress-up works wonders. Look it, feel it, become it!