Taurus Your Personal Jupiter Horoscope for Jupiter in Libra

jupiter in libra

Cosmic globetrotter Jupiter arrives in Libra on September 9 and unpacks for a 13 month stay. If you have your Sun in Taurus or a Taurus ascendant then Jupiter has taken up residence in your 6th house of work, health and wellbeing.  Libra is the other sign of the zodiac who shares your ruler Venus with you so expect a distinctly ‘Venusian’ touch to enhance these areas of your life.

The 6th house however is ruled by Mercury and is all about ideas and details. Jupiter could just get behind those ideas now so be prepared to follow through on them and not just talk about those ‘big’ plans. If you are out of work or seeking work that allows you a certain level of freedom and fun, Jupiter is likely to beam in at least one opportunity to make this happen for you during this period. Time to dust off that resume and ensure that potential employers can find you.  Jupiter boosts your confidence in terms of your belief in your skills and what you have to offer. This carries you forward and can make exactly the right impression on existing and potential employers. You are not likely to sell yourself short now. Even if you have been out of the workforce for a while, you will be carrying yourself with a new found optimism that sends out exactly the right vibe. People are going to want to work with you as a result. Get ready to get the job done – and that includes landing a better job or promotion if necessary.

Because Jupiter rules travel many of you could find yourself travelling for work or relocating for work. Jupiter also rules higher learning so don’t be surprised if up-skilling or even learning a new trade or skill comes as part of the package. If you are still in full-time edification which Jupiter rules, then studying elsewhere or the opportunity to give your study more relevance and meaning for you, could also appear. If you are feeling you have chosen the wrong subject to study, then you could well change horses and easier than you think now.

The 6th house rules pets and Jupiter rules animals so many of you could see the arrival of a new animal companion delivered courtesy of Jupiter and this could be anything from a puppy to a horse! Don’t be surprised however if getting a pet brings in new people and opportunities your way as well.

Jupiter rules size and the 6th house rules health so his presence in here could either see you taking control of your weight – or putting more on.  Remember, the sign of Libra is ruled by Venus who is not happy in the 6th house. However, she does want you to look your very best. So, if weight has been an issue the push Jupiter in your 6th gives you, could see your desire to look your best enhanced rather than you overindulging in the good things of life! You could therefore embark on a new diet and exercise regime. Jupiter rules sports and the outdoors don’t forget! If your energy has been lacking or your health has not been the best, Jupiter in here could see big improvements coming in or you getting the right treatment at last. Remember however, Jupiter cannot do things alone. You have to be the one who takes the steps towards a healthier lifestyle or goes in search of the medical expertise you need. If you are willing to make even a small effort you could end up feeling better and looking better than you have done for many years. Make that move now. Little steps can bring in big changes. Just committing to walking a bit further each day or cutting down on what you eat even for one day a week can lead to you establishing permanent lifestyle changes that set you up for a more healthy cycle of wellbeing that can last for the next 12 years!

If you work in a health related profession, or are thinking of doing so – even if it is in an alternative health capacity, then this is the cycle to begin that. Massage, yoga, acupuncture, reflexology, chiropractors, dieticians, fitness instructors, naturopathy – you may either find yourself consulting people who work in these areas or else contemplating working or studying these subjects.

Although Jupiter rules expansion – and as I have said, just take care this is not your waistline, when it comes to your lifestyle, he can give you a ‘less is more’ philosophy. You may find yourself streamlining not just your body but your possessions and your work routine as a result. You’ll retain what works and what doesn’t – you’ll be happy to discard it, especially if you have begun to feel your possessions own you and not the other way around.  As you do this, you make room for more to flood in – but this time it is what you need and what works for you as opposed to the other way around.

Unlooked for opportunities may come to you via your work no matter what it is now thanks to Jupiter in here. No matter what the job is that you may be offered, keep a look out as it may put you in the path of something unexpected or someone who can help you in ways you may not be able to imagine. Jupiter rules explorers so the most important thing to remember is that we have to have a willingness to explore new paths and discover potential all on our own. As with all Jupiter cycles, with a little effort on our part, Jupiter will open the door wide for us to step through into a new world of a bigger, brighter more exciting experience. But it is up to us whether we choose to cross the threshold or not. But work and wellbeing improvements are definitely yours to experience if you choose to do so in the next 13 months.