Gemini Your Personal Jupiter Horoscope for Jupiter in Libra

jupiter in libra

Get ready for not just hot love but hot sex during the next 13 months, Gemini. Also, if you are already in a happy relationship, you’ll be set to rekindle the passion while others will be intent on finding new ways to express their creativity and getting recognition for this! This could be your year of superstardom one way or another as Jupiter arrives in your fabulous 5th house.

If you have your Sun in Gemini or have a Gemini ascendant, Jupiter in your 5th allows you to shine and make the most of your own unique gifts and abilities. There’s a touch of glamour about you now and also everything you do. As well as romance and creativity, your 5th house is the house of children so with Jupiter’s arrival in here some of you could be looking at becoming a parent or else letting that inner child free to play. As this is the house of hot love and sex and children and Jupiter always wants to expand, it is worth mentioning that if becoming a parent is not on your agenda right now, extra precautions to ensure this does not happen should be taken!

The sign of Libra occupies the 5th house in your chart and this sign is ruled by Venus and is also the sign of balance. With Jupiter now in here if there is an imbalance in any area that is governed by the 5th house then balance could well be restored. For example, as Libra is also the sign of partnerships, if love has been absent then one way of restoring this imbalance is for you to be in a love relationship. Singles could see more than one potential suitor cross their path. Another imbalance is not getting credit for the work you do or going unrecognised. This is the house where we can shine so again, Jupiter may set things to rights and give you opportunities for recognition and to work in a front of house capacity rather than behind the scenes.

This is a good time to take better care of your appearance or upgrade your image. Have a makeover and ensure you look and feel your best. Dress as if you were the star of your own reality show – and Jupiter says you are for the next 13 months. You are going to attract an audience and admirers – be they lovers or those just spellbound by your talents. Jupiter also rules the mass media so he could even deliver an opportunity to find yourself in front of the cameras in some way so be ready.

Your 5th is all about fun and pleasure. To shine and to attract, what we always need to do is pursue what we enjoy. It doesn’t matter what this is. Just that we light up when we think about it – and do it. To boost Jupiter’s desire to bring you romance, attention, good times and success while in your 5th, we need to stay focussed on putting our energy primarily into what we enjoy. Obviously this is different for all of us. Sometimes we may have lost sight of that completely and if that is the case, then Jupiter while in here will allow you to play at experimentation to find out just what that is! The clue here however is within your 5th house. As this is the house of children it is something you loved to do when you were younger. That’s right. Before people started telling you it was time to give it up and get serious or that you were too old to do that kind of thing any more! Perhaps you do still know what it is but feel you don’t have the time due to other priorities. In which case, Jupiter may well free up your time to pursue it once more.

The other important Jupiter 5th house factor you need to bear in mind is that while this is the house of romance, if love is on your agenda first do what you love rather that rushing out headlong in an all-out search for it. Bear in mind this is the house of fun, pleasure and above all – attraction. Running around like a headless chicken putting yourself on every internet dating site and engaging in a relentless search of bars and clubs every night does not spell attraction. It adds up to its opposite – desperation. If you do attract it is unlikely to be the kind of connection you really want. Yes, ensure others can see and find you – and then just get on with having fun in your own way. The secret to working Jupiter’s special attraction vibe in here is to understand that we don’t have to do anything when we are sending out the right vibe. It all comes to us!

Turning a passion or your innate talents into a profession is another possibility while Jupiter is in here. Again, this is all about receiving recognition for our creativity and don’t forget – creativity covers so many areas. If you are writing a business plan you are using your creativity. Same thing if you are writing a computer program, coming up with a recipe or imagining how you can market your skills or service you want to offer. We must never forget that creative work is not limited to writing, painting, playing music, performing or the ‘traditional’ creativity terms.

Jupiter says it is time to accept abundance as your birthright during his time in your 5th. To have fun, to play and also to recapture the curiosity of a child. It’s time to be romanced by life and hopefully by someone who either enters your life or is already part of it.  Do what you love, love what you do. All the world loves a lover and that’s you for the next 13 months, Gemini!