Hack Your Planet Virgo: 7 Simple Steps for Life Success!

Along with Gemini, you share the rulership of the quick-witted, fast-thinking, ever youthful Peter Pan planet, Mercury if you have your Sun in Virgo or Virgo rising. As such you are a person filled with ideas but unlike Gemini who is an air sign and more of a ‘broad strokes’ thinker, you pay attention to the details and see your ideas through. Gemini tends to get bored and move off to the next idea as soon as they have come up with them – leaving the execution to others. You are prepared to not only generate the idea, but get ‘hands on’ – coming up with the plan and the process to bring it into reality. People rely on you for your attention to detail and meticulous checking of the facts! So, as an earth sign ruled by the fast-mover of the solar system, what’s the secret details you need to know to make the most of being ruled by the Messenger of the Gods?

¶ Make time for play! You are a hard working sign but has it become ‘All work and no play’? Virgo will not only become very dull indeed if their work/life balance gets out-of-kilter, but they can suddenly be plagued by all kinds of strange psychosomatic complaints if there is no sufficient down-time. You along with Gemini have great creativity. Channel this into something you not only find fun to do but relaxing as well. This can be anything from getting outdoors to even something that engages your love of detail such as doing jigsaw puzzles. It doesn’t matter whether it is an indoor or outdoor pursuit. What matters is that you love doing it!

¶ Virgos need quiet time to work through their ideas and absorb the details. Ensure that you are getting this. You will be distracted by too much noise and ‘busy-ness’. You will thrive in a work environment that allows you a buffer from what is happening in the larger office space. You also have the focus and discipline to work from home – either as a telecommuter or on your own business.

¶ Don’t become a critic especially when it comes to love! Your sign strives for perfection but you need to ensure when it comes to romance, this need doesn’t tip into criticism. That imperfect human being could make you perfectly happy! Nobody is perfect – neither they, nor shock, horror, gasp! – you for that matter. But you could be perfect together. Don’t spoil something beautiful by focussing on small things about your partner you find imperfect. Focus on all the things that make them perfectly right for you and you will end up with your goal – the perfect relationship!

¶ Like Gemini, words matter to you but for you, you may find you are not just limited to writing them, but speaking them to an audience at some point in your life. Seeing as this is likely for you, hone your presentation skills and practice addressing an audience. You may find you are a born speaker. You have the ability to influence people through speaking and presenting as you have a magnetic and also easy-to-understand approach. This should get you noticed in all kinds of ways by people of influence. If the thought of this has you shaking in your shoes don’t worry. Join Toastmasters to help you conquer your nerves and at the very least you will end up with the skill to sell yourself more effectively at interviews and also meet stimulating friends in the process!

¶ Virgo is a sign of manifestation that is linked to the suit of Pentacles and of course, the earth. It is important for you to build something during your lifetime – the physical manifestation of an idea you have had. This can be anything from a garden to a website, a business, a book, a boat – what you build is up to you but you need to bring an idea into being. You are most likely to pick an idea that requires an investment of time and energy. This does not bother you as for you, the journey is as much the goal and the end result! Doing this sends an important message to the universe and your inner self as it says you are able to manifest what you want in your life. You create something where there was nothing. That is Virgo magic!

¶ You need a partner who is a do-er. Whatever you do, never be tempted to get involved with someone who is a couch potato or who has a chip on their shoulders and blames the world for their lack of progress/money/opportunities. I know I said not to become a critic, but there are some rules you must never break if happiness is your goal and this is one of them! If you were to fall for someone who has no get-up-and-go about them either on a leisure time and/or in a business sense you will soon be climbing the walls in frustration. Please spare yourself all the angst and give the couch potatoes a wide berth!

¶ Master deferred gratification. You go for quality as opposed to what is necessary trendy. You are careful with your money and you are much better off saving for the expensive item you really want than compromising and opting for the ‘cheaper’ version. By the time you have reached early adulthood you should already have learned this is a false economy. You will never regret holding out for the option that takes time or more money to acquire be it those Egyptian cotton sheets, that job or even that partner, than to just take the cheaper, instant option. For you, less is definitely more and you will never regret that expensive item but you will always regret your economies.